Kitty Kitty-Grimmjow?

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Summary: On a rainy day Yuzu found a little blue cat on her way back from her friend's home, and took the soaking wet cat home. She just couldn't leave it out in the rain! There is an issue here though, Karin is sick and since her and Yuzu share a room, the cat must stay in Ichigo's room for the time being. Ichigo notices some things that are…odd. The cat watches him intently, and stays in his room when he is there but then follows him along anywhere in the house. What he doesn't know is who the cat really is…and when he finds out…


GrimmIchi, RukiIchi (onesided), RenIchi, Uryu/Orihime, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Byakuya/Renji -Later-. I may add pairings, just ask.

Kitty Kitty-Grimmjow? 10

Kitty Kitty; This Means War

It felt so good, it felt so...different. Ichigo moaned softly as Grimmjow pushed into him, thrusting into his sweet spot over and over. His head fell back in a loud moan and then gripped onto the other male tightly. "Ah...Grimm!" He cried and shuddered. "Ah..." He closed his eyes slowly. It was different in his Espada form as he found himself like this now, Grimmjow was rougher. After all, he didn't have to worry about hurting his human body. That was gone here, and he could be rougher. He wanted to be as well. Ichigo didn't mind it either, because it felt good.

Grimmjow was pushing all of his right buttons, and it felt good. So good. He had never felt these sensations before, and he liked it. "Ichi..." Grimmjow kissed him roughly on the lips and pulled him closer to his body. Yes, this is what both of them had needed in the end. One another and nothing more.

I love him...and I can't change that...but I don't regret it.

Grimmjow looked at the sleeping form next to him with a small smile. He wrapped an arm around Ichigo and pulled him over, kissing his cheek. He was in love, and by god, he never thought he would ever fall in love in the first place. But he did. He fell in love with a shinigami, well he was technically no longer a shinigami. He was an espada, the no 0 Espada at that. On top of that though, he was Grimmjow's. His and only his. He wouldn't let anyone else take him away from him.

He smirked.

No one could stand before him and tell him that Ichigo wasn't his without a sword going through there chest.

He wouldn't allow for that.


"Grimmjow, the shinigami are near." He growled at the voice but sighed. He moved and let his little berry go. He had to go and deal with this, he couldn't afford to let them get to his berry. To what was his. Yes. His.

"Alright then, be right there."

Ichigo woke feeling cold. He groaned lightly and looked around for Grimmjow, frowning when he didn't see him. "Grimm?" He murmured, looking around. He groaned and sighed lightly, sitting up. "Grimm where the hell are you?" He questioned the nothing around him. He sighed lightly then and closed his eyes. Grimmjow seemed to love to vanish didn't he? Agh.

"Ya awake Ichi?" His eyes snapped open and he looked around in worry. Who had said that? Oh wait...right. He sighed softly.

"Don't scare me like that Grimm."

"Who said I was Grimm?"

Ichigo's heart contracted in his chest as he just realized who it was then as arms wrapped around him. "No...R-renji..." He suddenly realized he wasn't in Grimmjow's room, but his own room. His room in the human world. His chest hurt so much as he came into that realization.

"What's wrong Ichi?" Renji smiled and kissed the others cheek softly. "Everything is alright you know...everything is going to be fixed and then everything will be normal once again."

"Renji." Ichigo growled a little. "I know very well what I was doing there Renji, I know very well for sure what I was doing."

"Ichigo..." He found himself pinned down, the other looking down at him worried. "You know it was not right. You know it was wrong. You know you don't want that. I'm sorry alright? For everything I did and said. I never thought I would push you into being a... monster."

Ichigo punched the other right in the face and growled. "Renji, I knew what I was doing thank you very much! I knew what I was thinking when I went there in the first place! I am not a monster and really, I agreed to be with Grimmjow so shut the hell up!" He hissed. Renji looked up at him shocked, and Ichigo almost felt guilty if it wasn't for the fact that Renji had brought this upon himself when he got that personal with this. Ichigo clenched his fists before turning away from him.

"You don't understand Renji. I know you were cheating on me, I figured that out long before any of this. I did...and I know you that you think I was forced into this. At first, maybe I was Renji. But I knew what I felt for Grimmjow since the Winter War, and it hurt. I love him. I'm in love with an Espada Renji...and there is no turning back for me..."

" know you can't love him! He's an Espada-"

"And I know that. But so am I Renji. I am no longer a normal person. I am an Espada."

Grimmjow cursed softly, and narrowed his eyes. How had they gotten through? How had Ichigo not woken up when the red head grabbed him? Damn it. He had to do something about this. He wasn't going to allow this to happy, he was going to get him back no matter what was said or done. He would get Ichigo back without question.

"Renji..." Ichigo gasped softly as the other was on him, kissing down his neck and holding his arms above his head. "S-stop...p-please..." he begged, wanting the other to just cut this out... He didn't want this! He really didn't want was...wrong. He loved Grimmjow right? Yes, he did. He loved Grimmjow but... He closed his eyes. "Oh god..." He couldn't fight against Renji either...because...he knew at some point, he loved Renji as well. Damn it. This was just a full on mess at this point.

"Ichigo..." Renji smiled lightly and lifted one of the others legs over his shoulder. "It's alright, everything will be done soon enough. Nothing bad will happen anymore to either of us. Everything will be perfect...nothing at all wrong." He was confident that this would be right, but he knew at some point that this was not going to go his way. Too bad. He wasn't about to give Ichigo back to Grimmjow. He was not going to let the Espada take what was his away from him.

Seems like, they were going to fight for him.

"Ichhhhiiiigggggoooo~" The redhead quickly dodged his friend and kept walking without a word. He heard his friend again and dodged once more.

"Keigo. Cut it out, please, I'm not in the mood." He grumbled, Mizuiro blinked at his friends response and frowned.

"Is something wrong Ichigo? You seem more cross than you normally are."

Ichigo sighed lightly. "Oh it's nothing...just...some trouble with someone."

"Renji? Is your boyfriend giving you a hard time?"

Ichigo about choked at that and then took a deep breath. "W-what? I...well..." He sighed and sat down on the brick wall that bordered the water fountain. Mizuiro looked at him with a frown. "It's complicated Mizuiro...but I can say that things...are...well...a mess to say the least...a lot of fighting between him and someone else." He closed his eyes.

"Were you cheating on him?" Keigo gasped and Ichigo kicked him in the face in response before looking down.

"Kinda, kinda not. He was cheating on me first, since around the start so..."

"You decided to get back at-"

"No. It was nothing at first because I thought the person I liked was gone, and really, I can't like's sort of wrong for a number of reasons..." He closed her eyes slowly and sighed. "It's a mess, and I'm right in the..." His blood ran cold as the pressure in the air changed. He stood up quickly and looked around. "Oh sh*t...not now.." He muttered.

"...Ichi-" The sentence wasn't finished before Ichigo took off running, worried. Great. So now my Ex and my Boyfriend are in the same city, and about ready to kill one another.