Disclaimer: Treasure Planet is not mine. The film is from Disney animation studios, well, you could say, the world, and, Treasure Island is from Robert Louis Stevenson, I only join with his characters, well with the mix of them.

But Opaline is mine.

When I can walk.

Chapter 1: Tragedy.

John Silver's ship.

'It's the witch. ¡He knows it! ¡He knows that he can get rid of the map because he has the Alabaster Witch with him!' Silver shouted. 'But it doesn't matter, because that wretch of Bones is hurt. To hide the map can be easy, but the girl… it's quite more difficult' and he laughed wickedly with his crew.

Billy Bones ship.

'My child, don't be afraid. You've gotta hide, ¿understand? Opaline, they won't go after you. What they want is this' Bill Bones said, my guardian, showing me the map of Tresure Planet.

'Dad, I'm afraid, and you're hurt!' I said rushing towards him, while he was driving the mini spaceship.

'Keep yourself in the darkness, and pray for not to be seen. My ivory girl, you're the thing that I love most in this whole universe, so, please, do it for me' I smiled at him. In the end, I didn't mind anymore that they were so hard with my albinism, but al last, he didn't call me witch.

Regardless, we knew that we hadn't lots of possibilities to end up being the winners, because John Silver's ship was following us very near, and we were going to come down in Montressor. Finally we crashed in a road that ended up into an inn. Billy pinched my cheek, how he used to do and I stood in the zone of the spaceship were I had to be unnoticed.

'I'm sorry' he told me with his last strengths. I knew what he was concerning to, but in the moment when you're seeing how the only person in the world that has appreciated you is dying, you don't feel like remembering all the bad thing for what he's wanting to ask for your sorry.

He reclined into the glass and a boy with brown hair appeared. The most strange thing about him was that he was human, as I, but he was normal. I was feeling bad, my eyes were fluttering, I was getting alone and… there was an unknown who was separating me from my half dead father. I wasn't in the mood for receiving external stimuli. So I watch how the boy tried to bring him up. Billy started to complain. Come on, you don't have to want to stay by my side. He turned a moment to look at me. I was in the middle of the smoke, so it was difficult to see me. But despite of that, the boy turned too and possibly he saw a vague shade of white garments, but he didn't recognize me as a living thing. And so, as if it had been telepathically, Billy stood up and they went to the inn. I hope he has protected the map…

And well, since then, I had nothing more to do that keep myself hiding in the ship. At first I was next to the door, because the ship was broken, with smoke and all that, but when it had calmed, I entered in and hide in the place where Billy had told me. Then I saw how the pirates burned up the inn, and, without wanting, I looked a little bit, with tears in my eyes. My eyes, crimson, reflected the spilled blood of my soul. My eyes, the only part of my body with a little bit of coloration. And, how I knew, for my rash act, the pirates saw me and catched me.

Did I had been silly? Well, we could say that, after the crash of the spaceship and watching how your father is burned up, I hadn't forces to fight a cyborg. So I resented. I looked at him with hate, that it was what he was pretending me to do.

'okay, damned witch, it's true that Bones recruited you to conjure prophecies, divine spells and other, right? C'mon, if you appreciate your life, tell me how to find the planet.' Silver told me.

I glared madly at him again, but my eyes fluttered again.

'I don't appreciate my life.' And I spited at his face.

'Aaah! So now you wanna seem brave? Y'know? With that you'll only make me to treat you worse.' He told me while he was grabbing my arm, and making me to walk. 'I had prepared you a luxurious cabin, ya know: the witch's cabin impenetrable, full of your trash to work in your plots, ah, of course, private acces. But with you attitude seen, I don't have another chance than to gag you. So, you already know, you can cooperate, or live how the last resource.' He told me with sympathetic voice, until he changed it brutally. 'However, I'll get that treasure.'

They brought me to their ship and locked me in a cell. There I could hear their plan. Make the crew to the ship that had the objective to go to Treasure Planet. I knew it. That boy wasn't lucid at all! How he was sooo intelligent to communicate it so soon? In addition, how he was going to open the map? Even I couldn't open it! And I was a witch! Well, supposedly. But, in the end, it was a convenience that they were thinking that if they hadn't the map, they could have their achievement without the map. I would be the last resource. If they surrender of the fact of getting the map, they could believe that with me they could find the planet. And the people who had the map would be safe, the treasure would be safe. It was better for the world, and, well, if they found out I'm a fake, I don't care about my life.