School of Hard Pokécocks

Prologue: The eve before the Lessons.

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"Okay. I think I have all the things I'll need for tomorrow, but just to make sure I don't miss a thing, lemme review one more time." The male said while looking at the two duffel bags and a backpack that was resting against his dresser, all of them the same color of black, greens in various shades and splotches of brown randomly on the bags, this was easily seen, thanks to his bedside lamp that was on.

"Okay, now for the rundown," He pulls up a list that was on his table and began to read the check offs while taking a seat next to his belongings. "Alright, let's start with the essentials," He opened the closest bag to his thigh "Okay, I gots: Shirts, pants, boxers, nightwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, my Pokédex, school uniform and most important of all; condoms, can't forget those things." The male stated proudly while zipping up the bag before moving to the next bag that was nearby. "Okay, that takes care of the important stuff, now to get to the good shit." The male reached over to the second bag and pulled it into his lap, opening it up as soon as it was nestled in his legs. "All righty, I got my Wii, over sixty game titles; Mostly Nintendo and a few others, Wii remotes, the N64 along with some oldies but goodies games, N64 controllers, My 3DS, more 3DS games along with Kid Icarus: Uprising; my absolute fav, power cords and chargers and a good stash of porn; for days when I can't get laid. Okay, that settles that. All that's left is my backpack, but there's no need to check that. I already placed my laptop in there." He said while standing up, placing the bag back on the soft carpet floor. He leaned back while stretching the muscles in his back to get the blood flowing a little faster. After he was done, he turned to his reflection in the mirror, inspecting his orange and brown fur, along with a pair of yellow cheeks that shone perfectly thanks to the lamp.

"Hard to believe it's only been five months since I evolved into a Raichu," The male said while inspecting his lean figure, not that he was too worried about it, at least from his point of view anyways. "Ah well, nothin more to do but wait for tomorrow, I can hardly wait!" He stated giddily while smirking to himself, thinking about ALL the fun he was gonna have at school tomorrow. All the battles he was gonna kick ass in, all the time he was gonna spend with the guys, the freedom he would gain while being away from his former war veteran Raichu father, His overprotective Pikachu mother and his two annoying sisters (which happen to be Pikachu: the middle child, and a Pichu: the baby of the family), the new techniques he was going to gain, and most importantly, to EVERY male that was going to the university, all of the ass he was gonna tap with every female before the year was over. That was on the very top of his 'to-do' list, making it a high priority.

Oh yeah, this year was gonna rock so hard.

"Oh man, all the asses I'm gonna tap…! Hmmm, who should I start with? Well, I've had my eyes on that pretty Persian for a while now; she will be my first victim of takin' it up the ass. But what about after that…?" The Raichu pondered for a bit, but decided to put it off for now. "Ah well, I'll about later, plenty of choices tomorrow that's for sure. Still hard to believe that the school actually ALLOWS fucking on campus, it's a guy's dream come true!" He said while clenching his paws into fists, still settling himself into the reality before him. "Well, perverted thinking aside, Dad expects me to get my degree, which I fully plan to do. The only thing is; how am I gonna focus with all the 'assets' of the girl in view…" Just as he was in thought, that train was derailed when a familiar chime went off from behind him, causing the Raichu to jump a bit along with some static sparking from his cheeks. He turned to the object that was making gained his attention, seeing that his C-Gear was going off, telling him that a message had arrived through the Xtranciever. He already knew was trying to reach him, and honestly, he was glad. Not being one to deny, he picked up the C-Gear, and tapped a button, causing the image to blink on. On the receiving end of the gear, he saw a familiar face of his best friend: A Mienfoo, ever since he was a Pikachu growing up. The Pokémon on the other side of C-Gear had a feminine face of a mustelid; her fur was yellow along with black round eye brows above her red eyes, her ears were perfectly round, and she had short whiskers that matched perfectly with her form. The Raichu could only see her from the neck up, but he knew what the rest of her figure looked like from his previous encounters on the outside. Every time he saw her, it just lights him up, like a candle. But from the look on her face, he could tell, she was clearly annoyed.

"Hey Spark, What's up?" the Mienfoo asked while letting out a sigh, resting a paw under her cheek.

"Hey Yugana, nothin much really, I'm just waiting for school tomorrow. What about you? Normally you're all peppy and what not, right now you're all… Meh or 'Oh my bloody Arceus this suck', something wrong?" Spark asked while sitting on the bed.

"Well, you know how we're leaving off to the University tomorrow and what not?" she asked.

"Yeeeahh… I do, why do you ask?" Spark asked again.

"Well, get this, Mommy dearest and dear ol' dad, decided to celebrate have the entire house to themselves… early."

"Early? You mean as in… 'Right Now' early?" He asked, not liking where this was headed.

"Yep. A good old fashion 'Fucking each other's brains out like horny Arcanines, now that the kids are away' type of early." She groaned out. Spark couldn't help but cringe at her blunt words.

"Ohhh damn, sorry you have to be there during all that. Well, at least they're not messing around right now, right?" he asked.

"Guess again."

"Wha- you mean that-"

"Yep. Ten points for you Spark."

"Oh Arceus, that's horrible."

"Yeah, you're telling me. My father is a Lucario, so I inherited my Aura genes from him. Thanks to that, I can actually feel the aura from them shifting over and over, and honestly it's pissing me off, big time." Yugana groaned.

"Damn that sucks, not exactly the best way to spend your last night at home. Hm… you know what, no way you're gonna suffer this. We haven't done this since we were little, but, you wanna spend the night at my place and get a decent night sleep? We're gonna need it." Spark offered up, seeing her mood instantly changed from annoyed to her usual attitude.

"I can? Spark, you're a life saver, thanks! This means a lot to me, really." Yugana piped with a warm smile, one that he secretly loved.

"Hey, you're my best friend. No way, I'm gonna leave you like that. So yeah, come on over, I'm still up and it's still early, we can have fun before falling asleep." Spark said, causing the Mienfoo to chuckle out loud. "What, what'd I say?" He asked oblivious to what he just said.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all, it wasn't that important anyways. So yeah, I'll be over in five minutes. No more, no less." She said.

"Alright, you got your things packed for the entire year?" Spark asked.

"Yep, everything a girl's gonna need." Yugana replied.

"Awesome, I'll break out the futon; it'll be ready by the time you arrive."

"Ah, there's no need. I'm sure your bed has more than enough room for us to share." She responded with a wink.

"You tease."

"Don't deny it, you love it and know it."

"That I do, that I do."

"And you'll be in my room, last thing I need is for my sisters to bug the crap outta you, let alone my parents getting involved."

"True, they can be a tad… invasive, being in your room will provide privacy, good thing you have a bolt lock."

"Yep. Oh! And while we're at it, bring your schedule; let's see what classes and dorm room we have." Spark insisted.

"Sounds like fun. See you in a bit Spark." Yugana stated.

"Right, I'll be waiting." He replied briefly.

After that last sentence, the image blinked out, letting him know that the connection was done. He idly tossed his C-Gear on to his bed, and started trekking out of his room, after opening the door.

*The Den. 8:45*

As Spark walked out into the living room, he could see that his parents and sisters were watching a familiar movie called 'Go west young Meowth'. Even though it was poorly cheesy and animated, it was nonetheless entertaining. His parents were sitting on the loveseat, while his mother was cuddled up against her husband with her slender yellow legs folded and rest on the seat and her paws on his chest and her head crooning the neck while his father's arm was resting his mother's shoulder holding her close to him, the perfect mated couple. His mother was wearing a simple blue shirt, white skirt with her tail resting on her thigh and wearing a Light Ball necklace. His father was sporting a typical cameo shirt along with black shorts and a dog tag around his neck. As for his sisters, they were in simple nightgowns, marking them ready for bed, which was in the next fifteen minutes.

As usual, his mother was the first to notice him approach, while seeing him reach over to the side of couch, picking up something.

"Spark, honey, what are you doing with the futon?" His mother asked in a sweet voice while looking at her son. The father and the younger children turned their attention away from the movie and now towards the eldest sibling of the family.

"Oh, this?" Spark asked while holding up the box for them to see. "Yeah, about that, Yu see, Yugana is on her way here. I told her she could spend the night here." Spark answered. This time it was the father's turn to speak.

"You went ahead and told her, she could sleep in our home?" the father asked calmly.

"Yes sir. I did." Spark answered honestly.

"And you didn't bother to ask us? Do her parents even know that she's leaving home to come here?" The elder male asked his son.

"No sir, I didn't ask for your permission and about her parents knowing she's leaving… Um, what's the best way to put this…? Uh, they're… 'Busy' at the moment." Spark answered.

"Busy? Busy how?" the father asked, arching an eyebrow at Spark's statment.

"I'm okay with Michelle hearing this. But is it okay for Sally to hear too?" Spark asked.

"Sally go to your room for a few minutes, Grownups are talking now." The mother ordered gently.

"Okay mommy." The Pichu answered while getting up quickly and dashed out of the room, not even so much as arguing when told what to do. After they all watched the younger child leave, they shifted their eyes towards the son once more. "Alright Honey, now that Sally left, what did you mean that Yugana's parents are 'Busy'?" The mother asked her voice still gentle.

"Well, from talking with her a few minutes ago, she said that her folks decided to celebrate early. In others word; they're fucking each other's brains right this minute." Spark answered causally. His parents were shocked, not from the foul language, but from the recklessness of the Mienfoo's parents. Still, they were surprised, by how he put it so bluntly.

The sister however, showed no expression, only a straight face.

"You mean they're… doing the deed?" the mother asked.

"That's right. Knocking Boots, Hanky Panky, Funny Business, How's your Father, Mankey Business, Horizontal Dancing, you name it, they're doin' it." Spark replied, the blush on his mother's face was real, and his father's eyes were nearly bulging out his eyes. Both were stunned at their son's vocabulary of describing sex. Michelle was now chuckling at her brother.

"Oh… oh my… well, that is a problem. But She's in her room, how can she hear them?" the mother asked.

"Mom you should this already, but if you didn't, Yugana is a Fighting type, but she can feel what they are doing. Her father is a Lucario and her mother is a Mienshao, but she received her Aura sensing genes from her dad. So no matter what part of the house she's in with them, she'll always know, unless she's out of range that is." Spark answered, hoping that would persuade them into letting her stay.

"I see… well, what more can we do, but to let her stay the night." The mother answered.

"I'm fine with it either way. She can stay, seeing as how they both start class tomorrow." The father Raichu chipped in.

"So, she can stay?" he asked.

"Yes. She can stay." His mother answered.

"Thank you both." Spark replied with a small smile.

"However, there is only one rule that you need to follow," said his father.

"And what rule is that?" Spark asked, having a kind of feeling that he already knew where this was going.

"If, at some point in the later hours of the evening she comes on to you, use a condom." His father joked.

Spark was easily irritated by his father's joke about him and her getting together; He had been doing that ever since he evolved into a Pikachu from his earlier years. Even now, he still hated it. "C'mon dad, we strictly have a platonic friendship, for the last fourteen years. What makes you think she would risk that? Besides, we're different species. She can't get knocked up by me even if we try." Spark replied. "That doesn't mean it's not possible dear. You never know, besides, with the way you've had her screaming before, I'd say you're a very preductive young mon, just like your father." Spark's mother teased, making the young Chu blush deeply at her creepy compliment.

"You mean you were listening in on us?" Spark demanded, a stuned look on his face, making his parents and sister to laugh.

"Correction Honey, you were the one that was making her cry out like that. We were in the den that's half way across the house." she giggled, his father chuckling along side his mate.

Spark had a super red blush show up on his face from his the way his mother had cajoled the truth out of him, especially not in a way that he was expecting. The male chu just let out a sigh and decided that there was no point in trying argue with his mother about that. Once she knew what he was hiding, there was no way to cover it up. He never could figure out how moms knew what their children were thinking before they actually told them. "So you found me out, well whatever, I've taken up too much time, she'll be here any minute and I have to get this thing ready. Now, if you'll excuse me." Spark replied before quickly leaving the room, leaving his family behind.

"How long do you think it'll be before he cracks?" Michelle asked. "Cuz, I'm betting somewhere around three hours from now."

"Nah, I'm guessing sooner, your mother had me going after her in couple of hours during our first time." The father chuckled.

"Well, I wouldn't say that, but somewhere along those lines. And knowing my son, he'll make his move exactly in the next fifteen minutes. This I guarantee." The mother chuckled.

The trio continued to talk amongst themselves, making jokes and what not as the movie went on in the background.

As Spark made his way back to his room, passing by the front door leading to the outside world, along with the futon held in his brown paws, a gentle rapping came from the other side of it just as he was now standing in front of it. He walked over to the doors and proceeded to open it, he didn't need ask, for he already knew who it was on the opposite end. After tucking the box under his arm and using his free paw to take hold of the door handle and pull it open, revealing a Mienfoo on the revealing side of the door, carrying a duffel bag on her shoulder and a Large white suitcase that was be held by her paw. Spark could see that she was wearing a simple black T-shirt that hugged the upper top of her body along with common blue jeans that was cling onto her hips while they were loose on the way down, nothing to outgoing, just a simple attire for something like this.

"Hey Yugana, glad you could make it." Spark greeted while stepping out of the way, allowing the Mienfoo leeway into his home.

"Glad to be here and not at home, seriously Spark, I know my parents are still relatively young and all that shit, but really, they couldn't hold off at LEAST one night before I left in the morning? Man… well whatever," once she was inside the house, she then flashed him a smile. "Thanks for the save Sparky, I mean it." She replied with a giggle. Her voice was sincere and honest, Spark could easily tell.

"Ah, sure thing Yu-Chan. It's no problem." Spark responded while closing the door behind him, locking it afterwards.

"Yep… Oh? I see you didn't get the futon set up huh?" She asked while facing towards him, her sight on the futon box underneath his arm.

"Oh this, yeah, sorry. My mom and dad kept me talking about something not worth talking about and as you can see," He held up the box for her to inspect. "No futon ready." Spark added.

"Oh well, not really a big deal. Like I said earlier, we can share your bed to just save time and stuff." Yugana smirked while letting her tail sway back and forth, causing the Raichu to blush lightly.

"Are you really okay with that? I mean, I can still set this up and have it ready and whatnot." Spark offered.

"Nah, I'd prefer share a bed. It's warmer that way." She grinned. "'Sides, it's been a long time since we've slept together, why not embrace in the nostalgia tonight? We may end up having different roommates once we get to the university, so… please, just for tonight?" She asked while looking at him with Poochyena eyes, as if begging to sleep with him. Not being one to deny a female's request, he conceded.

"All right, all right, we can share the same bed, if you stop with the eyes please." Spark replied while sighing, tossing the box onto the table nearby.

"So are we gonna?" she asked in a hopeful tone.

"Yeah, we can. So no need to keep asking." Spark answered while letting a sigh. 'Can't believe I'm actually going through with this.' He said in his head.

"Yay! This is gonna be so much fun. Thanks for agreeing Spark." Yugana replied to his, flashing him another smile, which again caught him off guard, seeing this as an opportunity, Yugana leaned over to him and stole a kiss from the left side of his cheek, landing her lips on the electric yellow sack perfectly. The moisture of her lips conducted a small shock that both of them felt, but for Yugana, it lasted a bit longer. The display of affection caused the Chu to stumble back a bit while placing his paw on the spot that her lips touched, feeling a bit of wetness lingering on that spot.

"W-w-wha- what was that for?" Spark asked, clearly blushing from her gesture of affection, shocked but at the same time, flattered by it too.

"I've wanted to do that for quite a while now. Just to see what your spark feels like. And honestly, I like it. My lips are still tingling a bit." She giggled while, leaving him in a stupor from her comment. "Well, more on that later, come help me get comfortable. We still got some time before bed, let's talk about stuff hmm?" she asked while walking past him and making her way down the hall and towards his room, carrying her belongings the entire way. Spark snapped himself out of his surprise and decided to follow; ignoring the looks he got from behind him, along with the occasional snickers.

After a bit of walking back to his room from the den, he reached his section of the house. After placing one foot inside of his room, he stepped passed the frame and closed the door with one paw with a sound. After that was finished, he looked to see that Yugana was seductively laying on her side with one arm propping up her head while the other was matching the contours of her topside hip, her tail idly sashaying as well. He could see that she was smirking and it was clearly directed at him.

"Trying to seduce me?" He asked causally while walking towards her.

"Mm… I wouldn't EXACTLY say, seducing you, more like… showing you my attractive figure. Wouldn't you agree?" Yugana asked while sitting up.

"You are definitely attractive, I'll give you that. But really, posing like that on my bed? Not really helping." Spark replied while taking a seat on the edge of the bed, taking hold of the remote that was nearby and flipping the T.V off that was resting on the wall behind them, canceling the noise and sound.

"Aw, you're no fun," She pouted while throwing herself onto his back, giving her attention to him. "Well, no matter. We have all of tomorrow to have fun. Speaking of which, aren't you excited? I mean, we're gonna be gone for an entire year! No parents, no household chores, no snot-nosed little kid trainers to bother us. Honestly, if I'm caught, I prefer to be caught by a Trainer that has experience and is mature, not some little brat that throws a tantrum when a battle doesn't go his way, ya know. And on that subject, if I'm caught, I want you to be with me. I wouldn't know any of the others if it was just me there with them." Yugana pointed out while resting her chin on his shoulder.

"You're telling me. And let me rephrase that; we're recruited and asked if we want join the trainer, not caught and I can understand the feeling of not knowing others or being in an unknown environment. But still traveling from place to place, seeing new things, new Pokémon, battling strong foes, taking on Gym Leaders, All the good stuff. I'm looking spending a year at school, especially with all the girls there." Spark admitted.

"Ohhh, you're gonna try to score with as many females as possible? You're such a Houndoom, ya know that?" Yugana asked while chuckling.

"I'd like to plead the fifth. But in all honesty, I plan on getting an education, I did promise my folks after all. And on the subject of education, I hope that my Electric class will help me master my Volt Tackle. I just can't seem to get it down. I can build up the charge, I just can't hold it long enough to use it. I mean, my mother and sisters mastered it, so why can't I?" Spark questioned himself.

"Well, I really don't have answer for that, all I can say is that when we get there, you'll figure something out. So don't sweat it. Oh! I also have some Fun Facts! I got some info from some friends online about the school. You wanna hear?" Yugana asked.

"Sure, lay it on me." Spark replied while turning to face her.

"Well get this. From what I got, as it turns out, out of all students that are going to University, special students are going to partake in the education system. Meaning, since you're the son of the Raichu that is still partners with Lt. Surge; you get the special treatment. And this doesn't only extend to you, but your sisters as well. But moving on, what I'm trying to say is, you're special and so is any other Pokémon that has connections to Gym Leaders. So lucky you." Yugana finished.

"So I get the special fix huh. Well, I'll see if it's up to snuff or not. But that aside, is there anything else you learned?" Spark asked.

"Yep. Get this. The Headmaster is actually Ash's Pikachu. He's the one who came up with the whole idea along with all the Professors to help give us this kind of education." Yugana added.

"Really? How long did this idea take, and what about Ash himself?" Spark added.

"Well, I heard that the project took about eight years to complete and as you can guess, it was expensive as hell. As for Ash Ketchum himself, He's working as Professor Oak's lab assistant part time and the other full time job is that he's a Gym Leader of this region; his days as a Trainer are over." The Mienfoo stated.

"Done? Exactly how old is he anyways?"

"He's either 18 or 19 years old, one of the two. And that's all I got." Yugana finished while falling back onto the bed, landing her head on the soft pillow.

"That long huh, oh well. Hey, since we're talking about school and what not, wanna see what classes we got? I have a pretty interesting selection, what about you, what do you got?" Spark asked.

"I'm game; I have some good classes too. Let's see what the other has." Yugana proposed while reaching over into her bag, pulling out a sheet of a paper that was perfectly crisp. Most likely her schedule. Spark did the same thing and went over this backpack, opening it and pulling out his schedule too. After closing it he quickly walked back to her and sat beside her.

"Okay, ready. For first period, I got Electric Circuit Training from 7:35 – 8:40. What about you?" Spark asked.

"I got, Jujitsu Training. Same time. What about your second period?" She asked back.

"I have Poffin Cooking and Pokéblock crafting. 8:55 – 10:00. You?"

"Cooking huh, never pegged you as the cooking type. Anyways, I have Meditation. Same time yours starts and ends. What about third period?"

"Normality Training. 10:20 – 11:00. You?"

"I have Pokémon Contest Training. What do you got for your fourth period?"

"You're gonna go for contests? I thought that you were all about letting your paws do the talking. What happened?" Spark asked.

"Well, my folks want me to practice subtlety and grace, even though I have the blood of two fighter Pokémon. It's not really a big deal. The upside, I get to learn how to use Aura Sphere like my dad." Yugana pointed out.

"Ohhh, well, that's cool. As for me, I have Pokéathlon Training or Gym, starting from 11:15 – 12:00." Spark stated.

"You're going for the Pokeathlon? I hear its tough course to follow. Are you aiming for Varsity?" Yugana asked, surprised that her friend was going for something that strong, so early.

"Yep. That was on my 'To-Do' list in school, plus I hear you get to travel to different regions to challenge rival schools. So that's what I'm gonna do. What about you? What's your fifth period?" Spark continued asking.

"I have Battle class. What about you?" she asked back.

"Actually, same as you, I also have Battle Class. 12:10 – 12:45. Awesome, you and me are gonna be on teams!" Spark replied.

"You bet! And what about the final period?" She replied.

"I… I uh… it's kinda embarrassing to say." Spark pointed out.

"Oh c'mon, it can't THAT bad. Go on, tell me. I promise, I won't laugh." Yugana replied.

"Well, if you promise… All right, I'll spill, but no laughing." The male pointed out once more, not liking this feeling that he had going on.

"I promise, no laughing." Yugana responded.

"Okay. Well, I… I uh… I have… Breeding Lesson for last the last class. 12:50 – 1:45. What about you?" he asked. Spark saw that she was smiling, but not in a mocking way, more like it was an effort to calm him down, which was both working and not working.

"Well aren't you a lucky Raichu. Well guess what, I have the same class as well. Looks like we're gonna be partner parents huh?" she asked while grinning at him, that smirk teasing him in so many ways.

"Yeah, I guess we are… Heh Heh." Spark replied, a nervous chuckle in his voice.

"Well, it's clear that we already know what parents do and what not. Wouldn't it be a good idea to screw in their footsteps?" She asked while placing the schedule to the side, leaning into his personal space, her narrow nose resting against the crevice of Spark's neck, inhaling his scent. He could feel her small nose pressed against his neck while giving the occasion nuzzle while pressing closer to him. In that event, he felt some moisture run across him in a trail, going from the bottom up, pull back briefly and repeat the process all over again while each repetition got a little more intimate and heated. The Mienfoo lightly cooed while descending into the mood, one yellow paw sliding on to his lap. Spark, stifled a gasp as he was put through this, thankfully this wasn't his first experience with her.

"Don't you mean follow in their footsteps?" Spark asked, subconsciously moving his up a little, granting the Mienfoo more access.

"I know what I said, your correction is invalid." Yugana quipped while using her lips this time to gently suckle the same spot that she had been licking, her pawfingers sliding their way to his clothed groin, moving in a tandem motion.

"Yu-Chan… What are you doing?" Spark asked.

"It doesn't take a Pokémon Scientist to figure it out Spark. I'm rubbing your crotch, simple as that." Yugana pointed out while going back to kissing him, pushing against him, only a little harder this time and using her teeth occasionally.

"Are you suggesting that we mess around before the first day of school? Is that really such a good idea?" he asked, letting his primal desire start to slowly take hold of him, liking the feeling.

"Normally, I'd be against it and such, but thanks to my parents 'Antics', that's not a really an option. Sides, It's been some time since our last Fling, I miss having you inside me, and the feeling too." She stated, pulling back and casting him a seductive grin.

"Not mincing words are ya? If that's the case, then you're not really into foreplay now, are you?" He asked back, his hesitance now gone.

"Hmm, now that you mention it, I guess The Usual will cut it for tonight, unless you want to try something new." She hinted while pulling back from his neck, but her caresses on his crotch never stopping or slowing.

"Nah, we can stick to the Usu for tonight." He reply while grinning back at her, feeling himself react to her touch, even though he was wearing pants.

"Who'll be first, you or me?" Yugana asked.

"You, I like starting with you first as always. It's more fun that way." Spark answered.

"Lights on or off?" She asked once more, her warm paw maneuvering the zipper, pulling it down with an audible sound.

"Off." Spark responded while this time, pulling her hand away and gently pushing her down on to his bed while following her, this time, placing his lips to neck, kissing and lapping at the magenta colored band, making her gasp a little.

"With or without panties?" he grinned, she could tell by feeling his teeth against her neck.

"Ngh… take a guess." Yugana replied, letting her paws drape on his shoulders, automatically giving him the go-ahead.

"On they stay." He answered while keeping his ministration going, pressing a little harder while his paw on her side. That didn't last, as it started to lower down her body in a teasing manner, all the way to the buttoned flap of her jeans. He could feel her breath hitch, as the paw reached the edge of her shirt, pulling the fabric up, just enough to expose the waist line where her pants were hugging. Expertly, he was using only one paw to undo it while the other was reached towards the lamp and flicked it off, allowing darkness to take hold the room, but neither of them were scared, they were too busy with each other. Now that the flap was undone, all that was left was to bring down the zipper, which he quickly did. While in his haste, he slipped his black paw into her panties, hidden by open jeans and proceeded to slide it down, bringing about sweet gasps from his friend as he got closer and closer to that special spot of hers. As he was hovering over her entrance along with her button in reach, a faint and obvious glow, two of them in fact, were showing themselves in the darkness, allowing them to be seen.

"Aw, how cute, your cheeks are glowing again Spark, Still haven't found a way to control that?" she teased while letting her legs and thighs part for him, granting him easier access to her sacred spot.

"Shuddup, it's a beneficial mutation. I can't help it or control it," Spark replied while sliding his paw a little lower, now resting it on her moist button, giving occasional rubs and taps. Right now, that was the main focus for him. Thanks to his attentions, the Mienfoo gasped put and murred slightly at the feeling.

"I'm not complaining; I find it rather… Ngh! Adorable it a way." Yugana complimented while filling his pawtips now starting to dip past her button over her leaking hole, lightly probing a bit, but never actually sliding inside, teasing her greatly.

"Adorable huh," Spark replied while probing deeper, but not enough to her liking. "Well, thanks to this weird condition, my thunder attacks are much stronger than most thunder Pokémon in the regions apparently." The Raichu replied while still teasing her.

"Didn't… Ah! Didn't you see Professor Oak about it…?" she asked, trying to maintain her composer. She liked being teased by him, be it sexual or nonsexual. But when it came to her REALLY needing it, this kind of torture wasn't wanted. Still, this was his room and her idea, so she made the best of it.

"I did go to see him once, but not even he knew about this. He had seen and recorded shiny Pokémon, but never seen a Pokémon with my kind of condition. A rare kind if you will." He replied while still staying in the same spot, never pulling out yet never pushing any deeper into her, though her did rub her from the inside, making the Mienfoo moan out a little, in turn it made the Raichu grin.

"R-rare huh… Well lucky me then… Glad I met yooooh… Oh my Arceus Spark. I don't mean sound like a bitchy Lopunny, but can you quit with the teasing already?" She asked in a calm yet needy tone of voice.

"I thought you'd never ask." Spark answered with a grin, one that she knew all-to-well. Not giving her the chance to respond, using more force, he plunged his soaked fingers into her depths completely, to the point where his palm was now cupping the upper part of her nether regions, the little bump up top now stiff and adding to her pleasure. Spark enveloped his paw in a steady motion that reached deeper into her, hitting certain ridges over and over, making the his friend moan out her appreciations for what he was doing which in turn, prompted him to do even better. Squelching sounds could be heard in the darkness and that only added to the moment for the two, mostly for Yugana. It wasn't everyday that they could indulge in this kind of bonding with one-another, thanks to Spark's constant drills with his father and her lessons in elegant fighting with her mother, but when the moment arose for them, they jumped at it, no questions asked.

While spark kept up the attentions, an idea popped into his head, making him grin in the dark as he looked upon Yugana's body, her chest rising and falling as his fingers continued to invade and retreat her moist cave.

"I… Ah, take it you h-have an idea?" she asked, her hips gyrating up and down to meet and match his invading fingers that continued to slide in and of the dripping entrance."Indeed I do. Care to hear?" Spark asked, uping the pace a bit, he could feel mini splashes hit against soaked fingers, trying pass and drip out, which was sucessfully happening.

"Ohh... indulge me..." She groaned out, her breaths coming out slightly faster.

"Well, I was thinking of going with the Electrical Circuit type of play. You know, the thing I did with paw the last time you wanted a good screwing?" Spark reminded, causing her to gasp a little as the memory run through her head.

"Ohhh... Nghh... I-I remember. Go for it!" Yugana encouraged, her panting still rapid.

"All right, you asked for it." Spark grinned. Taking this moment, he pulled his soaked paw back from the Mienfoo's sopping cave, making her groan out in dissapointment. He took a moment to build a mild charge into his paw that was stationary in her wet undergarment, making sure that it wasn't too much to hurt her, nor to little for to feel anything. He could feel the charge from his cheeks give off the right amount while it left the sack, following the current of veins that led down his arm and towards his paw. He didn't need to see his paw give off a discharge, thanks to his friend's loud gasp and raised hips giving it away. Smirking to himself and giving her the chance to adjust, Spark dove his discharging fingers back into her dripping cunt as deeply as he could, the sparks following the wet trail of her femhood, traveling all the way in to her cervix and all the way out to her panties and clit, which was pressed firmly against his palm that moving along with his fingers, obivous sounds of sparks were heard.

"Enjoying it so far?" Spark teased knowing full well that she was.

"Like you even need to ask!" Yugana moaned out, her breaths coming shorter as her building rised. Right now, the female was in absolute bliss and euphoria from his treatment. She had him do this before, so she knew what to expect, that still didn't chage the fact that she was loving this kind of touching from him. The fact that he had perfect control over his electricity and knew how to stimulate her, just added to her pleasure. She was moaning and groaning like a Mightyena in heat, her body was twisting and contorting to the sensual feeling that running through her body, something that only he could do to her. Even though she was loving it, she knew that her climax was about to happen, and when it did, there was a goodmchance that the neighbors would hear. Last thing she wanted to do was embarrasse him. In her haste, she grabbed hold of shirt, making him gasp a bit while he kept going.

"Yu-chan, somthing wrong?" he asked.

"Aim for 'THAT' spot inside me Sparky, I wanna make a large wet mess, just like last time." The Mienfoo ordered while locking her thighs together.

"You want me to aim there, wanna finish big huh? I got a better idea. Take off the rest of your clothes and get on all-fours." Spark commanded while removing his paw from her wet abyss, prolonging her orgasm. Not being one to argue when she was so close. Doing as she was told, she hastily undid the rest of clothes and tossed them into various parts of his darkend room and rolled over onto her paws and knees, awaiting for him to continue. What she didn't expect was to feel his paw on her waist, or feel him poke and slightly part her drenched lips.

"Didn't see this coming did you?" He asked while penetrating her depths, sliding all the way in.

"Shut up and fuck me! I'm gonna explode!" she groaned out while laying her muzzle to his pillow, taking hold of it with her teeth.

Spark simply did as he was told, and proceeded to ram in and out of his friend, making the female belw him, moan out her delight. For the remainder of the fucking, no more words were exchanged or spoken, only moans, groans, and grunts. Along with the occasional muffled scream from the female, just adding to to mix.

Soon it was too much for them to handle, their pleasure had hit the cresendo, and they couldn't take it any more.

Yugana shirked into the pillow utter satisfaction as her dam burst around his discharging rod, a rush of sparking fuilds rushing out and coating the Raichu's contracting sack and thighs.

Spark had to force himself not to shout out his fustration as he let loose a good helping of copious Chu seed into his friend's quivering and spamming hole that was squeazing his pole, milking him for as long as possible until he no more to give and she had no more to spill. Both of them no longer having the strength to stay up, just collasped unto the bed on thier sides, landing in a small to medium sized puddle where their crotches met, panting all the while.

"That was amazing... e-even better than last time..." Yugana panted out, sighing in the afterglow.

"you're telling me. Didn't think was I that pent up." Spark followed up, snuggling up with her from behind, arms wrapping around her waist. Sleep was creeping up on them, that was a fact. But that didn't mean they couldn't chat for a bit.

"Hey, Sparky?" Yugana called out.

"Yeah?" Spark replied

"You think they'll have soundproof walls at the school?" She asked.

"They should, I'd love to hear you scream out for me." He chuckled out.

"Yeah you would like that wouldn't you?" She teased, lightly rubbing her hips against his, not enough to arouse, but enough to give some feeling.

"Of course I would. You know how I am. 'Sides, it would mean more snuggling with you."

"Awww, you electric sweetheart you." Yugana purred.

"I try." the Raichu replied, a yawn following afterwards. He could feel his eyelids growing heavy as the unconciousness was making its way onto him, and her most likely. Giving in, he closed his eyes, allowing sleep to come easier then resisting it. A few breaths coming in and going out, he was slowly starting to drift off.


"Yes Yu-Chan, what is it?" he asked back.

"You didn't lock your door, did you?" She asked again.

"No, why would I-" Realization hitting him hard, but he never his eyes opening. "No matter, it won't matter after tonight. Nite Yugana."

"Night Sparky, see you in the morning." she replied.

and those were their final words before falling into slumber.

*outside Spark's room*

"Like I foretold, Exactly 15 minutes." Proclaimed the mother Pikachu after closing the door gently.

"Well I'll be Primape's uncle. How the hell did you know?" asked the Raichu father.

"Mother's intution my dear. We know our offspring, much better than males" stated the mother while walking past her mate, lightly chuckling. The father said nothing else and followed her to thier bedroom.

"I still call it a fluke. No way that was intution." he replied, still not believing her.

"If you don't belive me, you can spend the rest of the night thinking about. On the couch." she hinted with a playful glare and smirk as she rounded the corner into their room. He stopped, gasped and quickly made up his mind.

"Never mind, I believe you!" he responded while dashing after her, only to have her purple bra land on his face after he entered the room.

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