Artemis gets spank by Wally:

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Artemis needs Kid Flash forgiveness gets it in a strange way.

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Artemis POV:

Artemis is depress just yesterday, her monster of a dad (sportmaster) came to her house to get her to join the shadows, after her selfish act on her last mission she manage to get rid of him after a while.

She was destroyed by Wally reaction when he discovers that she went solo. He thought she was selfish and she wasn't sure she disagrees with him he needed to get him to forgive her but how.

Wally POV:

Wally was just staring at his latest souvenir the tracing chip Artemis used to get them to go on a wild goose chase. 'I'm so disappointed in Artemis, and one way, or another I am going to discover why see betray us, betray me.' Every outcome when though his head to why she when solo. 'Felt like she was going to be replace, showing off for him or someone, felt like she wasn't enough'. His train of thought was interrupted by his door knob moving and he knows who it is.

Megan POV:

'Nice game' she said.

Artemis POV:

"Here go nothing" she said thinking out loud as she turning Wally doorknob and she what she wanted to see Wally sitting up on his bed. "Uh, Wally we need to talk." Wally hears the stutter in her voice and knew something was up was she scared and if she was of what.

"How about why you abandoned us, and betray our trust." She broke when he said that and started to cry.

"Wally I been keeping a secret from you and the team."

"What?" he said,

"Before I tell you, you must keep it between us." She said while seeing out while door and shutting it.

Wally POV:

"No one else here and I promised I won't tell." She wanted to dally it as long as possible. "Where are they?" she asked.

"Robin with batman, man I wish I knew his identity what a dick, Megan and super boy at a basketball game, Zantanna get what left of her stuff, Kaldur' at Atlantic, Black Canary has a date with your uncle, Red Tornado out for some reason."

Artemis POV:

'Now or never' "Wally I not related to Green Arrow."

Then Wally said "I know."

"YOU DO, how does the team know?"

Wally then said "I know I found out when you didn't know about your "uncle" date with Black Canary."

She sigh, "The reason the betray the team was so I could catch my devil of a father Sportmaster,"

Wally said shock "Go on,"

"My sister is Cheshire, and my mom is a retired villain that went by Huntress;"

"I read her file it nice to know some villains are willing to change." Artemis simile "Now let talk about your punishment."Wally said.

"Punishment?" she asked

He answered, "For betraying me, the team, and for putting yourself in danger, I even going to let you choose."

A large part of her wanted to slap him but she knew he was right so he choose the only thing she could think of. "A spanking, I think you should spank me." It took all her strength but she said it.

"O.K., now pull your uniform pants off and over my knee Artemis." She pull off her costume pants, places her to Wally side and waited for the worst, Wally was about to grab her and pull her over his knee and has his crush ass up faced down over his knee waiting to get spank and he hated making people wait, smack, smack, slap, crack, slap, crack, smack, slap, crack, smack, she was nearly crying after the first ten she didn't think he would use super speed all in 1 second,

"Artemis I going to get both of Megan cooking timer, this isn't over." He said put her back on her feet and in a blink of an eye, he came with two timer, one he made the clock turn to 25 minutes, the other to 30 minutes.

"Uh, Wally why two different timers?" she asked

"One for how long I going to spank you in total the other for how long a spank with my hand and not the belt." She gulp that the thought but she knew he was being merciful. She said "There go my reputation for never crying" she said putting herself over Wally and countless slaps later, Slap, Smack, Crack, Crack, Smack, Slap, Smack, Slap, Smack, Crack, Crack, Smack, Slap, Smack, Slap, Smack, Crack, Crack, Smack, Slap, Smack , Slap, Smack, Crack, Crack, Smack, Slap, Smack and more tears than ever he saw that only 5 minutes were left he decided to chance the timer to one minute gives her a spanking with the belt and doing it in real speed for a minute by changing the timer and decided to end it, and 45 slap later, Slap, Smack, Crack, Crack, Slap, Smack, Slap, Smack, Crack, he pull her panties and pants from her legs to her hips where they belong. Then she hug him super tightly apologizing while crying for what she done, "I sorry, I ran you and the team on a wild goose chase, for ruining the mission, for being jealous, for the secrets…"

Wally then intervene "Those are good reason why I should have spank you, but I did it because you put yourself in danger, and I can't allow that to happen to anybody I love."

Artemis asked "you love me?" he gave he gave her one good smack

"That for thinking I don't love you."

"Hey, maybe after my ass heals you, and I can go on a date." She stated

"I would like that."

"Until then we can have sex." She said

"Tomorrow so I don't hurt you."

"A little late and as long as there no anal sex we should be fine."

"I don't know." Wally said,

"Come on I know you enjoy see and touch my bare skin by how tight your pants are." Referring to the bulge in his pants,

"O.K. but tell me when to stop."

To be continued