Do not forget Love, do not grieve
For the heart is true and can not deceive
My hand and heart, I will give to thee
So farewell my love and remember me

Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. "Do not follow me," I said. Harder words I have never spoken. Some doors should never be re-opened.

Cogburn felt his heart sink as an elven woman came out of Flemeth's hut, she must have been the source of the rumors, not Morrigan. Patting Rooster he sighed, "It's all right boy, maybe she knows something." Rooster whined a little and Cogburn moved forward to speak to the elf.

The elf was obviously nervous, and the mage accompanying her was little better, both of the obviously unaccustomed to standing in the King's Hall. That the Queen was visibly with child and the King was a bright-eyed smiling man in plate armor did nothing to mitigate their nerves.

"You accompanied my brother in his search for Morrigan," The queen's voice was gentle, low and sweet with a touch of smoke to it, husky as if she rarely raised her voice.

"Yes your grace," The mage knew to bow to her when first speaking and the elven woman imitated him awkwardly. "When he and

Ariane came to the tower with the Mabari they were looking for clues regarding the Eluvian. I had some small expertise in this area and when they left the tower I left with them."

"Yes, uh, your grace," The elven woman nodded and she might have twisted her hands with nerves if she'd had less discipline. "I was searching for the woman Morrigan at the site of her home in the Korcari wilds.

I found nothing but before I left the Commander of the Grey and his hound arrived."

The king nodded his understanding, "It was rumors of a woman sighted there that drove Cogburn to search the Wilds." He explained quietly. "But as you have come and are accompanied only by Rooster I assume his search was ultimately successful?"

"It was," Ariane nodded. "With Finn's help we located a working Eluvian and the woman Morrigan was standing before it when we arrived."

"How did she seem? When you spoke with her, how was she?" The queen's voice was urgent, concerned and her grey eyes dark, "Was she in good health?"

"Healthy enough to steal our treasured book and vanish," Ariane nodded, a frown of irritation wrinkling her brow.

"Sounds like our Morrigan," The king chuckled. "It would seem you have a tale to tell. Come and have a meal and some wine, we would like to hear it."

"She left again," The queen looked at Ariane, a faint smile curving her lips before she gazed at Finn and then back at the elf. "But my twin, he accompanied her this time, did he not?"

"He did your grace," Finn nodded soberly, plainly uncertain as to whether or not he was giving good news. "He seemed pleased to see the woman, and she him though it wasn't easy to tell. He left with her."

"I knew he would, if he could find her," The queen leaned against her husband with a sad sigh. "I'll miss them both, but I'm glad that they are together at least."

"You tire easily my love," The King looked down at his wife in concern. "Let us all sit and hear the tale of your brother's companions. And we will learn how Cogburn came to leave us."

"Ever wise my King," The teasing smile on the queen's lips belied her solemn words as she allowed him to lead her and the two companions from the public hall and to a more private dining room.

A woman with silver blonde hair was laboring, she was sweaty and tired and still she fought. Her husband was beside her, strong and able, his expression fierce with love as he sought to aid his wife. She screamed and he seemed to be in agony.

The woman panted clung to him, arched and cried out again, strained and fought once more until the battle was over. She was spent, utterly drained, and her husband looked exhausted, blue eyes bright but tired as they remained on his wife's face.

Grey eyes flickered open, seemed to stare straight at the watchers before they drifted away, a crying child settled at her breast. Joy, absolute and complete, blazed over her husbands face as the man looked down at his wife and son. Such happiness on the woman's face as she smiled down at the babe before looking up at her husband.

A small hand touched the glowing sphere and childish laughter rang through the air before the little one was settled on its mother's knee, "There now, you see?" The drawl still sounded like honey, "She is safe and well, she is happy and so is he."

"Thank you," The words were hoarse with unshed tears of joy. "Thank you for doing that for her."

"I would do much more if I could," The woman's voice was sincere, affectionate; even as her pale hand soothed the child, her voice soothed the man. "She will have more children. I left them with enough to found a dynasty if they choose."

"As long as they're happy and together," He nodded. "That's all I ever wanted for any of us."

"And are you? Happy? Is this enough for you?" The question wasn't an idle one not coming on the heels of the request to see Ferelden's queen as she birthed her firstborn child, a son.

"I'm with you. I'm with our child." The answer was that simple. "And that will always be enough for me."

"Then come my love," Her smile was sweet and sultry both. "Time for little ones to go to bed, and men to tend their leman."

"As you wish."


Author's Note: So I thought about trying to write out Witch Hunt but I didn't like the idea of another three or four chapters to deal with it. Maybe if I get inspired I'll put a little story with Cogburn, Ariane and Finn To me, more important is the result of Witch Hunt, that Cogburn finds Morrigan. Hence the way the epilogue is written.

And thus concludes our tale. I hope you've enjoyed it and that you'll check out my Dragon Age II stories if you like my writing style. I've gotten away from writing Dragon Age since I started this but originally there was a plan to write the retaking of Starkhaven. I might write that eventually but my writing has moved in other directions.

My husband is completely over the moon excited about Dragon Age III so there may be more stories in this 'verse but it'll take some time. In the mean time thanks for reading and reviewing.