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Alex POV

I shuffled down the halls of Bathory High. It was crowded with students of all grades. The main hall especially, with a load of freshmen that I had to swim through because I had to get my schedule from the front office. Finally, I made to the hall with my locker. It wasn't as crowded as the main hall , but there was still many students- juniors- getting to and going from their lockers and walking to class and talking with their friends and what not. Though, it didn't bother me as much as how much I could smell all their blood. A cocktail of fresh blood just waiting for a bite. I wasn't even paying attention to my surrounding as much as the smell of the students when I ran into someone.

I wasn't sure how it happened but our legs tangled within bumping into each other and we ended up bumping against some lockers. To my luck it was my locker. Now only to get rid of this person. I looked up to apologized. But it never came. The boy was trying to unravel his feet from mine. I helped him but kept quite. I looked at him again once our foot problem was over and done with. He had white silvery hair that matched my mine closely only I had a red fringe. He had dark eyes as opposed to my bright blue ones. We both stared at each other for a while until he uttered a "sorry" and walked away. I looked after him. Well at least this place had good looking food.

I opened my locker setting my back pack in it only keeping a notebook, pen, and my small leather bound book. I opened it up looking at what I had scribbled on the last page written on.

Vladimir Tod

Age 16

Height 5'8"in

Description black hair, dark eyes, pale.

Associates Henry McMillan

I closed the book along with my locker. That was when it hit me. It was a wave of the most delectable blood I'd ever smelled. It wasn't human; I could tell that much.

Slowly, as if the world had been put in slow motion, I looked to my right. There he was- jet black hair, clad in black and ghostly pale; He was slim yet still slightly lean. I smirked. Vladimir Tod.

The boy opened his locker, directly right to mine, and sullenly placed his back pack in it withdrawing a notebook and pen for his school day. After a moment a boy an inch or two taller than the Tod boy came up to him. His boy had messy dirty blonde hair and was a bit tan. He wore a crease in his brow. His expression was slightly frustrated, but his voice was voice was tinged with worry, "Vlad, it's been an entire summer. If you knew you were going to feel this bad, why did you break up with her?"

Oi…human problems…I tuned out the boy and started for my first class. To do so I had to exit the hall the way I enter it. The hall was less crowded so I was able to profile the students better. Barely entering the hall was a pair of students. A boy and girl. The girl had chocolate brown tresses and was completely covered in pink. The boy was significantly taller than her. She was about my height, so the boy would have to be about 6'.

Though their physical appearance wasn't the reason I stopped to look at them. It was the boy. I was never sure how I knew, but when I got a hunch about a particular person, it was always right. He was a slayer.

He looked away from the girl to glance at me. I had to give it to him. Not many slayers were able to detect vampires so quickly, but this boy knew that instant. He kept his eye on me as he ushered the girl to her locker. Once there, he stared me down trying to intimidate me which did no work. I smirked at him. Foolish boy…

The Tod boy and his friend, I deduced as Henry, caught wind of this. The blonde boy seemed dumbstruck, but it only took Vladimir second to understand. He looked from the slayer to me and back. I paid it no mind and swiftly turned on my heels to continue to my class.

Great, I have his attention. I should go to Otis later today to formally meet him.

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