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Ch 10.

Alex lined her eyes with a dark kohl after applying plummy almost red eye shadow that brought out the bright amber in the contacts she had in her eyes. Moving onto the rest of her makeup, she jumped slightly when both Henry and Vlad busted into her room laughing about something. She shook her head their antics, continuing with her task while smiling. It was Halloween. Alex's favorite holiday ever since she under stood it was the only day she could acceptably expose her fangs in public.

"Oh damn," Henry came up behind her looking at her work through the mirror in front of her, "That looks for badass! Girls are so awesome at this stuff."

"Says the boy who has probably legit effects makeup on," Alex said once done with making her cheeks look a little sunken in.

"Yeah, but I didn't do this," Henry reasoned, turning to Vlad, "You should let her do your face."

"You know I'll make him look more like a fairy than an actual vampire," Alex said while brushing her hair.

"No!" Vlad said in pseudo horror. Alex smiled at him through the mirror.

After they had talked some about the prophecy-Alex keeping many details to herself, much to Vlad's disappointment-after Vlad profusely apologized for the scar on Alex's arm, things went back to normal, if not they were closer. Otis was satisfied, and Nelly was ecstatic that the two could now stand to be in the same room together again.

"So," Alex said choosing a jacket to wear against the already fall weather, "Where's your zombie princess, playboy?"

"Don't know," Henry said leaning back against Alex's desk, "I dumped her on my way over."

"Over the phone?" Alex questioned forwarding a brow as they headed out of her room and down the stairs with the boys.

"Nah," Henry said checking his hair in a hall mirror, "Text."

"Dude, that's brutal," Vlad commented as Alex looked at the boy with a sour, disapproving expression, ready to smack him over the head his, but she didn't want to dirty her hand with whatever the hell was making his hair stick up and look gross and greasy.

"But necessary. If you dump them in person either they get all weepy or mad. Either way, it's a bad situation. And I couldn't risk smearing my face paint with tears...or blood, whichever happened to be flying around; one or the other are always guaranteed," Henry reasoned, "Right?" Vlad shrugged. Henry rolled his eyes, "Alex, have you ever been with anyone?"

"Only one," Alex answered. Vlad blinked as they walked into the kitchen and Nelly handed each he and Alex a cup of blood. Vlad bagged blood, and Alex moon wine.

Henry looked from Vlad, who was raising an eyebrow, to Alex and back. After a moment at looking between the two sipping their blood, Henry asked rubbing his chin, "Has that relationship ended?"

"Yes," the white head said softly, finishing her drink and throwing the cup in the bio-hazard bin under the sink followed by Vlad. "We were together before I moved to America."

"So," Henry started as they walked out of the house. Outside, October was pulling up behind Henry's parked car, "I take it it ended in tears."

Alex said quietly her eyes blank as they exited through the gate of the lawn, "Both."

Both boys looked at her with wary eyes before exchanging goodbyes with Henry waving at October through her passenger window. To which the purple streaked brunette rolled her eyes.

Vlad took shotgun as Alex paused seeing a filled backseat of Sprat, Andrew, and Kristoff.

"Uh," Alex said looking about the car interior before yelping as Kristoff pulled her atop his lap causing the two other boys in the backseat to snicker at her disgruntled expression.

At that Vlad twisted around, "You okay?"

"Next time, I'm making you walk," Alex said trying not to move as on the silver head's lap as October lurched the car forward into drive. Music blared from the radio distracting the rest of them from the compromising position the two were currently in. Every so often, Kristoff would lean forward, resting his chin on Alex's shoulder to speak to the others. What were they even talking about? Alex wasn't paying attention. The smell of Kristoff's blood was evading her senses as his breath brushed over her ear. If she was fully human, she was sure her ears and cheeks would have tinged pink at that. She didn't know if it was the car itself or on purpose, but the white head didn't appreciate it at all when October broke harshly at a red light before getting on the highway. Alex scrambling against the back of Vlad's seat, growling softly and gripping the cushion of the headrest tightly. Up until then, Kristoff had kept his hands to himself, so it didn't help the hunger vampire in her when Kristoff wound his arms around her waist securing her to him to insure she didn't move about harshly anymore on his lap. Now she was more snug to his broad chest. She could feel his heart beat now. She tried to breath evenly as she looked over her shoulder.

Staring contest assured. Alex's breath hitched when his arms tightened slightly, and Kristoff flashed her a smirk showing off a pair of fangs adorning his grin. She could easily tell they were fake yet still impressive.

"They fit your teeth well," She said lowly under the loud music that Sprat and Andrew were head banging to next to them.

"Yours fit you better," Kristoff replied. Alex blinked. She hadn't even realized her fangs had elongated from their human acceptable size till then.

Finally, after much awkward shuffling and adjusting, they exited the car at the curb of the road beside the Crypt. Alex sighed stretching as the group walked together into the building. Alex grinned at the vampire themed decorations and costumes that the club goers were wearing. Both Vlad and Alex looked over at each other smiling showing each other their very real fangs.

It was around the time that the vampire costume contest started when Kristoff dragged Alex out through the front entrance of the club-it was already well known that Vlad and Snow used the back entrance soon after arriving. Alex sighed when they exited the heated club to step out into the cool night air. If she was being honest, Kristoff's blood was driving her crazy all night as he tried to linger anywhere near her, whether she was dancing with some other goth, lounging at the couches, or by the bar, getting the bartender there to give her free soda-which was easy considering mind control. It made the white head hyper aware; whenever someone complimented her sort of costume, asking where she got her contacts or if her fangs came so and so dealer, she knew the silver haired boy was close by-closer if a boy approached her.

Alex looked over Kristoff in the streetlamps; he was looking back under his long bangs. The fluorescent streetlamps made his hair out to be lighter than it actually was, causing a sort of halo to shine around him. It caught Alex's attention, and Kristoff also caught it reflecting from her pale hair.

"How's your arm?" he spoke after a while of staring-they had been doing that for the majority of the night.

Alex shrugged off her jacket to show the scar that was revealed by her sleeveless blouse. By now the wound had healed, and all that was seen were two streaks that indented into her skin. The bite marks were paler than her already pale skin. "Probably could have used it as part of my costume," she joked.

"What costume?" he asked, "Those contacts aren't a costume." At that, Alex pushed him lightly in the chest, getting a slight smile out of Kristoff. After a moment silence ensued, and the two looked around the empty street. Alex shuffled on her feet before blinking up at the sky.

"Hey," she started, hooking her elbow around Kristoff's, "Don't get scared."

"Wha-" Kristoff-for all his serious personality-nearly let out a surprised yelp when Alex planted a firm foot on the wall of the Crypt and dashed up the vertical surface. "What the hell," the silver head grunted out securing himself more tightly around Alex's hooked arm as she made her way to the roof of the building. He let out a gasp of exasperation when his feet finally touched the roof's surface. He looked at the white head incredulously as she plopped herself down at the edge of the roof side that looked over downtown Stokerton.

Kristoff sighed before settling himself next to the vampire. "So," he started, looking down at the ground, "What lesson is it this time?"

Alex hummed lowly, "I'm feeling generous. What are you curious about?"

Kristoff mulled over his options. Over the past few weeks, it had become like this. Whenever they found themselves alone, Alex would give him small lessons on Elysia. "Tell me about a bite," Kristoff said after a few moments.

"What about it?" Alex asked, feeling her fangs shrink.

"Does it hurt?"

Alex forwarded her brows over the city lights, "It depends." She started to swing her legs, "Obviously, if a vampire is being rough, it's going to hurt like hell. Some vampires never learn how to be gentle because its the more common thing to just kill the human then let them live." At that Kristoff shuddered. "I've already told you about drudges. Some vampires, what they'll do is feed from a human, but let them live. Then when they're done they release the drudge."

"It's like a one time thing?" Kristoff asked curious.

"Yeah, after that, the vampire'll make the human forget what happened. Personally, I've only met one drudge that has been released after serving for any amount of time," Alex said, frowning, "It was my dad's drudge. Apparently, he had been a good friend of my dad. My dad broke a lot of laws in Elysia, especially the one about revealing the existence of vampire kind, and it had been a few years before my dad met my mom, so he talked the guys ear off. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't be too surprised if any of the people in my hometown knew. Anyway, the council found out, no surprise, and he became a drudge. I knew him growing up. I think I was about six when my dad released him. The guy was getting married, and my dad didn't want the burden of serving a vampire on him. He still stuck around, but it was like a part of him was missing."

"What do you mean?" Kristoff questioned.

"When you're a drudge, you have a connection to your master. It's unbreakable, it's like it's your soul purpose in life is to serve your master. When you take that away, it's like the drudge becomes lost. He told me that of the few emergencies where my dad had to feed from him, the bite from being released hurt the most,

"He said it was like something was ripping inside of him. Even though the vampire isn't drinking your blood, They're taking their presence from the inside of you. They leave you empty."

Kristoff was silent after that. Alex looked over at the boy; he was staring off into space. She wondered if he had absorbed the information.

They sat there in silence for a healthy while. Now it was well into the night, and Alex felt more at home in the darkness coupled with the dim glow of the streetlights below them.

"Um," Kristoff started slowly, his mouth dry, "You said you had a drudge before, right?"

"Mhm," Alex nodded.

"Did you release them?" Kristoff asked a bit taken aback.

Alex wet her lips taking a shallow breath, "No. But…" She felt a lump starting to form in her throat, and she shivered despite already putting her jacket back on.

"Hey," Kristoff said softly, scooting closer and rubbing her back. "It's okay, you don't have to talk about it."

Alex shook her head vigorously looking down at the her hands that laid on her lap. "No," she started huskily, "I'm fine; I want to tell you, it's just." She groaned running her hands through her hair, "It's a long story," she said biting her lip in distress.

"Well," Kristoff said slowly, "We got time."

Alex sighed, "I met him when I went to live with my godparents in England. His name was David."

David was only a year older than Alex at the time. He worked late at his uncle's cafe, and stayed there late doing his homework in the aroma of tea and coffee to keep him awake till his uncle kicked him out. That was his normal weeknight routine. But that night, he didn't need to be pestered by his uncle to leave the cafe. Looking out the window, a flash of white caught his eye, and he followed the pale tresses out the cafe and down the street till she noticed he was following.

Alex had with her godparents for no more than a couple weeks before they met. She didn't want anything to do with him, but they had always managed to bump into each other on Alex's night walks into town. Okay, maybe sometimes she would linger in areas that they had met on purpose-until she caved and just walked into the cafe and wait for David to get off his shift. Very soon it had become routine. Sometimes they would bring the leftover pastries from the cafe. Most times they would talk. Because David was easy to talk to, because he didn't pry into her personal life. They talked about what they had done when the sun was up, and David taught Alex about English customs.

David became Alex's drudge by accident. At that time, she wasn't receiving a healthy amount of blood. Her godparents being on her mother's side, knew nothing of her heritage. Not wanting to come in contact with any hunters, the white head was extremely cautious about actually feeding from humans, so Alex was left to hunt on whatever small animals were in the area. And it happened. David was more than happy to provide the needed blood for Alex, and she was grateful. It may have been the fall weather and dropping temperature or something else, but not long after the first bite, the two were comfortable lingering close together after feeding sessions. Sometimes they lingered close together when there was no feeding sessions.

"We were meeting in our usual spot," Alex explained, "I was running late because, I had gotten a visit by Enrico."

"That's the guy from New York, right? What was he doing in England?" Kristoff asked quietly.

"Yeah, he had come to ask me about moving to America," Alex said, "But he also brought his son."

"The guy that brings you moon wine?"

"Yeah," Alex continued, "I told him about having a drudge, and that I couldn't leave him. After that, Dorian disappeared. If I remember correctly, Enrico actually tried stopping him."

"He couldn't even with him being older than the guy?" Kristoff asked perplexed.

"Dorian…is special," Alex explained, "He's really powerful even if he's younger than most vampires. He very skilled at controlling people against their will.

"But, after that…" Alex's voice softened much more, "Enrico was panicking, and he said to try to contact David through telepathy." Alex swallowed, "He was running away, and he was scared. I tried to will him to run faster. Enrico and I were already trying to catch up, but...we weren't fast enough. I was in his head when Dorian got to him." Now Alex was shivering harshly, and Kristoff was wrapping his arms tightly around her. The white head shuddered against his shoulder.

After that, they stayed there in silence. In their heads, they justified heads on shoulders and warm hands intertwined on the cold breeze that tried to pass through any gap between the two.

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