Chapter 10: Fall of Hanzo-Birth from Suffering

I looked upon the castle, but not through my eyes. Over these past few months I became truly skilled with my eyes. I looked upon Hanzo's fortress not only through my eyes, but through the eyes of six men. It was difficult coordinating at first. But now that I have the hang of it, this should get interesting. It took a few months to assemble my six paths of Pain, but it was all worth it for this result. With this battle, I will be cemented into history as a god!

Asura knelt down so that Animal could stand on his hands. With a powerful throw, Animal flew into the air and into the fortress. As my predictions and my eyes had realized, the fortress was surrounded by a detection barrier. But I was ready.

"Summoning jutsu," Animal said as he slammed his hands onto the floor. The Asura, Preta, Human, and Naraka paths appeared by him.

"Scatter," My five divine soldiers separated, each taking a different corridor. By passing through the barrier, we had alerted Hanzo's guards, but these fools were nothing compared to my Paths. Asura and Animal stayed in the forefront of the invasion, while Preta, Human and Naraka kept in the shadows and attacked with silent kills.

Deva path sat upon the roof of the tallest tower. I wanted to reserve his power for the final move of my coup 'de etat. Asura was quick in taking out enemies. His durable body incredible speed and overwhelming strength was more than enough to take out the pathetic guards. But once we get closer to Hanzo and begin the final stages. The animal path devastated the structure of the fortress with his massive summons. Merely summoning them was enough to demolish the tiny halls. My centipedes crawled up the main tower and used their brute force to kill off guards in higher levels. My bird drops bombs on the surrounding areas, killing off anybody that would try to supply reinforcements.

My troops continued up five more floors before being met with true opposition. Because we began toward the middle of the main tower, our enemy had a chance to organize and ambush my paths. Asura and Animal were surrounded and were being pinned down by a vast variety of easily A-class Ninjutsu of several nature types. This was the time to deploy Preta. The looks on their faces when Animal summoned Preta and I began absorbing all their Ninjutsu, was priceless. Now that Asura was free to attack, the fun really began. Asura pulled off the Akatsuki cloak that Konan had made and revealed his full mechanical fury. All six arms flailed across the corridors and smashed everything in sight, from concrete, to metal and any flesh that got in his way. His mechanical saw tail unfolded and slashed through any opponent that dared to get to close. Animal summoned the Crab who sprayed enough water to flood the corridor. My paths that didn't need to breath were fine walking around in the water. Any enemy who managed to escape drowning was killed by either my paths or the killer crab that swam through and devoured any remaining corpses. We finished off the corridor and Preta absorbed the chakra filled water.

We gathered in front of the steps leading to the final floor. Human and Naraka who had been assassinating Hanzo's loved ones and associates in the fortress, returned to meet with them. I sent Asura first and followed him with the others. I was surprised to see that nobody was there to guard the door to Hanzo's throne. The must have been focused onto the lower floors.

"Summoning Jutsu" Deva path, with a cloud of smoke appeared. Next to him was my Cerberus beast. My other paths left to clear out the rest of the fortress of any remaining soldiers. Deva walked up to the door and walked in. Inside Hanzo was waiting for me. Just as expected. How arrogant. Sitting behind a curtain, not even taking notice of me.

"Are you planning on coming out to face me?" Deva said

"Why should I? You? No. I'm not concerned about you" Hanzo said, opening the curtain, but his eyes suddenly opened, "You look like Yahiko. But he is dead, and he didn't have those eyes."

"I am Tendo, the Deva path"

"It matters not. I don't care who you are. It would take no less than a god to smite me. You are but a peasant with no skill compared to me."

Deva made a chakra disruption blade appear from out of his arm and held it forward toward Hanzo.

"Bansho Tenin" Hanzo was obviously surprised to find himself flying through the air and being pierced by it. He kicked himself off, holding his wound. He pulled out his Kama and chain. He spun it around his head before sending the sickle toward Deva. He grabbed the sickle and pulled it out of Hanzo's hands, spun it around and slashed Hanzo's chest. He was admittedly stunned. I didn't give him a chance to react before I tossed him into the air with Shinra Tensei and slammed him into the ground with incredible force.

"H-How are you this strong?"

"You said it would take nothing less than a god to beat you. I am the God of Pain. Shinra Tensei" I leveled the entire room and blew most of the roof off the tower. Hanzo slammed against the back wall. "Far too easy"


I opened my real eyes. Though I would love to watch Hanzo's death by Yahiko's hands. I could not miss this if I wanted to.

"Push Konan!"

"!" Konan screamed as she pushed.

"The baby is out, Konan" I said as I wrapped him in a blanket.

"...A boy? He is so beautiful."

"Do you want to hold him Konan?" She sighed from relief and knodded weakly. I handed the warm body to her. She held him tight.

"You should be proud, what will you name him?" the medical ninja asked.

"Zenkutsu..." Konan whispered before falling asleep from exhaustion. The doctor took the baby to get cleaned.

"You should be proud of you son, Zenkutsu as well Nagato." The doctor said as he left. I took a hold of Konan's hand.

"Zenkutsu...a perfect name."