"God, I cannot believe this" Julie said into the darkness of her bedroom.

Now before you ask, Julie is not worrying about her fears coming to life or the hole opening back up.

No. She was worrying about normal teenage girl things. Like grades and school etc.

But there was one thing that just kept buzzing around in her mind.


With all the time they had been spending together it was possible that she might have developed a little crush.

Or maybe not so little.

She kept telling her self to tell him, to just say it. How are hard could it be right ?

Julie discovered that this was far from easy.

She was going to see him the following day but these days she didn't really want to.

Of course she wanted to see him but she was worried that he would give her one look and she would just say it.

Dane didn't make his feelings clear, she kept telling herself that he didn't like her back but maybe she's wrong and he's just really good at hiding it.

Julie soon started to cry. Which obviously became rather loud because about 5 minutes later her father appeared.

He came in and immediately went to comfort his daughter.

"Sweetie, what's wrong" he said as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"Nothing dad. Nothing." she said as she began to wipe the tears out of her eyes but they soon started again.

"Is it trouble with your friends or school?" he asked gently.

"No dad, really it's nothing"she said and sniffed.

"I know what this is" he said as he began to move closer to her.

Julie gave him a confused look.

"It's boy trouble, isn't it " he said as he handed her a box of tissues.

"Maybe a little bit" she said as she began to wipe her eyes.

"Ah" he said.

"So who is it ?" he asked.

"No one you know" she said.

"It's that boy from next door isn't it" he said and nudged his daughter in the arm.

Julie then went three shades redder than she already was.

"How did you know ?" she asked.

Her father just laughed.

"What. What's so funny" she said.

"Honey I know because I'm your father. And because you always go a little bit giddy when he's around" he said.

"Do I" Julie asked.

"Don't worry honey. I doubt he noticed. He does seem completely oblivious to everything around him sometimes" he said and laughed with his daughter.

"He draws you, you know" he said and looked at his daughter.

"What" Julie asked confused.

"In that little sketchbook of his. Hundreds and Hundreds of drawings. All of you. He showed them to me once." said her dad knowingly.

Julie just looked at him for a moment.

"Well go on, go get him" her father said as he kissed her forehead.

And with that Julie was out of bed and heading for the front door.

"Come on Julie, now just tell him" she said as she opened the door and left.