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Eternal true love Jellal and Erza

I don't know how this happened but one minute me and Jellal where having a quiet talk under the bridge at night about the Grand Magic Games and the dark forces we been noticing lately. Then all of the sudden we were making out under the bridge. Not that I was complaining I was enjoying it. I loved the feel of his lips on mine and his body pushing up against mine. And when he looked at me with those eyes my heart felt as if I was going to explode with love. He loved me and I loved him even though it was hard to say it to each other. But we knew that we loved each other just by looking into each other's eyes.

Then he let go and grabbed my hand and kissed it and started to leave. But I wanted more I wasn't going to let him leave this time. So I pulled him back it to a kiss and pulled him wanting him to follow me. (Think to myself I can't believe I'm doing this am I crazy what … what if she finds out what I'm going to do with Jellal) I looked at him and then I knew it didn't matter I want him, and I won't let him leave me ever again.

So I open the door to my hotel room for the Grand Magic Games and brought him inside. He looked at me with those pue green eyes and then he said what are we doing in here … looking awkward because he was alone with me in my room. Jellal I said um… um well I was wondering if…. (Man what I'm doing, what should I say- thinking to myself) but I think he knew when he saw my bed and what was on it. I blushed knowing what he must me thinking right now. So um..., as he looked down at floor awkwardly, then he" said so you want... erza are you sure maybe we should wait". Then his face all red and finally I had enough bravery to say … if you want to. Neither of us knew what to say, but then he grabbed me into a fierce kiss hungrily and wanting I knew he was already in the mood. His soft libs on mine as are kisses got more hungry for more.

He picked me up carrying me to the bed he never took his eyes off me for a second as he laid me down on the sheets. Kissing me fiercely then he started working his way down me trying remove my clothes off. So I requiped to make it easy on him his face really turned red then when I was wearing nothing now. Then he started taking off his clothes I stated to help him with to making thing go faster.

then as he layed him self on top of me his eyes never left mine i new he was as nervous as i was since it was our first time , but i didnt' want to lose him everyday being afraid that i might lose him forever. so tonight i wanted to make it clear to him how i felt and what i he loved on me every inch of our bodies moving together as one i never felt so wounderful in my life to be finally be one with my love, we both gasped filling love for the first time as we made love to each other for the first he cept his tempo perfectly with me making me gasp in absolete bliss. He smiled and we finished are kissing and slept in each other arms.

I opened my eyes to the morning sun in the arm of my love Jellal, after the love we just made for the first i felt free. And it was the best night of our lives for both of us. He opens his eyes to look at me and then he gave me the sweet smile I always loved since we were kids. I have always loved him and always will. We kissed for like ten minutes before breaking.

Jellal my love

" Erza"

Can we do this again sometime, and will you stay the night again with me (blushing)


"We well have love again "he grabbed me in a hug and then said" I love you Erza I will always want you, and you made me the happiest man alive and that was the best night ever for me too." Then we kissed before meeting up with fairy tail A team and B team.

"Erza "

Yes Jellal

"Should we tell them that where together now like boyfriend and girlfriend" / Jellal said

Yah we should but not everyone, we don't want the magic council to know you're here.

"I love you Erza and I go tell Ultear and Meredy too, plus I think they would want to know why I was not with them last night"

Jellal I need to go to my team see you later love

Crime sorceries hideout

"Jellal" Meredy and Ultear yelled running to him

"We know Jellal" Ultear said

You Know what? Jellal said

"That you and Erza slept to together last night "(both girls giggle) we know you did it with each other (the girls giggle again)

um… I…um… Jellal said

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