The sky was tinted a rosy orange and red that was slowly dissolving into a light baby blue. The wind tickled the trees, swayed blades of grass, danced with various flowers and skimmed along the lake in minute ripples. Birds conversed loudly with one another or took their time to find an early meal. Animals were slowly beginning to wake. Everything was peaceful, serene even…yet something was amiss. Hakuryuu carefully pushed aside the branches, curiously gazing at what lay underneath that yew tree; a man. Surely he must be a fool to rest on that poisonous tree or perhaps he was dead...?

The teen took slow careful steps towards to the body, treading lightly on the grass. For all he possibly knew, he may have been walking into a trap. The idea didn't faze him; he was well able to defend himself from petty thieves that resorted to using this kind of ploy. However he was smart enough to not underestimate them too much. He stopped just short of half a meter from the stranger. A Cobalt eye scanned his surrounding, cautiously before moving closer. The young man lying before him was something short of a bloody mess. The dried blood contrasted against the man's sickly pale white skin; it almost matched the color of his hair. His emerald cloak was shredded, parts of it torn off to be used as a make-shift bandage for his legs. He looked more so dead rather than alive but, Hakuryuu could see his arms quivering, the slight scrunch in his bows, and the faint yet steady rise and fall of his chest.

His eyes softened with pity. This man was just barely alive but not for long if the teen didn't do something.

"Zagan." Hakuryuu called out.

A blunt reply of "what" came right after.

"Can you remove poison out of one's system?"

"…Yes I can, very easily…"

"Then come forth and do so." He ordered.

"I didn't hear a 'please' in that sentence." Zagan scoffed.

"There's no time for this!" Can he not read the atmosphere? Who cares if he's technically in a different one.

"It only takes a second to say it." His djinn retorted.

A frustrated sigh passed boy's lips. He knew he wouldn't win the argument this time. "Please…"

"Now was that so hard?" Hakuryuu could practically hear that irritable smirk in that stupid djinn's voice!

A thick blue gas secreted from his spear, reaching up to 1.95 meters (6'4'') into the air. It swirled and swirled, churning and solidifying. A turquoise foot emerged from the gas and planted itself firmly onto the ground followed by another foot, legs, torso, arms, head and so on. The gas remaining converted into clothing suited for a high-class gentleman. Starting from his head, the 'skin' pigment faded from an exuberant blue to a dull apricot color. Zagan stretched his arms out, trying to get use to his physical body once again. Not matter how many times he comes out of his vessel, he'd never get used to the feeling of being outside. He glanced down at the mess next to his feet as he ran through his fluffy chartreuse locks.


"Hurry up."

Zagan was about to answer back when Hakuryuu cut him off by adding on a curt "Please…"

"Good boy." The pseudo-man knelt down on one knee, whispering incoherent things before touching the man's forehead. He stayed in that position for a while and the boy behind him was starting to feel a bit drained. Luckily, Zagan stopped before he could feel any real wear.

"The poison's gone."

"Okay. Now we need to take him to the closest hospital."

"Do you even have enough strength to hold him up?"

"Zagan." The teen folded his arms across his chest. There was no time for this.

"I know, I know, lighten up." Zagan flashed him a smile before putting the man's arm over his shoulder.

"Be careful with him."


Hakuryuu rubbed his temples, not even bothering to comment on what happened. Somehow his djinn came to the conclusion the slinging the very injured man over his should like a sack of potatoes and holding him like so was what "being careful" meant. A soft groan escaped from the man as something fell from his neck, probably a necklace or something of the sort. Hakuryuu bent down to pick it but stopped suddenly as if he were paralyzed.

Even though it was a bit bloodied, he could recognize it almost instantly. It was the insignia used by their enemies! He regained control of his movement and picking the necklace gingerly. Was it fate meeting this man here? "Come on let's go." He began walking back to where he had come from with Zagan right on heels. The latter noted the haste in his master's step. "Why are you so urgent?" His question went ignored as the boy in front of him briskly walking and swatting branches away from his face. "Remember we're connected spiritually, you can't hide something like this or you're gonna have to try harder."

Hakuryuu sighed.

"Was it the necklace? What's its significance?"

"He can play a part in my plan.

Zagan raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, even though he knew the teen wouldn't see it. "Oh?" So the brat was actually going through with it.

"Yes, even so this man is struggling to survive and I respe—"


Did he—?


Hakuryuu peered down at his boots.

He just stepped in—


He tried to keep a cool attitude but he could already feel his eyes beginning to sting with tears. He wasn't crying! Absolutely not. It was just tears of frustration and the "man" right next to him trying to stifle his laughter was certainly not making things any better!

"Pfft! You stepped in animal feces!"

"Shut up!" He had such an urge to wrangle his djinn's neck or maybe wiping his sullied boot on him was a better idea. As much as he relished the idea he would not do so since one, he was carrying someone and two that's immature.


Where was he?

Strange, he couldn't remember anything at all.


He didn't open up his eyes up yet or even try. That would signify that he had awoken and Ja'far wanted the element of surprise in his hand. So instead he observed everything with closed eyes. Taking a slow whiff of the hair he noted, three things: it was stale, cramped, and unfamiliar. Judging from the acoustics, it was a fairly large room. The bed he laid upon was comfortable but small. It was night time or he was underground.

Was he a prisoner?

A door opened and was promptly closed a second later. He listened to the soft click of boots coming closer to his bed. Who was it? His prison ward? Caretaker? Ja'far had noted the bandages wrapped around various places on his body and the faint scent of disinfectants. Once his 'visitor' was close enough, hazel eyes shot open, catching the person by surprise. Ja'far quickly used this opportunity to flip the person onto the bed, pressing his dagger on person's neck. It was teenaged boy… "Who are you?" Ja'far asked with narrowing eyes. And why couldn't he remember anything at all. His eyes widened by fraction as he felt the muzzle of a gun prod the back of his head.

"You might want to drop that unless you want orchids sprouting from your skull." said a man from behind him. Where had he come from? Surely the assassin would've sensed someone near by. Ja'far did as he was told and let the boy get off the bed. Nevertheless his glare didn't falter.

"Now is that how you thank your saviors? People in Sindria must be such savages, yeesh"

"Saviors? Sindria?" Ja'far stared at the duo, confused. Their appearances were hard to make out in the poorly-lit room but they didn't seem to hold any malicious intentions.

"If we had left you back there, you surely would have died." It was the teen who spoke this time. "Sindria…Is that not the land you hail from?"

"I'm not familiar with such a place." Ja'far answered. Or maybe he was…he had significant memories so it was plausible. "Who am I?"

"Who are you?" A voice mocked. Ja'far's eyes darted to the other side of the room; the other two did the same.

It was another man but he had a different aura compared to the two he had been speaking with. The man brushed past them and went up to his bed, leaning in close. He pinched Ja'far's chin, tilting his head slightly up to ensue full eye contact. Even in the candlelight, his eyes were intimidating; an icy crimson saturated with pure dominance and confidence. He was dangerous that much Ja'far could tell.

"That's a silly question. You are mine. You follow my orders until the day you die."