A/N: Don't know where this chapter is going to go but what I do know is that it will involve Bonnie/Abraham romance for the first time. Just one thing…its super short! TBC



"Stop please!" Abraham told her over and over again but there was no way getting it through to her. So he let her go and just as rancher pulled herself free she looked at him and gave him the hardest slap a woman could ever give. It almost sent his head spiraling as he rubbed the red hand print gently.

Bonnie was so addled in emotions at the moment that she barely remembered how it had come to this. She felt the tears roll down her face in warm orbs and quickly wiped them away.

"Goodbye Mr. Reyes!" she turned her back to him and headed for the door. "No don't go Senora please!" he sounded so terrible and painfully torn apart; was he telling the truth when he said he had fallen for her? It didn't make sense he was a Spaniard and she was just a simple little rancher with hardly any experience with a man. She didn't turn back around but she stopped to listen. His voice was hitched and she knew then he was nearing tears. "Oh Senora please don't go." He pleaded, he completely through himself out there for her to acknowledge.

Her hand reached for the door and she turned the knob. "I can't stay here and I won't!" she hissed and hurried herself out of the room. Abraham froze at the sudden isolation and the loneliness and the terrible heartache.

What he didn't know was that Bonnie never did leave. She stood there her back leaned hard against the door trying all she could to keep herself out of the tangled up mess of her own feelings.

Damnit, she didn't know what to do. She was never the kind of woman that would leave an innocent man heartbroken like that or anyone as a matter of fact. Bonnie Macfarlane was raised good and was taught important lessons. She could eventually hear the man sobbing and whispering inaudible words to himself in his native language. What has he done to deserve this kind of pain she was giving him? It made her mad and it made her hate herself for it.

She just didn't know if she was feeling the same way; no wonder relationships like these were so confusing. When only one was in love then what would it be called? She didn't get any of it.

After a few minutes to think about what she had done she grabbed the same knob and forced the door open softly. Abraham was found staring out the window again like he was before seeming like he didn't even notice that she was there. "Mr. Reyes…she said whisper-like moving into the room and shutting the door behind her.

The Spaniard turned to look over his shoulder at her with a soft careless smile. "Senora I thought you were gone for good." He didn't move from that spot but his eyes never removed away from hers and his voice was shaky but now calm and tender.

Bonnie shook her head. "I apologize for what I did to you Mr. Reyes I never wanted to hurt anyone 'specially you." Her round marble eyes jumped up and looked at him across the room with glistening wetness. Abraham sighed and then took in a deep breath before releasing it again. "It is fine Senora." Was all he had to say still standing over the window peering out and watching how fast the day was changing.

Bonnie just couldn't believe that, that was all he had to say after she hurt him like she did. "It is not fine Mr. Reyes it's not even close to bein' fine" She put her both of her girly fists over each one of her hips and glared. Reyes swallowed hard and strong leaving the window.

He met her eyes in a hurry and she was instantly turned to stone. "Please don't worry about me Senora." He continued moving toward her until he was standing right before her gazing upon her. She felt the urge to run again to hide like a little child but she wasn't going to this time. She had to face her feelings she had to face the truth. "It's very true Senora I had fallen for you the very first time I saw you." He never looked away as he took one of her hands and brought it to his lips. He kissed it sweetly and moved it back down with a firm hold on it.

Bonnie's face burned as she turned to the floor. "Why me?" she asked looking back up at him again.

Reyes smiled and chuckled. "To tell the truth I don't know why but something about you just struck me before I knew it!" he let his free hand lay flat over his chest where his heart must be and that smile of his never stopped.

Their hands were still together and before long at all their palms were covered in a cold sweat. She pulled her hand away and crossed her arms.

"Senora?" he turned his head slightly to the side leaning in closer. She moved back a bit only from the amount of nervousness that was being put upon her and raised a tan brow. "Yes?" she responded gazing down at those lips of his. There it goes again; her heart was picking up speed and she probably had the idea as to what was causing it.

"Would you mind if I kissed you?" he fought back the urge to just do it but he was a soft man and always let the ladies speak first. Bonnie went into her frozen state again her eyes as wide as her pa's expensive china. She had no time to think at all before Reyes was too close that she couldn't dare say no. "Well…they were extremely close now; Bonnie still remained pulled back a bit but Mr. Reyes was so very close it almost made her fall over it he wasn't careful.

He felt her warm breath on his drying lips before he licked them. Bonnie had kissed a man before but that was years ago back in her teenage years.

"I don't know…if." She stopped herself staring into his eyes then back at his lips and then mustache and even his facial imperfections and strong cheek bones whenever he smiled. Her hands moved forward trying not to touch any uncharted territory before his face and let her trembling fingers poke his cheeks right as Reyes was now allowed to snake his hands into the gap and rest his hands on each of her hips like so.

She felt her entire body shake and jolt. Was it supposed to feel like this; painful and nerve-wracking?

"Come on Senora." He purposely blew a perfect amount of warm breath against her lips watching them purse with his fingertips digging more into her clothing. Bonnie held back a giggle and stared at him a little longer; damn her back was killing from being hunched back over like this but the faces he made were too adorable to miss when his chin came resting against her collarbone. His breathing was faster than before and more intense.

She loved being such a tease even if it wasn't on purpose. "Be patient you silly man!" she tapped him on the tip of the nose with her index finger but before she had thought about it he leaped up and smacked his lips against hers.

It was a rather painful kiss and he pulled away with an audible smack. "Why do your lips taste sweet how does that work?" he asked looking honestly puzzled and confused while he still held her up licking the taste from his lips. She remembered the last thing she drank was a cup of warm lemon tea; she smiled and gingerly grabbed his face again. "I don't know…her voice faded as their lips moved into one again. Reyes watched her one last time before shutting his eyes and pulling her close 'til her belly met his abdomen. She made a little noise into the kiss her eyes open and her hands left his face without warning.

Great he must have done something wrong he felt like another smack was just around the corner. She didn't smack him nor was she planning on it but the contact itself was intense it sort of scared her.


The day turned more into mid-afternoon by the time they were finished kissing. Bonnie has never been kissed like that before and his lips were soft and fitting against hers it made her come back for more.

Soon Reyes had Bonnie laid flat on the bed staring up at him like a scared child. Was she about to finally break her barrier with this Spaniard fellow? She didn't know what to do at this point so she let her emotions get the better of her.