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Annabeth was ecstatic. She was finally going to see Percy, her seaweed brain. They were just hours away from Camp Jupiter. Everyone was jumpy, Jason the most though. Probably because he was finally home. But every time someone mentioned Percy Jackson a scowl would appear on his face but go away just as quickly. Annabeth was the only one noticing it so she just kept it to herself.

She went over the plan in her head. She and Jason were going out first. They were the leaders so it was natural then Leo and Piper would come out since they were the other ones of the prophecy. Then they would wing it from there. This was definitely not the best plan she had but she knew it would work out. Her thoughts were interrupted when Piper walked up to her.

"Hey how are you doing?" she asked

"Could be better I guess. I hope this all works out. But we'll just have to wait and see." Annabeth replied though that was not the only thing she was worried about. Percy she thought. She would never say that though that would make her seem vulnerable. Percy was the only one who seen her like that and she planed to keep it that way.

"Don't worry everything will be fine. I just have this feeling alright." Piper said though she had a feeling she knew Annabeth wasn't talking about the meeting but about Percy. Annabeth just nodded and Piper walked away awkwardly.

Annabeth glanced over at the crew. Jason was glancing over the ship anticipating for them to arrive. Leo was going crazy over the controls, as usual. Piper was staring at Jason worry on her face, Annabeth had no idea why. The only other people they had brought were the cabin leaders which was probably not wise considering the Stoll brothers were included in that group. Of course they decided that only the seven will be going to Greece but they would then have to make a quick stop at Camp Half-Blood. She was pulled out of her thoughts when Leo said over a megaphone: "Hello fellow campers how are you so we are now minutes away from meeting our doom. Ow! Piper really?"

"Yes really we are supposed be making peace not causing a war" came Piper's voice over the megaphone.

"Yeah, well the Romans aren't here yet so- You know what never mind."

Then she saw Piper smile. Obviously satisfied that she had won. Leo then came over mumbling "Geez can't people take a joke?"

Piper apparently heard and slapped Leo on the head.

"Ow, beauty queen!" Leo screamed but that only caused Piper to slap him again so again he walked away mumbling.

Jason then came over. "What was that all about?" he asked

"Oh, nothing just Leo and Piper being Leo and Piper." Annabeth replied

He chuckled though I have no idea why.

"So excited to see you family again?" Annabeth asked trying to make conversation

"Yeah, we'll see how that turns out." He replied and walked away obviously trying to avoid this conversation.

Then Leo's voice came from the megaphone again "Hello again. It's Leo now lets try to avoid getting hit this time. Joking only JOKING. Anyways yes please prepare for landing. Now if you excuse me I have to run away from beauty queen. AHHHH-"

A few seconds later Annabeth saw Leo running with Piper on his tail. Leo will be fine, Annabeth thought, probably. Everyone was running around like maniacs. Trying to figure how things were going to go down.

"HEY,"Annabeth shouted. Instantly everyone became quiet."It is not the end of the world...yet. Anyways Jason and I will go out first to talk a little. Then Leo and Piper will come out ten and only when I say it's okay will you guys be able to come down. Got it?" They all nodded. "Alright then lets go."

They all stood back and Leo lowered the walk way. Jason and I then stepped out and there was some gasps.

Then Annabeth's stormy gray eyes met deep sea green ones. Percy.

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