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Third Person

"Well that is the end of the chapter. I guess it is time for the duel." Piper said

Jason was ready to beat Percy at his own game. Campers back at Camp Half-Blood said that Percy was the best swordsman in over 300 hundred years. But now Jason was going to prove them wrong. Compared to Jason, Percy was just another Aphrodite kid, well that is what he thought anyways.

Percy on the other hand was nervous. Not because of the fighting but because this didn't feel right to fight him when they were supposed to be making peace. He was going to take it easy unless Jason really does stick a nerve. But whoever won didn't really matter to Percy as long as nobody started taking sides.

Leo was ecstatic. He couldn't wait until the fighting started. He was sure that Percy was going to win. He knew Jason was his friend but the stories he heard about Percy just made it impossible for Jason to win. I mean he fought Ares and won. This was going to be the best fight in history, Leo thought.

Reyna was ready to see who was going to win. Honestly she knew that Jason was going to win. She knew that Jason was a son of Jupiter and that Percy was a son of Neptune therefore Jason had more power and he would win. But Reyna knew that Percy would be kind about losing on the other hand if Jason lost... No she didn't want to think about it.

Then everyone heard Leo calling them to the arena where the fight was going to be taking place.

"Welcome to the first ever Demigod fight." Leo started "On the Roman side is Jason Grace not sure how much he weighs but oh well. On the Greek side Perseus Jackson-"

"Don't use my real name!" shouted Percy

"Never mind it is Percy Jackson and I'm not sure how much he weighs eith-" Leo said

"Just get on with it!" Clarisse said.

"Well enough with the interruptions. Now here go weapons at the ready. ( Jason and Percy both pick up their weapon of choice.) First to draw blood wins and you may begin." Leo finished

Percy and Jason start circling each other. Until Jason finally gets impatient and charges. Percy was expecting that and he easily side stepped the move and slashed at Jason's legs. But Jason jumped up and stabbed down at Percy. Percy jumped up and used the disarming technique Luke taught him so many years ago. Jason's gladius crumbled to the ground. Percy was going to hand it back so they could fight fair and square but then all of a sudden a lightning volt hit him. There was a gasp from the demigods. Percy finally got up and he looked mad. Then he summoned a wave of water that hit Jason right in the face. Jason fought back at him as he recovered from the hit he sent a huge gush of wind at Percy that would've knocked him off his feet if Percy was not a fast thinker. He collected the wind with some water and soon enough he had a mini hurricane surrounding him and he was heading straight towards Jason.

Annabeth was cheering Percy on from the crowd he was so going to win this fight. She was so shocked when Jason hit Percy with lightning. She almost ran out to help him but he started getting up so she stayed seated and hoped for the best. But then she saw Percy start a hurricane and she knew that things were going to get ugly and she started biting her nails.

Piper wasn't doing that good either. She wasn't really on anybodies side but she didn't want either of them to get hurt so when she saw Percy get struck by lightning she took hold of the nearest thing near her. But unfortunately that something was Leo hands. He looked up at her questioningly but she didn't pull away ,though she was probably blushing, and he didn't object either. But when Percy started going at Jason with the hurricane she jumped into Leo's arms and didn't come out.

Percy was going right at Jason who had a scared look on his face. He made it seem like he was going to release the hurricane at him but at the last moment he dropped the hurricane and he brought out his sword and charged him he had him pinned in the wall and he slashed at his arm. But then Jason brought his sword up and slashed at Percy's leg and it started bleeding.

Jason knew he should've gotten out of shock earlier but how was he supposed to know that Percy was going to slash at him instead of throwing the hurricane. So now here they are. They both slashed at the same time and they were both bleeding badly mostly Percy though. The question that is ringing through everyone's mind is: Who won?

But first Percy and Jason were sent to the infirmary with Will.

"We got the answer!" The Stolls said

"What? How?" asked Reyna

"Well of course we recorded it so we could show everyone and then we would make a profit-"

"Yeah okay now just show us the video." Octavian said impatiently because no matter how much he hated Jason he still wanted him to win since he was a Roman.

"Well fine!'' The Stolls said and he handed them the camera.

They watched as The Stolls skipped to the last part of the fight. It was getting closer and closer. Then they saw.

"And the winner is..." Leo said

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