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The slight Dark Pit x Phosphora shipping (and Arlon x Pandora) is my gift to my beta reader, Konpeki Rei. He's the one who got me hooked on the first couple, and the latter came up in a conversation between the two of us. Thanks for reading this!

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Chapter 3

1, 2, 3, 4

That evening I have Lady Palutena teleport me to Viridi's Temple. I walk through the front doors, with no sight of Arlon. I guess since I've seen the place already, he doesn't have to do his butler duties.

Note to self: next time you see Arlon, call him Alfred just to see if it'll piss him off.

I stroll purposefully into Viridi's room, and I'm about to start gloating about my work saving the environment when I notice she's asleep. I kneel down beside the edge of her bed, looking at her mumble in her dreams.

"Ugh... attack, Flages!" she mutters. I smile.

"Dreaming of attacking the humans... why am I not surprised," I say to myself. I reach out my hand gently, slowly, so as not to wake her up. Then, after she doesn't stir, I stroke her cornsilk hair from her brow. It's still warm and sweaty, but not as much as this morning.

Maybe she really IS getting better...

"No, not him!" I hear her gasp. I look at her eyebrows, which are crinkled in frustration. "He's Pit. He's good. He's nice, and strong, and handsome..."

I can barely keep myself from dropping my jaw. She's dreaming about me! ME!

"He's mine," she whispers. "He's my brave and amazing Pitty."

I lean down close, right up to Viridi's ear. "You're my sweet and beautiful Vri." I kiss her cheek softly, before continuing to watch her doze.

After a while there's a knock on the door. "Viridi? You awake?"

I get up and answer the call. "Phosphora? What is it?"

She seems a little startled that I'm here- "Oh! Pit! I didn't know you came"- but recovers quickly. "Yeah, so it's almost dinner time. I was thinking maybe Viridi would want some chicken noodle soup."

My stomach grumbles. "Funny you should mention food..."

She sighs. "Fine, big boy. You can have a bowl too. But you gotta help me make it."

I nod. "Deal." And without further ado, she leads me to the kitchen.

"So why are you making dinner? Isn't that Arlon's job?" I ask.

She groans. "Dude called off tonight. Apparently he has a date. Can't imagine with who, though."

I'm surprised as well. "Did he mention a name?"

"Um... Dora? I have no clue," she admits.

I think of all the people I know and I can't come up with a Dora, but... Pandora? Nah... she's dead. Right?


… I'm gonna stop thinking about this. It's disturbing me.

"So, how did your efforts on saving the natural world go?" Phosphora inquires, interrupting my thoughts.

"Huh? How did you know about that?"

"Duh. Dark Pit told me," she answers, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"O...K, then," I answer. Since when is Dark Pit friends with Phosphora?

"Well? You haven't answered me," she singsongs.

"Oh, right! I think it went well. The Centurions and I cleaned up all the oceans. And I even got Magnus to help," I tell her.

"Who the heck is Magnus?"

"He's the human. You know, from That First Town... with the muscles... and the sword..."

Blank stares. Oh yeah, Phosphora wasn't around whenever Magnus was. They don't know each other.

I blush. "Anyway... what do I need to do to make this soup?"

Phosphora slides me a chopping board and some vegetables. "Get slicing, cutie. I hear you're quite... skilled in the kitchen."

I moan. Just when I was starting to forget that dinner date...

. . .

"Mmm! This is really good!" I exclaim as I slurp the hot liquid off of my spoon.

Phosphora smiles. "Thanks. I'm not much of a chef, but I can do soup, at least."

"Can I have seconds?"

She cocks an eyebrow. "I made three servings. One for me, one for the human garbage disposal, and one for Sleeping Beauty. Do the math."

I run the numbers through my head. "Which am I?"

She rolls her eyes. "When the gods were handing out brains, you were in the back of the line, weren't you?"

I pout. "That's not fair. I know I only get one serving. I was joshing you."

Her eyes glimmer with approval. "'Joshing.' Nice, relatively unused word. Been studying for the SATs?"

I shiver. Standardized Angel Testing. Not fun.

"Now tell me, Pit. Why go to all this trouble?"

I swallow my mouthful of chicken. "What trouble?"

"Why are you working so hard to get my girl better?"

I choke. Great, I have to tell Phosphora too... I reach for my glass of water.

She ponders the situation for a moment. "Oh, I get it. You're in love with her."

Water splurts out of my nose. Or not.

"Is it... is it that obvious?" I say softly.

"Yeah. But I don't think Viridi's noticed. You're gonna have to tell her eventually," she replies calmly, wiping up my snot spray.

"I was going to... but we were fighting and stuff..." I trail off.

She sighs, then heads to the pot of soup still on the stove. "Look, I'm going to give you a mission, angel. Take this soup-" she hands me a full bowl- "to Viridi and give it to her. If she's not up, wait until she is. Then lay those three words on her."

"What three words?"

She glares at me. "Go, idiot." I snag the food from her and run.

. . .

I creak open the door slowly. "Vri? You up?"

"Pit?" comes the reply. I look into the room.

Viridi is awake, and sitting up on the bed. Her legs are crossed. She's pulled herself out from underneath the covers, snuggling with a teddy bear, and I can see her pajamas. Pink and purple nightgown. Then I realize I'm staring at her pajamas.

"Um... I'll wait outside..." I mutter. She figures out the reason and nods, blushing.

A few minutes pass before she calls me back in. She hasn't moved or changed, but I detect the faint outline of an undergarment on her chest. I'm not saying what undergarment it is, exactly, but you should be able to put together the pieces.

"Is that soup?" she asks, indicating the steaming bowl I'm holding.

"Yeah. Phosphora and I made it for you," I say, giving the meal to her. She pats the space on her bed next to her, and I climb up beside my girlfriend.

"That's sweet of you." Her voice sounds kinda nasally, but I guess that makes sense, since her nose was so clogged up. She blows on her spoon to cool down the chicken noodle concoction. I let her eat in silence for a while, but when she begins to lift the whole bowl up to her lips to get the last drops, I pipe up.

"So, how are you feeling?"

She smiles. "Pretty good, actually. Still kinda stuffy, and I feel warm, but not nearly as bad as I did this morning. Maybe all that sleeping helped."

I can't help myself. I have to brag. "You know, I cleaned every single drop of water on Earth today from litter," I mention.

She places the empty dish on her bedside stump. "Really? You did?"

"Yep, and I got some of the humans to be more eco- friendly," I boast.

"Wow... and you did all that... for me?" Viridi reddens.

"Of course I did. I'd do anything for you," I tell her, before catching my slip- up. Darn it, Pit, now she's gonna be suspicious...

And she is. "What do you mean, 'anything for me?' This isn't all about the Power of Flight, is it? Cuz that was a joke, Pit, I didn't mean it," she adds quickly.

"No, no, it's not about the Power of Flight. It's... it's because..."

Tell her. Tell her now.

I scoot myself so that I'm facing her and not up against a wall. I reach out and take both her hands in mine. "Viridi, look. For the past twenty years, I've dated you and cared about you, but two years ago... when Palutena locked us in that room..."

"Yeah?" she prompts when I stall. Her breath is slow and her eyes widen. She brings her somewhat wibbly- wobbly knees up against her chest.

"Well, I came to a conclusion that night. About us. About you. And it made me feel... scared when I saw how sick you were. I mean, I thought you might die, which would be really hard, you being a goddess and all. And I couldn't imagine living my life without you there with me. So, I did all I could to heal you," I blabber.

She's getting paler and paler. I wonder if she's feeling ill again.

I take in a deep gulp of air. "Look, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I... I... I..."

Say it, Pit. Say it already.

"Vri, I..."

Say it. You're not getting any younger.

"I... Vri..."


"... Iloveyou!" I blurt out all at once.

Silence. It's so quiet I can hear the buzzing of the low- energy fluorescent light bulbs. It's the metaphorical "hear a pin drop" kind of noiselessness.

"Look, I wanted to tell you sooner, but we kept fighting or getting interrupted and... and I love you, Viridi, Goddess of Nature! Is that a good reason?"

She's so still she could very well be dead. I really hope she isn't. My fears are relieved when she slowly pulls her hands away from mine and onto her knees.

"Whatever you want to do with me- break up, beat up, whatever- I don't care. I just wanted you to know. So what are you going to do about it?"

Viridi's started to move again. She's lifting her arm. I shut my eyes. She's gonna punch me in the face she's gonna punch me in the face.

What I wasn't expecting is for her to throw her arms around my neck. THAT gets my eyes open.

I feel something hot and wet drip onto my shoulder. Viridi is crying. And talking. Maybe I should listen.

" long I've wanted to hear that..." she bawls.


"That night... when Palutena locked us up together... I realized... I love you, Pitty... and I was just so afraid to tell you..."

She's not crying because she's upset. She's crying because she's happy. And...

Wait. Did she say "I love you" too?

"But now you've said it! And I'm not afraid to admit it! Pit, I love you!" she laughs. I hug her back, tightly, tight to point of explosion, and chuckle with her.

"I love you! I love you!" we keep yelling, giggling and sniffling and embracing.

It just may be the greatest moment of my life.

Then again, it COULD be better...

I untangle myself from the stunning girl of my affections and stare deep into her eyes. I notice things in there I've never seen before, whole new levels of compassion and beauty.

Her arms are still wrapped around me, playing with the feathers in my wings. I place both my hands behind her neck, fingers deep into her hair.

I kiss her and she kisses back.

And yet, it's more than just a simple kiss. There's more than one, for starters- we keep pulling apart, just barely though. Our tongues are exploring every nook and cranny of our mouths. Her lips taste like chicken noodle soup, and I can only imagine mine do as well. Hands venture all across our bodies- our reverse sides only, and above the waist- feeling new territory. Eventually she knocks me onto my back, but we don't even falter for a second.

I believe humans call this a "make- out session."

But in the end, it dissolves back into a plain, chaste kiss. Because that's where it all started, wasn't it? With a kiss? Way back when I fought Cragalanche for a second time, and her one- on- one...

Viridi backs off and yawns. "Pitty... you know I love you but..."

"Yeah?" My heart starts fluttering when she says those words. I sit back up straight as she does.

"...I'm still really tired. Do you mind if I go back to sleep?"

I smile kindly. "Not at all, Vri. Sweet dreams."

She grins back, grabs the teddy bear, and lies down. Except, instead of placing her head on the pillow behind her, she collapses into my lap. She's snoring before I can object.

I stroke her hair and kiss her head. "Love you, Vri." My eyes and wings begin to droop, and I get off the bed carefully, as to not wake my girl. I'm almost out the door when I feel my senses perk up at a teleport light beam being activated. I spin around to see Viridi smirking.

"I think I'll be able to get you home," she says sleepily. "Just do me a favor."

"What?" I ask, stepping into the column.

"Don't tell anyone I sleep with a teddy bear."

The End

Now tell me something. Who was the first fanfic writer to have Pit and Viridi say "I love you" out loud?

Yeah. ME. Booyah.

But where will their relationship go from here? Find out in "Second Life," coming soon to a website near you! (And no, the title is NOT a reference to the MMORPG.)