Paaring: Derek & Stiles

Statement: This is my first tribute for STEREK and I hope you enjoy this Story about them ^^

Story: "Wow, what was that?" Stiles asked himself, coming to understand what Scott

had been talking about. Derek Hale was acting weird.

Thanks: at first for my beta-reader Anniely **knuff**

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Update: 28th January 2016

Teen Wolf

[ My Mate ]

Part 1

A howl ripped through the night.

Scott was awake as another howl sounded. It wasn't just the wind howling through cracks, it was a long, deep-throated tone, going right under Scott's skin. His Alpha was calling to him.

Scott stood up as the next howl sounded and put a sweater and a pair of jeans on, before opening the window and jumping out. He landed in the garden easily, crossed the lawn and ran towards the wood, following his Alpha's call. What could Derek want from him? It had to be important, that much was clear to Scott, because Derek Hale never called to him. He usually sent him some message and expected him to show up right away.

But never before had Derek called him with a howl.

Something must have happened, Scott thought and sped up.

A short while later he reached the Hale's house and entered without announcing himself.

His worry about his Alpha was more important to him than being cautious.

"What? What's up?" Scott asked, as he burst into the living room where he saw Derek standing in front of the fire place, staring into the flames thoughtfully. He turned around when Scott entered and looked at his Beta with his usual stoic face and cold gaze that never allowed any talking back.

"Did something happen?"

"You tell me, Scott," Derek growled. "Tell me the name."

"Eh?" Scott didn't have a clue why Derek was suddenly so pissed off, but it was obvious that he was fighting to keep his wolf under control. "What name?"

"The name of Stiles' friend," Derek spat out the last word.

At first Scott didn't understand his Alpha: He was Stiles' best friend and Derek definitely knew his name. But then it clicked and he remembered that there was another person, apart from him, close to Stiles, but …

"Friend?" he repeated skeptically. "I wouldn't really call him that."

"Really and why, then, is he virtually glued to Stiles' side?" Derek hissed, thinking that his observation was very accurate.

"Well, first of all, Stiles and Danny are lab partners and are working on a school project together," Scott explained. "It's only logical that they would spend time together."

Derek remembered Stiles working on something at the computer with a guy.

"So, Danny?" Derek repeated the name of his rival to himself and smiled darkly. "Alright, you can go, Scott."

He dismissed the younger man to focus back on Stiles. On him and his relationship to Danny. What kind of relationship did they have? Was there more between them than just a school project?

"Hey, Danny's a nice guy," Scott interrupted his Alpha's thoughts when he heard him growl. "And you know Stiles, even though he likes to talk he would never actually reveal our secret so Danny's really no danger to us."

Derek seriously doubted that. Danny might be a normal mere, but he was closer to his Mate than Derek himself.

"He's in the way," Derek said. "And if he knew what is good for him he'd leave Stiles alone."

"Derek, I don't think that is how it works," Scott gave back hesitantly. "I mean, they are lab partners, they are bound to spend time together."

"Than Stiles will have to find himself another lab partner," Derek simply decided, looking at Scott as if that was the obvious solution.

"Hey, we can't really influence that," Scott replied. "That's kinda out of our control."

"How human of you to think so," Derek said mockingly. "But we are no longer mortals, we're Werewolves."

"You will leave Danny alone," Scott warned. His Alpha didn't pay much attention to what he was saying, but Scott was determined to make sure that Derek didn't harm the boy.

"There won't be any blood," Derek mused.

"Doesn't matter, there won't be any other kind of victim."

Derek didn't think so: It would be so easy for him to get his rival out of this world. For a short moment, the thought brought a satisfied smile to his lips. After all, it was his right to defend his territory and get rid of his rival.

"You're not doing anyone a favor with that," Scott gave to consider.

"You should go now, Scott." Derek dismissed his Beta again. He knew what he was doing and that it was only for his Mate's best. It was only for Stiles that he was controlling his hunting instinct. At least for now. But he wouldn't stand by any longer and watch the younger man have fun with other guys. He didn't like Danny and his smell all over Stiles.

"Go now, Scott," Derek ordered, looking back into the flames and effectively ending the conversation.

"See you," Scott said. He gave up for now.

Derek was acting weird, especially when it came to Stiles. Scott had never really realized that before. Derek was always on Stiles' side and never allowed anyone to get to close too him. His eyes held something predatory and dangerous then, which persuaded people to stay away from Stiles.

But he couldn't make the whole of humanity to forgo Stiles. Or Danny, who seemed to get along well with Stiles.

Scott would just keep an eye on those two, just in case Derek decided to get angry.


"Hey, Derek is acting weird," Scott told Stiles at school the next day.

"Is that something new?" came the uncouth reply.

"No, I mean, even weirder than usual," Scott tried again. "He called me to him last night." Here the dark-haired boy laughed. "No, actually he more like summoned me. It was so determined and at the same time urgent."

"He didn't want to be alone," Stiles guessed and shrugged. "So? I read that it's normal for Alphas to call their packs together."

"That's not what this is about," Scott denied. "Derek Hale has never summoned me."

"Yeah, because Peter used to be your Alpha. Now that he is dead and Derek got up the rank, he's your Alpha," Stiles summed up, wondering what Scott was on about.

"Believe me, Stiles, Derek just isn't himself," Scott said. "He asked me about your lab partner, last night. Seems he thinks he might be a threat."

"Who? Danny?" Stiles asked bemusedly. "Really, I think Jackson's more threatening than Danny."

"That's what I'm saying. So take care, okay?" Scott was worried about his friend. "Derek doesn't want you guys to hang out that much."

"Oh, sure, the great Derek Hale likes to be a loner and now we have to be as well?" Stiles wanted to know. "Seriously, Scott, this guy might be daunting, but he sure as hell isn't almighty, so he can't tell us how to live. By the way, I'm sorry, but I have to hurry."

"You got another meeting?" Scott asked.

"Yes, at the chemistry lab. I'm sure Danny is already waiting. Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay." Scott nodded, but he was still worried. "Hey, Stiles!"


"Take care, alright?"

"Sure, see you," Stiles assured his friend and then made his way to the labs which, hopefully, would be empty. Danny indeed already arrived and his stuff covered the table.

Stiles sat down next to his partner, threw his bag onto the table and pouted. Danny, however, didn't react, just looked at him questioningly. Stiles rolled his eyes; looked like he had to start.

"Hey, Danny, can I ask you a question?"


"But I haven't even asked you yet."

"That might be better," Danny said, speaking from experience.

He didn't really spend much time with Stiles outside of school, but that didn't seem to stop the boy from pestering him with idiotic questions.

"Do you think, it's okay to be different?" Stiles asked.

"Hm," Danny hummed noncommittally, his attention fixed on his chemistry book. "Look, first we have to find the right chemical compounds for these atoms, before we can start with the actual solution."

"Chemical compound, that's good."

"If you say so."

"No, seriously, Danny, I've got a related question."

"I bet it's something totally nonsensical," Danny gave back, shaking his head.

"No, on the contrary, it's very important."

"I don't want to hear it."

"Alright, but just think about it, okay?" Stiles didn't give up that easily and looked at the other boy with innocent doe-like eyes, while asking with a serious expression on his face: "Do you think I'm attractive?"


"So am I attractive or not?"

Danny had to quell the urge to vigorously shake his head again.

It was exactly this kind of idiotic question that he had been talking about.

"Hey, Stiles, I got a question now," Danny said. He had spied someone else. "Who was that guy again?"

"Who do you mean?" Stiles asked, turning around and following Danny's gaze. He flinched when he saw Derek through the small window in the door – standing right outside! Since when was he here? Had he overheard their conversation with his crazy Werewolf hearing? And why was he looking so angry?

"M-my cousin Miguel," Stiles replied lamely and looked back at Danny. "Could you go start without me, I'll be right back."

Stiles got up, hurried over to Derek and greeting him gruffly. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you two the same thing," Derek growled.

"What does it look like? We are in the school lab to work on our project," Stiles gave back. In his mind that was definitely a good reason to be here. "And what's your excuse?"

You, Derek thought.

"That's none of your business," he said instead.

"Alright, whatever, so I'll just ask you to leave," Stiles said, not wanting to have Derek around. By now he was used to Mister I-Spread-My-Bad-Mood-Everywhere, but Danny wasn't and he was looking at Derek nervously. Understandable, since no one was able to correctly assess this guy and, in addition, he was completely volatile.

"Just go," Stiles demanded.

"No." No one ordered Derek to do anything, since he was the one doing the ordering.

"Oh, then come along," Stiles gave in, grabbed Derek's arm and pulled the Werewolf along towards the toilets. He made sure that all the cubicles were empty and they were indeed alone. Then he turned around to face Derek, just now realizing that he was still holding on to him. He let go abruptly, as if he had just burned himself.

"What now?" Derek asked, seemingly amused by their surroundings. He looked around curiously.

"Listen, you might be a good judge of character, but you can trust me on this, Danny is not a danger to us," Stiles said.

You're right; that it's so hard for me to control myself around you is much more dangerous, Derek quietly agreed with his Mate.

"I know he hangs out with Jackson a lot and they are good friends, but in comparison to that pompous ass, Danny is a sensible and pleasant guy. So you can chill out and leave us in peace. Don't worry, your little secret is safe with me, I won't go running around telling people. I've got enough problems as it is, I don't need that everybody to believe that I am crazy as well," Stiles was babbling, having completely forgotten the fact that he was talking to Derek Hale who was not only a dangerous man but also an Alphawolf.

Who, since he was alone with Stiles, allowed himself a small smile.

He liked this human and knew of the fear that Stiles still had around him. And yet he managed to talk to him like this, open and direct. That was something he liked about Stiles.

"And shouldn't you be more worried about Scott, anyways?" Stiles changed the topic. "You could teach him a lot, I mean, he's still a newbie among you Werewolves."

"Maybe," Derek simply said.

He knew that Scott would come to him if he should have any questions. So he was able to spend his time wisely and be with Stiles. Guard and protect him. From other Werewolves to whom Stiles was easy and appealing prey. And from Danny whom his inner wolf saw as a rival.

"Well, I should go back," Stiles said, turning to leave. Derek followed. "Alone," he told him emphatically and turned around. "So you can toddle off, play fetch or whatever it is that Werewolves do in their free-time."

"Alright," Derek gave in. He wouldn't take any orders, not even from Stiles. "But don't overdo it; least of all with Danny. Better make sure that you learn something."

Having said his part, he was now just hoping that his warning would have an effect on the younger boy and that there really wasn't anything going on between him and that Danny. Otherwise he would have to on a hunt; he had tried and even managed to stay under the radar, but he was still a wolf and you should never challenge a wolf.

"See you, Stiles," he said his goodbyes with a last smile for Stiles, before turning around and leaving. He left behind a completely confused brunette who was staring at the closed door speechlessly.

"Wow, what was that?" Stiles asked himself, coming to understand what Scott had been talking about.

Derek Hale was acting weird.