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Teen Wolf

[My Prey]

"You promised me, Scott!"

"Yeah, and I mean it: this evening I'm all yours."

"Why don't you relax instead of looking sooo serious," Stiles answered mockingly and rolled his eyes. He noticed the influence his Alpha had on Scott, it showed in how critical his friend was becoming of Stiles' adventurous missions. When his best friend used to just come along without even questioning him and - despite some concerns - enjoy himself, now Scott actually thought about the consequences. That was typical of Derek, not Scott.

"Why are we here?" Scott wanted to know sceptically when they entered the Jungle – a well-known gay bar. "You still know how it ended last we were here, don't you?" Scott doubted that the consequences would be less murderous for him this time, if Derek should find out where they were. He didn't want to be a spoilsport, especially not concerning Stiles, as once there had been a time before the whole werewolf story had begun. And there was just one person whom Scott could always rely on - in good and bad times: his greatest and best friend Stiles.

"Danny asked me whether we want to accompany him," Stiles said innocently, already ordering Coke for them.

"You mean you pestered him for so long until he has given up?" Scott corrected him.

First it looked as though Stiles wanted to deny that statement before he nodded in agreement.

"Well, he never would have taken us on his own," the brunette defended himself. Scott sceptically raised an eyebrow. "Okay, yeah, it's not really about Danny. It's about Jackson." Scott widened his eyes in surprise. "Hey, I certainly don't like him any more than before, but it's noticeable that he behaves strangely. I mean, Prince Charming is always odd with his obsessive urge to be number one in everything and his lack of manners to even thank us only once after we had to save his little princely behind and..."

"Stiles, get to the point," Scott demanded impatiently.

"Apart from that, Jackson's acting strange. Danny is worried about him and that makes me worry. I mean, come on dude, everyone likes Danny."

As expected Stiles hit the mark. Scott could only agree with his best friend - Danny was one of the most popular boys at their school, also gay, sexy and the best goalkeeper on the lacrosse team. How could he not try to help?

"Hey, Scott, can't you use your good nose and find him by scent?" Stiles asked urgently. He hoped the other boy was even here after trying to persuade him for a good hour.

"There are too many smells and emotions," Scott noted, while they pushed their way through the crowd. Often enough, he got the wrong signals, because he could smell Armani on some guys, but not that specific smell he knew from the playing field. Scott had pinned down the other boy on the field once during P.E. It was a small mistake which Danny had already forgiven him.

"He's here." Scott had caught the scent, followed the familiar trail of Danny and led them to a remote area with seating where they discovered the other boy.

They had actually dared to come here. Danny wasn't very enthusiastic when he saw the public nuisance and his best friend.

"Nice sound," Stiles commented and sat down opposite to Danny without being asked.

"Stiles." Scott cleared his throat and sat down with an apologetic smile.

"Hey, I'm here and totally focused,"the boy assured before Danny got his full attention. "You can start, we'll listen to you no matter what, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, you can't tell us. We're very close-mouthed and can keep a little secret. If you knew everything we've seen so far, just last night there was a call to the police station again and..."

"Dude," Scott interjected quickly, pulling the brake on his best friend's word escapade. As much as he liked to keep secrets to himself, he liked to pass them on just as much. "What Stiles wanted to say was, we will listen to you, Danny, no matter how impossible your story may sound."

"There really is nothing much to tell," Danny said slowly. Seriously. Why should he confide in the other two boys? After all, the only person with whom he had ever spoken so intimately was Jackson. And it was thanks to him that Danny couldn't think clearly anymore lately.

"Jackson went after Damian," Danny said now and was still confused about what had happened. It was so uncharacteristic of their team captain and then Jackson had threatened Damian to steer clear of the the lacrosse team, the school and in particular him, Danny.

"Damian?" Scott asked confused while Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Danny's ex, they separated two weeks ago," Stiles informed his friend. "But we're not here because of this macho, Damian, but because of Jackson." Stiles now turned around to Danny with a burning curiosity in his eyes. "Go on, what happened so that Prince Charming lost his composure?"

"I don't know," Danny said thoughtfully. "On moment Jackson was still standing next to me and the next he was so irritated, right after Damian showed up and wanted to talk to me."

"Damian has been looking for you to talk?" Stiles was confused. Damian didn't run after anyone. If you wanted to talk to him, you had to go looking for him, not the other way around. "What did he want?"

"Me," Danny said dryly and shook his head. "He actually had the audacity to demand that I should reconsider our break up. Said that I had overreacted and would regret it sooner or later."

"Ah, how nice," Stiles remarked sarcastically. "And how Jackson fits in this?"

"What can I say, I wanted to end it once and for all with Damian. He didn't get it, even grabbed me by the arm, as if that would bring something and... well, Jackson has seen red."

"Really? Our model student and chorister Jackson started a fight?" Stiles summarized.

"A direct blow," Danny said. "I just don't understand why Jackson had to interfere?" He wanted to understand Jackson's actions and what he was playing at. "He even harassed me today to come spend the weekend with him because he has this project to do for which I would have to sleep with him," he remarked and smiled wryly. "Literally, he told me to sleep with him."

"Congratulations," Stiles interjected with wide eyes.

"Not very helpful, dude," Scott noted. He seriously wanted to help Danny.

"What? You laugh at my expense whenever I tell you about my love-crazed boyfriend," Stiles said, pouting.

"As if I have a choice, my phone wakes me in the middle of the night and I have to answer it, if I don't want to be ignored by you the next morning."

"Well, otherwise I can't reach you," Stiles muttered, having had to stop his nightly visits to Scott. As soon as he was in bed with Derek, he wouldn't let him go until the next morning.

"Wow, wait a minute: Stiles," Danny turned in surprise to the other boy, "you're gay?"

Sure, the kid was kind of pushy and curious, but so far he hadn't sent out any clear signals. Should he have been wrong?

"Yes, well, no," Stiles denied; he didn't know where to begin. "Listen, just because a male leech has gotten its teeth into me and refuses to let go doesn't mean that I'm gay. I didn't choose to keep a large beast with no manners which has yet to be trained, but I'm working on it and..."

"Dude, you're avoiding the question," Scott interrupted him.

"No I'm not gay, but yes there's a man in my life," Stiles now obediently answered. "Back on topic, we're not here because of my unspectacular love life," which was filled with a werewolf and the resulting nightly tortures when Derek was after a midnight snack and kept Stiles from sleep by nibbling on him, "really, we're here because of Jackson and because he apparently is still more irritable than usual. How does it come?"

"If only I knew, I'm certain I didn't try to come on to him or something." Danny was sure he hadn't provoked the other boy into acting a certain way. "On the contrary, I've already told Jackson that he isn't my type."

Whereupon Jackson had arrogantly told him that there was no one who didn't find him attractive. A typical response from Jackson, and something with which Danny could deal with. As long as it remained within certain boundaries. Danny didn't like that the other boy was now beginning to show interest in him. Especially when he saw Jackson as a good friend and hoped that said friend wasn't joking with him.

"If this is a joke, it is really bad one," Danny was deeply hurt. "I mean, I'm used to being made fun of by Damian, but if Jackson's gonna start in on it now too..."

He let the sentence trail off and instead a sip of his drink.

Drinking was certainly not a solution but it helped cover the bitter taste in his mouth.

"I don't think he means any harm," Scott said, he couldn't believe that Jackson would be so mean.

While he challenged Scott all the time and wanted to push him back on the field, Jackson was all the more concerned when it came to Danny. It was not hard to see that their team captain liked the goalkeeper, accepted him as he was and tolerated him where he held others at a distance. That was why Scott couldn't imagine that it was just a game for Jackson. There had to be more behind this and they would have to find out what it was.

"Scott is right, don't drive yourself crazy because of our prince, he probably only needs his beauty sleep," Stiles grinned mischievously, he had an idea to scare away any gloomy thoughts. "There is only one thing that you can do when a friend is about to pull a prank on his best friend: you get the best friend drunk!"

"With Coke?" Danny asked skeptically.

"You got a better idea?"

"Much better. I'll get us beer."


Stiles wearily dragged himself into bed.

It was a long time since he had had a headache and he felt queasy too.

Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little rest and sleep.

"You've got everything?" Scott asked, looked anxiously at his friend.

"Sure, I'm fine," Stiles muttered and turned awkwardly in bed.

It didn't help much, his head was still spinning.

"I'm next door if you need something and you know where the bathroom is," Scott said and expectantly looked at his best friend, waiting for a sign that he had understood.

"Fine." Stiles was exhausted, he had asked Scott if he could stay overnight. Stiles didn't want to go home. His father would shoot question after question at him, quite the policeman he was, before his overprotective boyfriend and Alpha wolf would impose on him in his present instable state. It really was the last thing Stiles needed right now.

"Well, then, good night," Scott said, leaving his friend alone.

The heavenly silence caused Stiles to sigh contentedly and relax into his pillow.

Which still didn't do much, his head still hadn't stopped spinning.

And why was he beginning to hallucinate?

"Great, now I can even see a grumpy wolf who loves me to bits and pieces when I'm drunk." Stiles giggled, inhaling sharply, because giggling really hadn't helped the state his head was in.

"Stiles," the Alpha snarled warningly, moving away from the window and coming to stand next to the bed.

The younger one twisted onto the side. He offered his nightly visitor a better view of his face heated by alcohol and his Looney Tunes Shirt because the blanket had slipped down a little. It drew a mild smile from the Alpha and he once again asked himself why it had just to be this mortal!

The answer would always be the same: because his wolf called for this boy.

And before Derek was aware of what he was doing, he followed Stiles with his eyes, studying him. A life's work, as it seemed, because – as young, naive and innocent as the boy might be - Stiles always managed to take him by surprise, be it with his lack of respect or his spirited personality.

"Stiles," Derek said threateningly, once again calling attention to himself after his Mate had decided to ignore him.

"Later," Stiles mumbled tiredly, he had no more strength left for today to deal with a lovesick wolf. "You can enjoy my suffering tomorrow but for now just leave me alone, okay?"

"As soon as you tell me where you have been." Derek wouldn't leave the side of his Mate. He crawled on all fours into his bed. His predatory gaze allowed him to take any movement the younger one made.

"Out," Stiles said dismissively.

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" Derek wanted to know now slyly. Stiles had already been disrespectful enough to test his patience a few times. He had actually ignored him until Derek had called back. That was so human, the Alpha had to admit to himself derogatively.

"It would've been useless anyway, it was way too loud," Stiles said with a shrug. "And why are you so upset again? You said, you were okay with me going out and, also, I am old enough to have fun by myself."

"You mean, get drunk until you feel sick?" Derek commented unimpressed.

"It's just the head, no big deal." Stiles tried to play it down, while grimacing, because everything was still turning and Derek's accusations didn't make him feel any better.

"Yeah, right, no big deal." Derek growled angrily.

"I just decided to have fun, and Danny and Scott were there too," Stiles said and tried to look offended, unsuccessfully.

"Just like fifty other men." Derek grimaced his face in disgust as he noticed the penetrating smells that surrounded Stiles. That wouldn't have happened if Stiles would let him Mark him! Then Derek's scent Mark would be clear to perceive and make even ordinary people avoid the boy when they came in too close contact with him. Those, who would even then still dare to get close the boy, would make acquaintance with his wolf. No one touched the Marked Mate of an Alpha without punishment.

"For heaven's sake, we were in a club. It's normal to be among people there." Stiles said, sounding sober and crushed at the same time. "Hey, can we continue this talk tomorrow?"

"Don't avoid the topic." Derek knew no mercy.

"I don't. After all, I was just out clubbing with my friends and one call would have been enough and my dad would have moved in with the cavalry - okay, don't look so sceptical, I do know that we're in Beacon County and not Washington DC. Sure, Special Forces wouldn't have come, but whether with a handful of men or not, my dad would have been there either way!"

"I could have gone with you."

"As if, I still remember last time when you made a scene too well!"

"I only made clear to whom you belong, Mate," the Alpha snorted. He didn't like it when a stranger's hands greedily pawed all over Stiles' soft body.

"By yelling at the bartender when he wanted to take my order?"

"He wanted something completely different too," Derek insisted, remembered the half-naked upper body and the permissive and lascivious choice of words used by the bartender.

"In your dreams maybe, where I wanted to be long ago," Stiles muttered and tried to turn to the side again. "Come on, let me sleep, okay?"

"You will not escape from me," Derek swore and now possessively put his arms around the young body in front of him. He purred in satisfaction after he having missed Stiles near painfully.

"Leave me alone," Stiles mumbled after Derek began to take away his blanket. "Cold," he complained. The demanding hands and searching lips of the elder barely let him rest, let alone sleep: big bad wolf!

"We 're not done yet," Derek growled beside him, while he impatiently tore at Stiles' shirt to help him undress.

Stiles didn't know what was worse - the infernal headache or his pushy boyfriend who showed little compassion for him. Nor with his torn Looney Tunes shirt. "That was not only unnecessary, but also completely over the top," Stiles said and looked defiantly at Derek. He couldn't always put up with it when Derek destroyed his clothes willfully.

"Prove it," Derek argued with a wolfish grin.

"Your fingerprints are all over my slashed things," Stiles replied. Derek had little to no sensitivity when he pulled his clothes off of him. It was just conspicuous that Derek seemed fond of mainly destroying his collectible items which he had once purchased at comic fairs. Without them you look sexy, Derek usually commented, but Stiles slowly began to doubt it. One may have been an accident, two a coincidence, but three was definitely a pattern.

"What exactly is your problem? You don't fuss when I go to school, where who knows how many girls and boys run around. But I forget: You trust me, it's just the rest of the world you don't trust."

Even if Derek said nothing in his defence, Stiles knew the answer. It was difficult for Derek to allow someone to get close to him. He, Stiles, was an exception, not only because he was Derek's Mate, and had his unshakeable trust but also because he posed no danger. Neither to Derek nor anyone else, only the bothered ears of his victims had to suffer.

"Just so you know, it was just us three in the club drinking beer," Stiles tried to explain rationally, Derek didn't look convinced. "Scout's honor - nothing more happened, nothing you'd have to freak out over and attack innocent boys in their sleep and tear out their clothes off for." He alluded to his permissive body and only his boxers Derek had mercifully left him.

"Okay, forget what I just said," Stiles said quickly at the weird light that had appeared Derek's eyes at his words. "Anyway, I would like to sleep now."

"Then come here, Mate," it came invitingly from the Alpha, who was already waiting for Stiles to cuddle up to him.

"Then I don't have to be worried about my Spiderman underwear being in danger?"

"No more games," Derek confirmed seriously, Stiles noted.

"Good, because I've definitely had enough for today," the boy said and he went back to lay down again. "And I'm still cold," he grumbled.

"Come here." Derek came towards him and put his arms protectively around his fragile body. He perceived the scent of the young boy that slowly mixed with his and let out a pleased growl.

"Mine," Derek whispered satisfied and busied himself at Stiles nape, where he slowly replaced the foreign smells. Derek placed his own Mark at the same time as his excited body clung to the body of his Mate heated by alcohol.

"Great, and what now?" Stiles asked sullenly.

"I leave that to your imagination," Derek whispered to him.

Stiles sighed deeply - sleep was probably out of the question.


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