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I quickly hop onto Angus's back.

"Okay, I'm done putting the new targets," I told Angus giving him a nice pat on his mane. I was quickly riding Angus, and I quickly grab my bow and arrows. I hit my usual targets, like always. I see my new target, and I try putting it in a difficult spot. I pull the string back to my cheek, and then I shoot my target. I celebrate as the wind blew my hair back. I quickly hit many other targets. I saw a wisp.

"Angus, stop!" I commanded him. He quickly stops, and I almost fall over. I look at the wisp, and it looks like its calling me. Wisps lead you to your faith. I slowly walk towards the wisp.

Then, more lead a path. Should I follow the wisps last time brought me in a lot of trouble? I had this feeling in my heart that I had too.

"Come, Angus," I told him. He looks at me afraid, and follows me. I walk following the wisps, and I see it was going to be a long journey. "I think we're going to be a wee late for supper," I told Angus patting his back. He follows me, and we walk miles and miles. We reach the ruins of the old kingdom.

"I do not like this," I said afraid watching the ruins. I saw a wall crumble before us, and I quickly back away with Angus. I quickly slip ripping my dress's sleeve, and Angus (who was shaking with fear) helps me up. "Thanks. Why did the wisps bring me here?" I asked looking around. I step on a skull, and back away with fear. I see skeletons lying everywhere.

"Let's go now," I tell Angus, and getting ready to jump behind his back. I saw a wisps come out. I follow it with no fear. We walk behind the wall that crumbled. There was something lying in the ground. That something was a young man my age he had brown hair, and was dressed in foreign cloths. Is he dead? I quickly ran to his side, and I notice he was bleeding from his head.

I lay my head to his chest and listen to his heartbeat. I heard his heartbeat he was alive, and then I heard him groan I quickly stood upright. He slowly opens his eyes, and he begins to smile.

"Your hair is b- beautiful," He told me giving me a smile. He gives out a groan of pain, and slowly closes his eyes. I stood there speechless.

"Angus, we need to help him," I told Angus. I slowly try to pick him up, and he was shockingly light. I put him in Angus back. "We have to hurry," I told him. We quickly went to the castle. Why had the wisps led me to him?

We finally came home, and I walk inside through the kitchen. Maudie was going to begin to scold me, and she saw the young man she was to shock to speak.

"Merida! Where were you?" Mum said running towards me. She looks at my ripped dress, and Angus comes from behind me. "Who's the young man?" She asked me.

"The wisps lead me to him. He injured his head," I told Mum. She raises her eyebrow when I mention the wisps. "Is he going to be all right he woke up when I found him," I added. She inspects his head.

"It looks like he was attacked by an animal," Mum muttered looking at his head.

"What?" I asked a bit confuse.

"Did he say anything when he woke up?" She asked me. I quickly blush remembering what he had told me. My red hair felt heavier.

"He said, uh... He asked, 'who are you'?" I said hoping my Mum hasn't notice I was blushing. She was to concern of the young man's health than to notice me.

"Maudie, come help this young man," Mum told Maudie. Maids came to help him, and took him away. Why did I lie? Well, it wasn't a big lie, and it won't hurt anyone.

"The wisps lead you to the lad, eh?" Dad asked biting his chicken leg. Dad started believing in magic ever since what had happened.

"Yep, it's no big deal," I said. My triplet brothers, Harris were raising his eyebrow, Hubert was doing kissy faces, and Hamish was turning around and hugging himself.

"Oh nothing at all," Dad said trying to hide his laughter. I was red as a tomato, and I couldn't hide it. "Merida, the Dark Clan's, Prince Moffat wants to see you," Dad said handing me a letter. Ever since we have the liberty to choose who we want to marry clans had dates to meet each other. I didn't complain because at least we had to choose if we should date them or not. Also is interesting to hear about the outside world.

"Oh," I had mix feelings about this, "when is he coming?" Dad hands me the envelope.

"He doesn't know the trip here may be long or short. He may be here before the month is over," He told me. I began to cough because the smell of the envelope.

"What's that smell," I asked as the triplet covers their noses.

"Perfume nice touch, huh?" He asked I began to laugh. "You should read his love letters; there's more words and vocabulary than the love letters I sent to your Mother," He said laughing. I look at the letters, and it was long it hit the floor.

"Dear Merida, I love your hair/," I said making a funny accent, "I find it rather rare/ I love your eyes/ I may not be wise/ Your as beauty is above/ Will you marry me, my love? /." Dad was laughing as I read it. The triplet were imitating my Dad's laughter.

"Have you read the rest?" I asked him. He nodded his head, no. They were nice letters, but I didn't feel ready yet. I fold up the letter. "I'm hungry," I said sitting down. The food was gone and so are the triplets.

"BOYS!" Dad exclaimed running after them. I could hear them giggling from far away. I guess I'm not going to eat today.

I went to check on my Mum, and the mysterious young man. Mum was sitting down knitting.

"Hey Mum," I told Mum. She gives me a warm, smile, and hands me something.

"What's this?" I asked Mum. I open it, and I see it's my old bow. "How?" I asked in shock. Wasn't this burn in the fire? I thought.

"I spent time fixing it again," Mum told me. I pull the string, and it was like it wasn't damaged at all.

"Thanks, Mum," I said giving her a hug. Maudie was walking out of the room.

"Is he going to be all right?" Mum asked quickly standing up.

"The healer said that Albert was going to wake up soon, and that he'll be all right," She said in a monotone voice.

"How you know his name?" I asked Maudie.

"It says in his undies," Maudie said quickly leaving. Wait they looked at his undies?

"We should let him rest for the night," Mum said putting her soft hand in my shoulders.

I went to sleep, and I heard growling noises. I quickly stood up from my bed. I crawl out of bed, and grab my bow and arrow. I look around to find where the noise was coming from. The house was awfully quiet right now. Why am I the only one who heard this? I walk along the halls, and I notice it was raining outside. I don't hear the growling noise anymore. Maybe the growling noise was from my Dad's dogs.

Then, I heard a clash of thunder, and I flinch. I was about to leave, and then, I heard the growling noise coming from Albert's room. I slowly open the door, and I look inside. Albert was sleeping, and no animal.

"Where was that noise coming from?" I asked about to close the door.

"What noise?" Albert asked.

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