It had been years since she had woken up in the frozen cave. Years since she had been thawed out of the block of ice she had been trapped in. When she had first emerged from the cave, with only her name as her only memory, she had been greeted by the harsh wilderness that she had been force to fight through to reach salvation.

As she spent the first year in that small town, relearning her magic, a myriad of memories came back to her empty mind. She had a brother; her parents were dead; it had been many years since she went venturing into that cave and never came out.

The people in the village had no idea who she was. She felt isolated, alone, and afraid. What if her brother was dead? The thought nearly broke her heart.

So with goodbyes to the few friends she had made in that solidarity year, she set out to find out if she was truly the the last Redfox out there. Her magic had greatly improved since her reintroduction into the world. The felons, monsters and wild animals were no problem for her. She wandered from town to town, inquiring about her brother, who, to her immense joy, was indeed still alive.

She traveled swiftly to the town of Magnolia, all the while the seeds of insecurity began to bud in her mind. Would he remember her? Would he even want to talk with her, let alone try to go back to the way they used to be? What if, what if ran through her mind so when she reached the guild Fairy Tail she had nearly lost all her nerve.

She gathered what was left of her courage and strode into the bar, her head held high. When she asked if Gajeel Redfox was there she was informed that was away at the S-class exams. Part of her was dismayed, while another part was proud that he was so strong. She could wait until he came back. And she did wait. And wait. And wait.

Her heart brokeā€”no shattered when the news reached that everyone who had went to the S-class exams was gone. Her heartbreak led her to a small guild call Sabertooth. A small dark haired boy around here age took her in and gave her food and shelter. After a month of staying with the boy, she joined the guild. He reminded her of Gajeel. She wouldn't talk about her past or her family when he asked. She would always reply that it didn't matter because they were already dead. Though, one day he wore her down and she told him that her brother was Gajeel.

He had been surprised, but then told her how he looked up to him and how he strived to be better than her brother.

Over the years he managed to wrangle out bits and pieces of her life from her, slowly compiling enough information to reconstruct her past. He vowed to make her brother pay, and even though Gajeel was his role model. He had kept his intentions secret from her and Sting, since he was sure that Gajeel was dead. He made sure he was able to support her and the egg, who had hatched into Fro, becoming one of the strongest in the guild. The three, technically five including Sting and his cat Lector, had become something close to a family. She was rarely let to go on a mission by herself. Once and a while she went on a semi-dangerous mission when they were gone. Only to get scolded when they returned.

Slowly the weeks turned into months; in turn months into years. Progressing to the point that she had grown up, she had been only ten when she went into the cave. Through the years she had given the thought of having an exceed for her own some contemplation, but in the end discarded it because it seemed that only Dragon Slayers had them and she was no Dragon Slayer. Even though Sting had told her it really didn't matter. It mattered to her. Maybe she'd give it a shot after these magic games. She had participated last year out of sheer luck. The Master had forced her to agree when both Rogue and Sting were gone.

They had been very selective on what battles she would actually fight in or what event. She only listened to them because they felt like she was fragile. Which she was not, not Redfox was even close to being fragile. She didn't advertise it either, not even the guild master knew her linage. She was simply Riena. Or to those who knew her well she was Ree. She had so few friends though. Her status at Sabertooth drove most people away, and those who did stick around were scared off by either Sting or Rogue. It seemed like the only friends she made were those in books or past memories.

This year would be the seventh year since her brother's mysterious death. She would go place flowers on his grave she made for him, considering the rest of fairy Tail refused to believe that they were dead. She didn't blame them, for not believing or for his death. They had no idea that horrid dragon would be there to wipe everyone out. She had made a grave for his cat as well. Pantherlily was its name, or at least so she had heard. She would leave a small sweet fish for him and a bouquet of tiger lilies for her brother. Those were his favorite flowers. Not that he'd ever admit to being such a girl that he liked flowers.

She would stand there under the trees and wish he was there. Just like every year; just like every year he wouldn't come. But that would be okay, because she had done the same thing to him many years ago. Maybe this was her retribution to be able to be with her family again and then to have them snatched away. It would be okay, and she will be fine with the grief that tore at her heart as the tears spilled down her cheeks. She was alone, and she would be okay.

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