Gajeel met up with the group in a foul mood, much to everyone's attention. Pantherlily stayed quiet, not wanting to piss his partner off anymore than he already was. The exceed could tell Gajeel was mad that he just let Reina go like that; he sympathized with the iron dragon slayer. If he had a sister that he thought was dead for years upon years he, he would be upset if she was suddenly whisked away. As much as he wished they could go and take her away from Sabertooth, they couldn't cause any problems. Not with the Games at stake.

"What's your deal, Iron head?" Laxus asked.

"Not now, Laxus." Pantherlily stepped in.

"Che." Laxus glanced over at the exceed but stayed quiet.

Mirajane noticed the seriousness in Lily's voice. Something happened, something major. Did it maybe have something to do with the girl they were talking about earlier? She could only guess. "Guys, let's just get in position, we have less than an hour till its show time."

"Juvia agrees, we should get ready." Juvia spoke up. She crossed her arms over her chest. Juvia planned on speaking with her friend as soon as she got the chance. Reina…she was she sure that was the root of the problem. She waited until everyone was farther away before she reached out to touch him lightly on his arm. "Gajeel…"

He turned to look back at her, he could never seem to find it in himself to be angry with her. Maybe it was because her life was just about as sorry as his, or maybe because they went through the entire Phantom ordeal together. "What is it, Juvia?"

"Juvia remembers where she heard Reina before." Juvia place a hand on his arm, "Juvia is here if you wish to talk." Juvia smiled softly, "She just wanted you to know that." She said no more and left to follow the others.

Gajeel waited until she was out of hearing before he said, "Thank you."

Reina sat with her head hung, listening to Sting lecture her about going off on her own with strange people.

"-we just don't want you to get hurt." Sting finished off. Lector sat silently over on the bed, watching them. Sting sighed when she said nothing, and sat on the bed next to Lector. He looked over at Rogue and mentioned for him to take over from there.

Rogue straightened up from leaning against the wall to walk over to Reina. He knelt in front of her and reached out, lifting her chin so that her eyes met his. "We care about Reina." He paused as her cheeks flushed pink, causing his chest to tighten slightly. "You are our Reina, we only have one of you, so please," he pleaded, "Be careful and listen to us when we ask you to stay where we can keep an eye on you, okay?"

Reina bit her lip. She wanted to have some freedom, but she understood what he meant. "I promise to stay in sight, but also have to promise that you won't watch me like a hawk." She grasped his hand as her eyes softened. "Please?"

Rogue could not deny her anything, like he said she was his Reina. "I promise."

Reina sighed, smiled and gave him a tight hug, turning to look at Sting for his part of the promise. The blonde looked away said muttered that he promised as well, causing the brunette to launch herself at him as well. "I love you guys so much." She whispered into Sting's vest, knowing that they both could hear her.

"Fro love Reina too!"

Reina gathered the exceed up in her arms and laughed stress-free for the first time for weeks. "I love you too Fro,"

Sting cleared his throat, "Enough of the mushy stuff, we need to get ready for the midnight event."

Reina nodded and let Fro go. She knew she was supposed to stay in the hotel room whether she wanted to or not. That would be all right, because she knew that it was because they wanted her safe. It also helped that they both promised that would be a little bit less over baring and over protective of her. Sting and Rogue, along with Fro and Lector, left her alone. The only company she had was the sound of the clock and a novel she really didn't have much interest in. She sighed, and wished that her loved ones made through the first round of the games.

She had just lain down on the bed when there was a knock at the door. She groaned quietly to herself and got up to answer the door.

"Yes?" she said as she opened it. When she noticed who it was, her jaw dropped, "What are you doing here?"

Gajeel was tense, the air was thick with the anticipation of all the guilds in the blooming capital. The rest of the team were ready and in position, out of view of the other Fairy Tail team. Laxus kept quiet, if he had anything to share he kept it to himself. Juvia stayed next to him, her face a mask of concentration.

There was only a minute until midnight, a minute until the games began and the beginning of the test that Fairy Tail would have to take to restablish them among the major guilds. And knock that stupid Twilight Ogre out of Magnolia, Gajeel thought to himself. They didn't even deserve the right to be called a guild in his opinion. The clock struck midnight, the loud sound resounding all throughout the city and causing shouts and wars cries to be issued by all the guilds in the city.

They didn't say a word to each other, but took off at a fast pace. All their thoughts were one, for Fairy Tail. Now was the time to recapture their spot as number one. Now was the time to prove Fairy Tail was the best.