This is my 1st danisnotonfire fic, and I just wanted to say that this fic has Phil in it, and has very strong friendship in. It wasn't written as slash but can be viewed as... only mildy, though so everyone who is uncomfortable with the PhanRatedM thing needn't worry: this is not one of those stories.

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"Phil, I don't want to go into town today!" Dan moaned from The Sky-Rim Position.

"It'll be fun, Dan. Promise."

"But it's COLD!"

"Dan, I can't believe that you're letting a bit of snow and ice prevent you from a good time! I thought you liked snow, anyway. You're a lways complaining about how there isn't enough snow in Manchester but too much rain. Now LET'S GO!" Phil was already slinging on a padded jacket and trainers.

Dan paused the game and turned round to face Phil, who also stopped tying his shoes to look at his friend.

"If I don't come..." Dan started, leaving the sentance unfinshed for Phil to end.

"...I'll go anyway."

"Of couse you would," Dan muttered. "Why do you really want to go anyway?" Dan had already made his decision but wanted to see how Phil would tempt him.

"No reason. I just love the snow and there's loads of slush in Manchester which is really fun to dothrough-"

"You're such a big kid sometimes," Dan muttered, turning off his game and reaching for his jacket.

"Are you coming, then?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Wow..." Phil stared at Dan.


"Aren't you gonna be cold?"

"Nah. C'mon, let's go." Dan tried to walk past Phil, but Phil grabbed his arm.

"Honestly. You'll be cold. You're only really wearing a jacket."

"So are you! Now, shut up!"

"Daniel. My jacket is padded and I have another one on underneath. You're wearing a thin jacket and a T-shirt." Danrolled his eyes and headed out the door. Phil looked around for a jacket to take, but couldn't see one. He ran out the door after Dan, keeping in ind that if Dan was cold, he could always wear one of Phil's.


Phil was right: there was loads of slush. Dan listened, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets (he was freezing), as Phil trudged through the slush behind him. Dan felt annoyed at himself for arguing about coming: he really wanted to skid on the ice.

Phil could read minds.

"Go on, Dan."


"You know you want to."

"Want to what?" Dan knew what Phil meant but didn't want to let on.

"Go on."

"Maybe I will later.. OW!" Dan spun round to glare at Phil.

The famous youtuber scooped up some snow and chucked it back at the original thrower.

Both started laughing hard and carried on walking in good company. Neither having any idea of what was about to happen. If they had had an idea, they wouldn't have been laughing.

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