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"Hey! ShakeAway's still open!" Phil squealed with joy. Dan smiled a strained smile. He muttered to Phil that he fancied the usual. Butterscotch and maltesers

Dan spoke so quietly though, that he didn't think Phil could hear.

Dan was freezing. In fact, he was so cold that his teeth chattered, his lips were drawn into a thin purple line and his nose, ears and toes felt like they were going to fall off. Phil hadn't noticed because he was having too much fun. Dan didn't blame him for it.

"C'mon, Dan! You're taking ages." Phil laughed.

Dan couldn't hear anymore. He was just cold. All he heard was the harsh sing of ice.

No-one was about the town, but a few shops were open and every now and then a person would appear.


Phil stopped in his tracks and turned round to face Dan, leader of the Danosaurs.

"...Ph-Ph-Ph.." Dan tried to say Phil's name but he stuttered too much due to the cold. He doubled over, too cold to stand up straight and trying to preserve warmth.

The leader of the Lion Army was at Dan's side in a second, one hand on Dan's back the other on his shoulder.

"Dan? Are... are you okay?" Phil asked, concern seeping through his voice.

Dan tried to nod and stand up again, but instead of going up, he fell to the floor.

"Dan! You look ill!" Phil knelt on the floor next to his friend and tried to clear Dan's hair from his face so he could see his friend and search for signs of what was wrong with him. Phil couldn't work out what was wrong with his friend, until he felt the cold radiating from Dan like sun rays.

Dan's face was contorted but his eyes remained open. When he saw Phil he locked his eyes to Phil's face.

Brown eyes stared straight up at their friend's, full of fear, helplessness and tears.

Those chocolate soft brown eyes told Phil so much. They told him that Dan was scared, in pain, and that he needed help. Phil stared at Dan, trying to reassure him with his eyes alone, trying to comfort his friend, almost brother as he lay on the cold winter street. Phil wanted more signs, and was silently begging but soon (and much to Phil's horror), they gently... flickered... shut.

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