Lin never understood the importance of that bracelet as a kid. Her mother always wore it on her upper arm and never took it off. The bracelet was a beautiful black color and had its own beauty to it. It was made of a type of earth she had never seen before and its properties haven't gone unnoticed by Lin.

When she was a baby, Lin could remember staring up into her mother's green pale eyes and although she was blind, Lin could have sworn her mother was looking at her too. Toph would hover the bracelet over Lin's head and shift it into different shapes such as a star or box. Lin would find herself giggling at the simple shapes. She would reach up and try to grab it but would never succeed. She would start to whimper and signal to her mother that she was upset and Toph would just smile and allow her little girl to play and bite on the bracelet because the most important being to her would be the only one to touch the most important object of hers.

At the time Lin had turn five, she finally understood how important this bracelet was to her mother. The two were both at Air Temple Island and were getting ready to fly on an aging Appa, a first for Lin. Lin had never flew before. She was naturally glued to the ground as it was ordinary for her, just like her mother. Her mother would tell her the stories of her adventures of flying to distance lands on the giant sky bison and Lin could only think how her mother could stand being off the ground as it was the only way she could see.

"Mommy, are you sure about this?" the young girl whispered to her mother.

"C'mon, this would only be like the millionth time I've rode the big guy. If I can do it, you can too kiddo." Her mother responded with a smile.

They boarded Appa, her mother, her and Aang. The Avatar had offered a ride home as this would be more efficient to getting the mother and daughter back to their home. And with a short "yip yip" the sky bison was off into the air. The air whipped through Lin's hair as she stared down and could see the island getting smaller and smaller. Although it was amazing, she couldn't help but wonder how her mother was doing. There was no earth on the bison or in the sky.

As Lin looked back into the saddle, she could see her mother smiling as if everything was normal. Lin thought, she can't see anything right now? How could she be happy?

When Lin looked down her questions were quickly answered.

In one hand was the beautiful black bracelet being bended ever so slightly by her mother. She wasn't necessarily bending it into shapes but just playing with it. And it finally clicked in Lin's mind. Her mother always had earth on her. Although it was only a small piece, it was all the earth she needed.

Her mother spoke, "You having fun kid?"

With a slight smile, Lin responded, "Sure am, Mom! I sure am."