Just after the detentions with Umbridge before he agreed to teach DA Harry Potter, Fed up with the Mental and physical abuse inflicted on him, he decides that leaving Hogwarts is the best course of action for him to learn what he needs to defeat Voldemort

What could have been

Professor Dumbledore,

I am sorry but I can't do this anymore. Hogwarts is the only real home that I have ever had and you are like my Grandfather. We both know that Voldemort is returning but until the MoM sees it and changes the views there is nothing I can do here so I am afraid I must leave I know what you are going to say but I think nit is for the best as long as the Toad is teaching what the Ministry feels as Defense of the dark arts we will all die. Please watch over my friends and protect them don't let them come after me where I am going I need to go alone. Thank you for everything you have done for me over these past 5 years I can only hope that we will see each other again soon

P.S. Please read the following letter to the Staff and Students I hope it will explain my actions.

Good Bye

Harry Potter

Ok Harry thought to himself that is 1 down 6 to go I never thought this would be so hard

To the staff and Students of Hogwarts,

By now I am sure that you have figured out that I am gone where I will go I can't say for sure for a long time I thought if Hogwarts as my home, the students and teachers as family but recent changes have come to call this in to question while Hogwarts will always feel like home it seems that some of the teachers and students feel the need to once again question my honesty I admit that in the past I have broken some rules but I only did it to save lives I never once did something for personal gain if you look at my past you will see that I have always been honest when it concerns peoples lives so I am going to say this once more and I will try to put it as plainly as I can I swear on my Magic that Lord Voldemort Killed Cedric Diggory, He is back and the sooner the ministry admits that the soon we can work on getting rid of him forever. The Toad will say I am lying but even she understands what I did by swearing on my Magic I hope that this will show the Ministry the truth before it is too late.

So I am off to try to learn what I need to destroy Voldemort since the Toad feels that students should not defend themselves from dark wizards she would rather torture students and force them to lie to themselves. Maybe when the Ministry admits the truth I will return to teach you what I learn.

Until then Good Bye

Harry James Potter

Ron and Hermione,

I am sending this to both of you because I know what will happen if you are not together when you get it. First I care about both of you a lot you are my best friends and I know that you would go with me without a second thought. The fact is I can't do it anymore the torture, the looks from everyone is too much then there is the toad I wish I was strong enough to handle her but I am not she just makes me so angry at times and the garbage that she is teaching won't help anyone maybe by some chance the Ministry will get their act together and I will be able to return but until that happens I can only leave and try to learn as much as I can on my own Good luck take care of each other I will miss you both. Don't do anything stupid like look for me I will be watching you.

PS Ron get off your Arse and tell Hermione how you feel about her and Hermione you do the same you will need each other.

PPS Watch out for Ginny she will need your support too.

Your brother in all but blood

Harry Potter

Arthur and Molly,

Or should I say Mom and Dad because the way that you care for me makes me feel that you are my parents I wish it didn't have to come to this but I am tired of the Lies , the torture, and the looks that I get for just telling the truth. I love you both I hope that you will forgive me for this but it is the only way to learn what I need in order to keep you all safe. The reason I am doing it this way is to keep Ron and Hermione out of it as much as possible. I don't want to see them hurt any more than I already have.

Again Please forgive me and don't hate me too much.

Your son in Spirit

Harry Potter

Sirius and Remus,

You both care so much for me I know we haven't gotten to know each other very well I hope that we will have time later but you know the wizard Murphy's law Anything that can go wrong Will go wrong.

Maybe someday you will forgive me for the actions I am taking but until then know that I care for you both a far as I am concerned you are both my godfathers Please understand I am doing this to learn how to protect everyone I care for.

PS I have the mirror if you want to talk to me or yell at me but please understand the Ministry won't teach me what I need to know so I cannot return until I learn the skills or until the Ministry accepts the facts.

Your Godson

Harry Potter


My friend you were the first one to defend me and you became my first friend, you will never know what it means to me to say that I know you, over the last few years I have thought of you as more of an uncle it pains me to think I disappointed you by leaving I hope you can forgive me someday.

Harry Potter


Out of all the letters I have written I think this is the hardest for me How do I explain how I feel, as long as I have know you I felt connected to you I don't understand it but even when I saw you that first year riding on the luggage trolly my heart skipped a beat the last few years seeing you date felt rotten there were moments when I wanted to take you in my arms and show you how much I care. I didn't for two reasons the first being I am your brothers best friend and I wasn't sure how he would handle it. The second reason was I didn't understand it myself. I should have told you how I felt but I was afraid I don't want to hurt you I hope someday You can forgive my selfish actions but I just want to protect you I am just going to say it Ginny I think I love you That being said I need to ask you a favor please take care of Hedwig for me I will have to travel lite and be able to move fast if I come under pursuit by deatheaters I hope that leaving her with you will let you know that I will come back if I can if you don't feel the same way I will understand just know that you have m heart I will miss you.


Harry James Potter

P.S. I Harry James Potter, Give access to my Secondary Vault to Ginevra Molly Weasley

Saying Now for the easy part Harry to himself as he pulled out his Ruck Sack and started packing the things he would need His Invisibility Cloak, The Marauder's Map, his Broom, his owl flute, the Sneakoscope that Ron gave him, the sweaters that Molly made him, some changes of cloths his two way mirror, his Omnioculars, his wand and a Basilisk fang that he took from the chamber. Knowing that his friends are asleep he checks the map before going thru the porthole and going to the passage to HoneyDukes in Hogsmead where he will start his journey.

When Harry gets to Hogsmead he takes his owl flute and blows calling his owl "Hedwig I need you to deliver this letter to Ginny, now listen closely I need you to stay with her protect her until I can come back I care for her a lot and knowing that you are with her will make me feel better Ok I hope I will be back soon I will miss you go." "Dobby, I Need you" Crack "Mr Harry Potter called Dobby" "Yes I need to get to Diagon Alley can you take me" Yes Sir Harry Potter I can Apparate you to Diagon Alley with no problem." "Ok, this won't set off the trace on will it." "No sir there is enough wizards around to keep it from happening" "Ok Dobby, Harry said turning to look at Hogwarts again Lets Go" And with a crack they vanished.

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