A.N: My own spin on the story of Revan and the Exiled Jedi from the Knights of the Old Republic video game. Massively AU. Will be Faberry. Almost all characters from the games will be replaced by Glee characters except some of the Aliens... As a general rule, the aliens are too cool to replace. I might make Finn a Wookie though... :/

Star Wars

Knights of the Old Republic:

The Heart of Death

Years have passed since the defeat of the ancient Sith Lords

And the Jedi Order stands stronger than ever. The Arrival of a

Single Apprentice from the Council head quarters on Corrusant will change

The Order forever when she meets the Padawan the Masters

Call the Heart of the Force.



She stepped from the orbital shuttle and immediately shielded her eyes from the blinding sun. She shifted and adjusted the blaster on her hip, before placing her hand on the hilt of her lightsaber. She looked around the landing port and tried to find someone from the Order, wishing the whole while that her old master was at her side.

She finally noticed the Twi'lek in robes, standing near what she assumed was the exit and hurried to him.

She bent into a respectful bow, "Master."

The Twi'lek eyed her for a moment before he inclined his own head, "Padawan Quinn Fabray, welcome to Dantooine."

The Padawan tried to smile, "Thank you Master."

He cut his eyes away and said dispassionately, "You will make your way to the Jedi enclave from here Padawan." He turned on his heel and strode away from her.

She stared after him in shock... she didn't know the way. She shook her head, perhaps he assumed she had been given directions to the enclave. She made to step after him and then halted and scowled, it was a test, it had to be. She turned and hefted her pack and stepped in to the grassy plains of Dantooine.

She'd gotten lucky and received vague directions to the enclave from one of the security droids that stood outside of one of the settlement compounds. She'd set out at a fast clip, hoping that the enclave was closer rather than farther. The trouble with Dantooine was the large rock faces that cut the plains in half making it so that she was forced to go around rather that simply head in one direction. And it was hot, far hotter than the Core planet she'd just come from. After several stubborn minutes she accepted defeat and shed her outer robes, leaving her in her tan leather armor. She stuffed the robes into her pack and resumed her trek with a black scowl. So far she hated this planet.

She came round a jut of rocks and the distinctive sound of a lightsaber igniting reached her ears. She peered cautiously around the rocks and saw what looked like a group of Padawans who'd only just graduated from youngling status, huddled behind a single older Padawan, whose lightsaber was out and fired... and green. So a consular then, or rather she would be when she became a Knight.

Padawan Fabray winced as she quickly took the four monstrous beasts that were snarling and snapping at the Padawans. She yanked her lightsaber from it's hook and crouched. She gathered the force and channeled it into her legs as she sprang up and out, towards the snarling beasts and the single defender. She ignited her saber in mid air and landed next to the smaller padawan whose green saber was held out in a defensive position. The smaller girl nodded towards her and relaxed slightly as the blue glow of a guardian's saber cast a light tint across Padawan Fabray's face.

Padawan Fabray waited for the other girl to speak and speak she did in a slight bossy tone, "Keep the the younglings behind you."

Quinn rolled her eyes, "Of course." She shifted her stance and felt rather than saw the other girl do the same, and then they both sprang forward, sabers slashing at the beasts.

A pivot to her right and Quinn slashed across the neck of the smallest of the beasts, and leapt away as it crashed to the ground. She tried to open a link with the other Padawan, hoping to see her plan for the other three beasts but was met with white noise.

She moved quickly to regroup and attack another of the beasts. She was pleasantly surprised to see the other girl remove her saber from the head of one of the beasts as it dropped next to her.

Quinn shifted her stance yet again and charged the beast that was more concerned with the smaller Padawans, she slid at the last second and sliced through one of the beast's legs, sending it tumbling to the ground with a roar of pain and rage. A quick flick of the wrist and she'd ended the suffering of the beast with a saber thrust through the head.

The last of the creatures, and the biggest, had turned and lumbered off to stand snorting and kicking at the ground as it eyed the group of Padawans disdainfully.

Quinn let out a rush of air and asked, "What are these creatures?"

The other girl replied quickly, "Kath Hounds, native to Dantooine."

Quinn nodded and tipped her lightsaber towards the bigger beast, "And that thing?"

The girl blew a strand of dark hair out of her eyes and breathed, "Bull Kath Hound, one that's readying to charge."

Quinn winced, "Can we out run it?"

The other girl shook her head decisively, "No. Gather the children off to the side." She stepped off to the side and Padawan Fabray watched in horror as she switched off her saber.

"Are you crazy?" Quinn ushered the younger Padawans behind her and kept her saber at the ready.

The other girl ignored her as she set her feet and held out her hands as the Bull hound let out a great roar and charged the smaller Padawan. Quinn felt her heart leap into her throat as the Bull barreled down on the other Padawan. And then she felt it, like the force was being drawn, only instead of a slow pull it rushed past her as the other girl wrenched her hands to the left, as if she'd grabbed the Bull by it's horns. The Bull's head twisted violently to the left as it tumbled over itself and slid to a stop mere feet from the other girl who lowered her hands slowly.

Quinn slowly switched off her saber as she stared at the other girl who was glowering past her at the younger Padawans, "What have the masters said about wandering into the plains alone!"

Now that the threat was gone the girl's voice was slightly hysterical as she stalked past Quinn.

One of the boys, whose face was delicate like a girl's, and slightly chubby replied contritely, "We just wanted to play Rachel."

The other girl, or Rachel rather, softened just a bit, "Kurt... next time you want to play come and get me alright?"

The little boy nodded eagerly and stared up at Rachel like she'd hung the sun.

Rachel ruffled his hair and nodded to the east, "Now hurry to the Enclave."

The Padawans nodded and rushed off, chattering excitedly about Padawan Rachel and how she'd rescued them.

Quinn smoothed the scowl that wanted to form as Rachel turned to face her with a sunny smile, "Hello!'

Quinn nodded, "Hello..."

Rachel offered her hands and spoke sincerely, "Thank you very much for your assistance, I had no idea how I was going to keep the younglings safe and fight off four kath hounds."

Quinn shrugged, "Neither did I, your welcome."

Rachel's face faltered a bit at Quinn's tone before she soldiered on, "My name is Rachel Berry and you are?"

Quinn replied flatly, "Quinn Fabray."

Rachel smiled hesitantly, "I'll show you to the Enclave?" Quinn simply nodded curtly and followed the smaller girl.