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Did anybody ever imagine Kisa and Hiroki together? It sounds weird but... it's actually... aah, well maybe it's just weird. Give it a go, though.

Chapter One: Meet.

Damn it, Akihiko.

Kamijou Hiroki shivered as another gusty wind blew by, tousling his hair. He wrapped his scarf around tighter to protect his neck from the chill and started to move again, crispy leaves crunching under his footsteps as he walked.

Once more, Hiroki lifted his chocolate eyes and scanned the silence around him.

The area was completely deserted, aside from the cold breeze and the resulting rustle of the leaves against the ground.

Still, he was not an idiot. His body was tensed and his mind geared up for any possible attacks from unwanted company. He was just eighteen but that didn't mean that he was unaware of how to defend himself if the need arose. All those Kendo classes were bound to pay off someday.

For the umpteenth time, the young brunette wondered why this area was always deserted even if it was early in the evening. The path was the closest route to the public library and it didn't make any sense of why it looked like a ghost zone every time Hiroki used it.

The young teen yawned.

It wasn't like he cared or anything, especially when he was half awake.

Hiroki had just been getting ready to sleep (and by that it meant retiring to bed with his favorite author/friend's latest book and engrossing himself until he dozed off) when that said author had suddenly called and asked him to return a library book.

''I am not your frigging maid, Akihiko! I am in bed and I am not getting up!''

''Hiroki, please. It's already a month overdue. They said if I didn't return it today, they will cancel my membership.''

''A month?'' Hiroki had blinked, and then smirked. ''Serves you right then, you lazy ass.''

There had been an exasperated sigh at the other end.

''I would have returned it myself if I hadn't lent it to you,''

A slight pause.

''Come on, Kamijou. You know I can't lose my membership. Do it for a friend.''


Of course, Hiroki would have walked on fire for his silver haired "friend". He was in love with him, after all.

The brunette huffed and lowered his eyelashes as the weight on his heart grew.

Eight years of unrequited love…

Akihiko was a brilliant kid who saw the world in his own little way. The things he wrote had an incredible moving force which often reduced Hiroki to tears, not that he would ever admit it to that cocky bastard.

Despite the fact that the young author's sharp eyes saw things that nobody bothered with, it never occurred to him that his best friend craved for his love.

And that may be because Akihiko was already in love with another man.

Hiroki's eyes narrowed as he thought about that Takahiro kid, the innocent nerd who was oblivious even to the fact that Akihiko liked men. He had not been told out of fear for rejection, just so Akihiko could spend time with him, he continued to remain in darkness about the intense feelings in his friend's heart for him.

How well Hiroki understood his dear, lazy-assed friend…

The young teen suddenly stopped short, snapping out of his reverie and lifting his head up to scan the area around. He swore he could feel someone's presence around.

Hiroki darted his eyes around nervously. He had reached a dark, even more secluded area and he cursed himself internally for not realizing it earlier.

Quickening his pace, he gripped his bag tight, unsure of how that would help him in danger.

As if on cue, a nearby street lamp suddenly flickered on, making the brunette stop short as his eyes landed on a small figure perched on a bench close to him.

His head hanged and his unruly, raven hair covering his face, Hiroki knew immediately that there was something wrong. He looked uncomfortable, his little hands gripping the edge of his seat tight as if impatiently waiting for something.

The brunette's eyebrows rose as the young kid suddenly shook, his entire frame trembling as if from cold.

But, Hiroki knew that motion all too well…

The kid was crying.

Hiroki pursed his lips as he contemplated on what to do.

He could walk by in silence, pretending he hadn't noticed anything. That would really be the best way to avoid any trouble; it didn't even look like the kid was aware of his presence.

But, despite knowing that he was no good at talking, let alone comforting people, Hiroki felt his feet move towards the child.

What are you doing? This could be a trap, just walk away.

It will just take a few minutes.

Hiroki's eyebrows twitched as he realized that he was talking to himself, something that usually happened when he was deprived of his beauty sleep. He cursed the idiotic author again.

Ever so slowly. Hiroki strode to the bench and sat down at a little distance from the kid.

''Hey…'' the brunette mumbled nervously, not surprised that the troubled being beside him did not respond.

He tried again, clearing his throat and raising his voice slightly.

''Uhh, kid? Shouldn't you be in bed by now? What are you… doing here all alone?''

The kid's head shot up at the voice and he turned to look at the source.

Hiroki was slightly taken aback.

Glistening honey brown orbs stared back at him in surprise. The brunette was astounded by the depths of emotion in them, frightened and pained at the same time.

Immediately though, the raven's brow furrowed as he shot a glare at his intruder.

''What did you call me?'' the kid half yelled, half choked, his voice surprisingly deeper for a little teen.

''…kid?'' Hiroki asked incredulously, unable to decide how to react.

There was a small silence as the raven's expression shifted from irritated to outraged.

''I am twenty!'' he lashed out, his jet black hair shining silver as it swayed dramatically with his head. ''I can stay out as long as I fucking want!''

''Twenty, huh?'' Hiroki was sure that this foul mouthed boy was lying. Once again, he thought of fleeing the situation and get away from this obviously insane lad, leaving him to deal with his own tribulations.

However, Hiroki was not giving up so soon.

The smart man knew that he had to act serene and consoling to whatever crisis the raven was going through, if he wanted to make him go home. Easier said than done.

''Look…'' Hiroki started, choosing his words carefully. ''You really look… fourteen… and… you know, this place is so isolated, you should really be thinking about going home

''And besides,'' Hiroki continued before he could stop himself. ''You look so small and strength less…''

''You bastard!'' the sensitive raven bellowed, making Hiroki jump in surprise. ''I know what you are thinking! Forget about it, I am not going home with you, pervert! Go find some other tramp.''

Hiroki lost it then.

Standing up, he let his face slip into the famous Kamijou scowl as his voice adapted an icy tenor, finally deciding to give this spoiled brat a piece of his mind.

''You are one hell of an idiot, you know that? I am trying to be polite here, and yet you are spewing shit in my face,'' Hiroki took a moment to enjoy the fact that the raven suddenly seemed not so confident anymore, being a recipient of his deadly glower.

''You want me to find another tramp, fine. I hope some sick-o does take you home…''

And with that, the devil turned at his heels to head home, but not before catching the horrified look on the teen's face.

Leaves crunched again as Hiroki started to walk, trying to ignore a sudden rueful tug at his heart. No sooner had he taken two steps than a weak voice came from behind him.

''I am not a tramp…''

''Yes, you are. Now hurry up and get kidnapped, stupid brat…!''

The brunette glanced back a bit indifferently as he heard a low but definite wince as the raven abruptly stood up, his eyes flashing.

''I am NOT! I am NOT!'' he screamed, his lungs protesting while his audience turned back to face him, looking somewhat bored.

''Do you have any idea what I have been through? How much it hurt…! It…''

He didn't continue, but instead pinched his lips and fell silent, directing his gaze towards the ground. Hiroki saw his Adam's apple bob in his slender neck as the brat gulped, Hiroki assumed, from nervousness.

Taking a deep breath, Hiroki forced his tone to become a little softer.

''So what, you ran away from home or something…?'' the brunette inquired, crossing his arms.

The raven lifted his eyes in surprise. Hiroki idly wondered how big and innocent they looked when the kid wasn't shooting daggers using them.

No way is he twenty…

''H-How did you know about that?''

Hiroki rolled his eyes and tsked.

''It's kind of written on your face,'' Hiroki chided, strangely feeling a sense of déjà vu. When did this happen before…

''My face…?''

Hiroki almost smacked his forehead as the tiny stranger reached up to touch his cheek as if trying to feel the words probably etched on it. A second later, he flushed, realizing that Hiroki wasn't being literal.

Hiroki clicked his tongue impatiently, not knowing what to say now. He had no intention of standing out here any longer and catching a cold while being entertained by the little rebel's bold tactics.

Before he could say anything, however, the raven started to speak.

''…My parents,'' he started slowly, looking up to meet Hiroki's gaze with somewhat needy eyes.

Impulsively, Hiroki tried to soften his countenance, but the raven had already directed his attention towards the cold, bare ground.

''…they want me to study… medicine… but…'' he trailed off, shifting his foot nervously.

''…but?'' Hiroki prodded, just managing to keep the hint of curiosity out of his inquiry.

''… I… I want to be a m-manga editor,'' the little man raised his head higher along with his voice, looking determined. ''They don't get me! Why should I go back? I am an adult, I should be allowed to make decisions for myself,''

Hiroki was not amused.

This kid was definitely a spoiled brat who had taken his apprehensive conceivers for granted. Maybe he wasn't just yet aware of how easy everything stops being once you become a homeless idiot.

Still, despite himself, he couldn't help his thoughts drift to the arrogant novelist, who was also currently facing problems at home regarding his career.

''Look, brat…'' Hiroki sighed, ignoring the annoyed look from his listener at continuously being labeled a pubescent. ''Running away is not the solution. Did you even try convincing them?''

The brunette's eyebrows furrowed as a little blush appeared under the kid's eyes.

''…but what if they don't agree?''

''And what are you getting by running away?''

There was a short pause while the raven struggled to find words.

''…freedom,'' he muttered uncertainly, now eyeing some wilted autumn leaves rustling in the night breeze.

''And did you get it? Huh?'' Hiroki's voice became louder as he realized that this kid was really indeed insane and that his rebellious antics had just been futile and a great waste of time for both of them. ''If so, then why the hell are you crying like a baby?''

Hiroki just got a moment's pause before words which he never expected to come out of the brat's mouth were being shouted at him.


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