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Chapter Six: Chicken.

Just around an hour later, Hiroki was forced awake as some loud noises filled the room. Somebody was shouting their head off and for one dreaded moment, the brunette concluded that it was one of his parents, obviously in some kind of trouble.

Fighting to extract himself from his futon and getting tangled up as a result, Hiroki grew more fearful by the second. He had now deduced that the anguished cries were sounding from his own room, horrifyingly very close to him. He however, had no idea about the identity of the silence-breaker. Nonetheless, it was vital to help them.

Finally liberated from the clutches of his mattress, Hiroki immediately set upon locating the source of the noise. His eyes landed on a dark figure on the ground beside him, thrashing maddeningly and flapping his limbs in the air.

Without a second's hesitance, Hiroki was upon him, clamping his guest's mouth close with his palm, silencing him. Aside from the muffled protests, the room was once again filled with quiet.

"Sshhh…!" the brunette hissed angrily, trying to avoid the hands that were now trying to smack his face. "It's me! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

The raven refused to relax and continued to struggle, moving his head to the side in hopes of getting free. His back arched in response to the mild pressure on his abdomen, not at all aware that it was his host who was upon him. In his mind, he was back at the hotel, being pinned down and getting thoroughly devoured against his full consent.

L-Let go…! That's-ahh! Ahh! …enough!

But you feel so good inside, I really don't want to stop…

N-No, this is enough! I-…Stop touching!

"Wake up, you idiot!"

Large eyes popped open and rounded, as a sound smack was delivered across one of his cheeks. Seeing his savior's face inches away from his own, the raven whimpered half from relief and half from a new kind of panic as he realized the position they were in. He was also now conscious that his hands were no longer free and were being held strongly by the brunette against the bedroom floor. His other hand was pressing against his mouth.

Kisa had never felt himself blush this profusely as he did now. His heart seemed to want to burst out of his chest and his ears were filled with a strange kind of hum. If it were possible, he felt his breathing become even more erratic.

He had a sudden urge to stick his tongue out and lick the skin against his lips.

"You okay?" Hiroki growled quietly, completely oblivious to the raven's disturbing notions.

Before he could attempt to answer, there was a slight rapping on the door.

"Hiro-chan? Is everything alright?"

"Shit…" Hiroki cursed, throwing a worried glance at the expected noise. Of course, the idiot must have woken his parents up with all that wailing. He turned to look at his captive again with an annoyed scowl.

"I am going to take my hand off, okay? Try not to scream…"

He saw the raven nod. Cautiously, he released him after making sure he was conscious enough not to start howling again and got up assured his mother that his guest had had nothing but just a very vivid nightmare, and the plain woman soon left, mentally noting to herself to check the miso soup recipe in the morning for any unplanned extra ingredient that might have troubled her son's friend.

"Do I really need to ask?" Hiroki came back after he was satisfied that nobody would be checking on them again.

"…sorry," Kisa mumbled, his face turned away. Hiroki noted the quaver in his voice and he rubbed his temple wearily. He had a pretty goodidea what the dream must have been about but he had no intentions of pressing his guest for any grisly details of the events nor was he liable to do so.

For the first time, the brunette noticed where Kisa had been sleeping. His eyes fell on the unused futon in the corner and he let out an impatient hiss. He was unaware that the raven had fallen asleep unintentionally. To him, his guest was an ungrateful little ass who kept butting into his beauty slumber.

"What the hell is your problem?! What do you want?" he seethed. "What would it take for you to let me have some goddamn sleep?"

When his guest remained soundless, he marched forward and roughly pulled his arm, making his face turn to look at him. Once again, he was met by the deplorable sight of a child who seemed to be in a lot of pain but this time he was not fooled.

"It was just a dream, got it? You're safe now and nobody's hurting you. So, stop with this stupid drama and get some fucking sleep!"

He expected him to cower and burst into tears as anyone would have under the brunette's harsh tone but, Kisa simply blinked and stared at his host, specifically, at his lips. It was all Hiroki could do not to punch the raven from annoyance as he saw his eyes rise and lock against his own.

"…What are you staring at?" the peeved brunette demanded, feeling a great unease at the watery, tender gaze but refusing to look away.

"Your eyes are exactly like chocolate…"

There was a long pause during which Kisa mentally slapped himself for saying something so weird while his host tried to remember how the hell he had ended up bringing such an incredible nut-job home.

"Thank you, they were on sale," Hiroki mumbled sarcastically and got up, releasing the strange man and trudging towards the futon in the corner. He had been totally ignored and the brunette decided that he wasn't going to waste any more of his remaining energy arguing or convincing the damn weirdo about his security.

Simply put, he was going to let Kisa sleep wherever he wanted and when morning came, they would part ways without any hopes of future contact and life would go on. This night was merely an unlucky occurrence which Hiroki should be dealing with as calmly as possible and with time, the creepy memories would fade away.

What the raven said next, however almost made Hiroki trip.

"Are you homophobic?"

"What did you just say?" the brunette whipped his head back after regaining his balance.

"It means if you are scared of gays," Kisa elaborated, standing up from his place and turning to face the appalled brunette.

"I know what it means! No, I am not scared of gays! If I were, I would never have brought you here!" Hiroki spat, forgetting to keep his volume minimal. He marched towards Kisa's futon and started carrying it next to his own.

"Liar," Kisa accused easily. "And, you don't have to do that… I'll sleep there. You could have just told me that you were uncomfortable."

"I am not uncomfortable!" Hiroki dumped the mattress at the raven's feet. "I told you, I don't have any problem with homosexuality!"

"Prove it."

Hiroki stared incredulously at his guest.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, prove it," Kisa teased. His eyes danced playfully and Hiroki knew that he was trying to hold back a grin.

The brunette coughed indifferently. "And how exactly will you test me?"

The older man smirked and spread his arms.

"Give me a hug…" he paused for effect. "…Hi-ro-chan."

The room fell into an ominous pin-drop hush as both men gazed at each other. It took all of Hiroki's willpower not to wrap his fingers around the raven's neck and throttle him for being so dumb. But, he knew that Kisa was looking for a reaction which would provide another opportunity for further taunting so, except for balling his hands into tight fists, Hiroki remained pokerfaced.

"Quit messing with me! I am not going to engage in some stupid game," the brunette drew in a lungful of air and exhaled, walking around the weirdo resolutely.


That does it!

Kisa started as cool hands gripped the sides of his face rather roughly and locked it, making it immovable. The brunette's digits weaved through his wild raven locks and the man's heart pace quickened as Hiroki brought his own face forward. Their noses almost touched.

"Say that again…" Hiroki ordered, voice dripping venom.

"…chicken…" Kisa replied after recovering from the initial shock, sounding confident than he really felt. Although, Hiroki's hands were freezing, the raven felt his skin scorch at the contact. Not even when he was being roughly handled a few hours ago did such feelings stir in him. And, although the brunette's grasp was anything but gentle, Kisa felt oddly protected. If Hiroki didn't stop eyeing him so intently, he might just start panting soon.

"Take it back or else…!" the brunette threatened. Kisa momentarily shut his eyes and the devil inside rejoiced at the raven's nervousness. Little did he knew, his guest was actually trying to compose himself against Hiroki's sweet breath on his face.

"Or else what? You'll lay an egg…?"

Kisa couldn't help but sigh in regret as the grip around his cheeks loosened and one of the hands slip away. He desperately tried to think of something extremely degrading that would make the hand return to touch.

The other hand started to slide too, but before the raven could say anything, his chin was strongly gripped, making his mouth fall open slightly. An arm went around his waist and pulled Kisa's body forward, awkwardly bending his back. This time, he let out a gasp, both from surprise and thrill as Hiroki held him tight against his own chest.

"You're not funny, Shouta…"

Whatever cheeky retort Kisa had been ready with, disappeared somewhere in his throat. His eyes widened at the use of his first name and suddenly he felt very exposed. His expression shifted to one of wonder, all signs of playful taunting gone. Hiroki, on the other hand, mistook the changed demeanor.

Did I… scare him?

Hiroki racked his brains, trying to think of a way out. He hadn't really meant to address him like that but since Kisa was already so fond of being informal, the young teen couldn't see how this might bother him. Still, he wondered if he had said something wrong that might later prove damaging to the other's psyche.

Victims of rape tend to think of themselves at fault. Sexual assaults leave the assaulted feeling weak, vulnerable and often, mentally unstable, given that they were powerless in that situation.

Hiroki almost smiled as he remembered the piece of writing he had read in a research book. The topic had dealt with psychological and mental impacts of almost all kinds in great detail and the brunette couldn't believe he had forgotten about it. This was the perfect opportunity to practically apply the knowledge he had acquired in his leisure time.

Hiroki softened his gaze to a great extent before starting to speak. He let Kisa's face go but didn't draw his other arm back.

"Do you want to tell me about your dream?"

Kisa raised a brow, faintly bemused by the abrupt shift in the mood. "I'd rather not…"

"That's okay then," Hiroki let out a relieved sigh. He hadn't wanted to hear it either but the book had said that it was necessary to listen to the "victim" if he felt the need to talk about something.

"Do you… want to talk about something else? About… your family? Or career plan?"

"No… No… and, I want to be a manga editor," Kisa replied bluntly, answering each question in sequence.

"You told me that already!"

"Why did you ask again, then?"

This wasn't going too well. Hiroki was all out of questions and he couldn't recall what the book had said later on. Somehow, both men had also forgotten the way they were pressed up against each other, and it looked almost intimate had it not been for the obvious scowls set upon their faces.

"T-That man…! He… You know, things like this are… bad and…!" Hiroki started to speak, cheeks heating up at the uncomfortable topic. "…S-Some people are just… you know, they are… bastards who have nothing better to do exce-"

"I know it wasn't my fault…" Kisa cut him off, realizing what Hiroki was trying to do. "I went there willingly with him, anyway. So, it was actually kind of unfair and selfish of me to ask him to stop at the last minute. But, he continued and it was weird but not something that I can't live with. Things like these happen all the time. It's okay, you don't have to worry about it."

Hiroki's jaw dropped. Kisa was talking about his situation as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He hadn't even faltered once and for the brunette, that was a deep blow to his pride.

"Oi! You're the victim here," Hiroki scolded. "I am supposed to comfort you."

"Well, since you can't even string a sentence together without blushing like some school girl, I figured I would lend you a hand." Kisa stated obviously. Hiroki's brow twitched.

"You were raped! Do you even realize that?"

"Of course, I do!" Kisa sighed as if he was bored by this whole conversation. "So what? It's not like there's some permanent damage. I told you, I am fine, professor." He smirked.

"You…!" Hiroki paused, trying to think of an ugly word that would describe his guest. Finding none that would suit him perfectly, he settled for "idiot!" and took a step back from the man. As it turned out, his guest was perfectly capable of dealing with this himself. He hadn't needed Hiroki to "console" him at all.

He's so creepy. Whatever, I don't care about him.

For the final time that night, Hiroki snuggled into the floor mattress, this time promising himself that there was no way he would engage in another one of Kisa's mindless games or chats. Honestly, this guy scared him and he could think of a million reasons why he hadn't admitted that he was homosexual himself. There was no need to share any extra information with a person who thought having sex with a stranger was A-Okay.

He heard the futon next to him shift as Kisa tucked in too. Hiroki drew in a long, exhausted breath as his eyes started to droop once more.


"What now?" the teen replied unenthusiastically, silently hoping it would be their last conversation ever.

"You passed…"

"Passed what?" Hiroki snarled, irritated.

"…the chicken test."

Hiroki grunted in response and it was a long time after he dozed off when Kisa was finally able to calm his thumping heart and sleep too.

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