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A girl stood outside of the Black Order headquarters looking up at the remarkable architecture. She looked around unsurely and stood there slightly uncomfortably. Overhead, hiding in the shadows, Kanda Yuu waited for an order. In his earpiece he heard Komui speculating the girl with the rest of the science division.

"Alright Kanda. We don't think she's dangerous, but just to be sure I want you to go down there and talk to her. Do NOT kill her, that is an order." Komui finally said after a lot of bickering and a lot of getting off topic.

"I'll try." Kanda said roughly before jumping off the roof and landing silently behind her. As soon as he landed, she straightened a bit and tilted her head. She couldn't have heard me. Kanda thought. I landed silently; no human could have heard that!

"Is someone there?" asked the girl as she turned around. "Are you here to welcome me or kill me?" She looked at Kanda questioningly, yet didn't seem at all frightened. Her eyes were a curious violet, and her hair looked like she had bathed in blood. She was tall and very slight, yet had a look of strength that went beyond he outer appearance.

Kanda couldn't help but notice her state of dress, or rather, undress. She wore a skirt that looked like it had once been long, but only went about halfway down her thigh. Her shirt was no longer and all that she wore as a top was a sarashi*. The only item of clothing that seemed to be new was her black gloves that went about to her elbows.

She cocked her head slightly as if she was asking for a response while she began to pull off her gloves. Kanda slowly unsheathed his sword, Mugen, as she did so. He couldn't shake the feeling that she was dangerous.

"I'm like you." The girl said quietly. "Well, not just like you, but you get my drift." As she said this she held out her hands so Kanda could see her palms. In the center of her palms were green-ish diamonds that glowed softly. The skin around them were slightly mottled and a nasty red-ish color.

"Innocence…" Kanda said under her breath. So this girl was an exorcist, things were finally making sense. He looked up at where he knew the surveillance camera was and raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Let her in." Komui said through his earpiece curtly. Kanda nodded and moved towards her before she suddenly stiffened. She looked behind Kanda before activating her innocence.

"So you finally caught up to me?" she asked the air behind him. Kanda moved to look behind him and she moved forward.

"This must be innocence then" she said as she reached in her pocket and held out a brilliant cube of the stuff.

"Hold onto it for me?" she asked and placed the cube on Kanda's head. She ran forward and met up to an akuma that must have been a level two.

"Kekekeke! I caught up to you exorcissstt!" laughed the akuma as she glared it down. Kanda wondered what her innocence would be if she had activated it and it looked just the same.

"Shadow blade!" she shouted and two black katanas formed into her hands. She jumped in the air and slashed at the akuma with blinding speed. She fell back down to the ground with her back to the akuma as it exploded into the night sky.

"May your soul rest in peace…" she muttered into the wind. Kanda stood there, dumbfounded, as she approached him. She smiled brightly like the sun and giggled lightly. Kanda turned his head away from her and felt his cheeks grow hot.

What was this feeling in his chest? Could he be in…in…love? Who in the hell is this girl?

A/N: *Sarashi is kinda like wearing gauze as a top I think Kanda and Allen wear it periodically thru the series... I might be wrong. If you really want to know then google it sorry I'm not a sarashi expert.

So I've been obsessed with D. Gray-Man recently so I thought I would write this! After many rejected story ideas this is what I have so I hope you liked it! I was listening to The Wanted while writing this so I made a lot of mistakes by writing lyrics in the story... think I got them all out...