Star trek Q's challenge

Chapter 1: Oh Q

"You wanted to see me Admiral?" Captain Picard inquired as he entered the room.

"Yes Jean-Luc … have a seat, it's good to see you again," Admiral Janeway replied, a smile lit up here face

"You to Kathryn, how have things been?" Picard said as he sat down on the admirals newly refurbished chair.

"Good, I see my ship every morning and my crew every day. Coffee or tea ?"

"Tea please, it must be nice to have Voyager turned into a museum, I guess you didn't call me here for sentimental reasons, so what was it you wanted admiral?" Picard said as Admiral Janeway passed him a hot cup of tea and he took a sip

"Yes well ill cut to the point I called you here about Q" Janeway said as a flash of light appeared in the corner of the room and a smug looking Q was sitting there with a raver appealing looking glass of champagne

"Now…now Cathy it's not nice to talk about people behind there back is it" Q said as he flashed himself onto the chair next to Janeway and began to stretch.

"What where you going to say Admiral?" Picard said as he tried to ignore the intruding Q.

"There no need to be rude Jean-Luc. I'm as queries as you, so what were you going to say Cathy about little old me."

"Q shouldn't you be with your son" Picard inquired

"What junior? He's out messing about with his new friend from the continuum, he's growing up so fast." Q drew a hanky from thin air and blew his nose in it.

"What about your wife Q?" Janeway asked

"Oh her she left me for some insignificant little creature! And went off dancing around the cosmos so Cathy, I thought you and me could get back together. Just say the word and we can be married fourth withed." Q said as he reached his arm over Janeways shoulder. Admiral Janeway shook him off.

"Q you know it is a good thing you're here, since you're always jumping aboard federation star ships here a challenge for you there is a small federation frigate in need of a captain and since your always so good at tell us what to do let's see how you cope in the captain chair only for a little while" Janeway said as she stared at the beveled Q.

"Oh Cathy…Cathy…Cathy I could do something like that with my eyes closed…." Janeway interrupted "Without your powers Q" Q shook his head but his smile soon turned into a frown.

"I bet your to scared to do it, you know you'll mess up" Picard barked and for once Q starred at them and laughed but then Q.'s smile turned into a frown.

"I'm sorry you two but I must be off people to meet, places to see…" Janeway should

"I thought you've seen it all Q, why not take a break and try something new" But before she got an answer Q had already flashed away.