Lucy knew she shouldn't be feeling what she was feeling.

She knew she shouldn't be falling in love with Lorcan Scamander, one of her cousin's best friends and three years her junior.

Lucy knew her heart shouldn't race when he came near, he was fifteen – only a baby.

She knew that she should be able to look away when they went swimming and his t-shirt came off, instead of staring as drops of water fell from his sandy hair and fell on his muscular chest.

Lucy knew that she should forget him, move on, date someone her own age.

But she couldn't, and day by day she continued to fall more in love with him.


Lorcan knew she was way out of his league.

He knew that an eighteen year old redhead beauty would never look twice at a scrawny fifteen year old like him.

Lorcan tried to listen when his brother Lysander told him to move on, but most of the time it went in one ear and out the other.

Whenever Lorcan visited Lily (his best friend and future sister-in-law, if things go well between her and Lysander) at the Burrow, he always secretly hoped that Lucy would be there too.

And when she was in the room, he couldn't hold a proper conversation with anyone, he was too distracted.

Just before his sixth year, he realised he was in love with Lucy Weasley.


Eventually, thanks to some mistletoe (strategically placed by Lily and Lysander) Lucy and Lorcan realised that everything they thought they knew was a lie.

They were perfect for each other, in every way.

It was once said that love has no age, no limit and no death.

Lucy and Lorcan would agree completely.