Full Summary:

Before the fracture was discovered, a group of people take to the skies to find a different place for the people of earth. They are known as the Time Travelers. They leave well before the first person heads through the fracture and during earth's most pivotal year. What happens when the people of that time period show up in Terra Nova? Will they be welcomed? Will they be in the history books? And why did they leave when they did?

Circa 2012:

Mabaga Household:

War was being threatened and nobody knew what to do. My family was different. We knew what to do. The people we were in collaboration with had already built the ships that would take us far away from our beloved home on Earth, but we knew that if we didn't go, something far worse would happen and we needed to find a safe place for the people of Earth to call their new home for good, to start over, to have a fresh start. We were to be the first wave to leave the planet. Five ships in all would leave together. And aboard those ships, families would live and maintain the ships and the everyday going on of the ship. Earth was no long a safe place to live and we knew that if we did not leave soon, there would be no telling if we would ever be able to leave once the war started.

As is known to many people on Earth, 2012 was meant to be the end of life as we knew it. That's when the Mayan Calendar stopped, the year when Armageddon would strike. It wasn't like what the scientists thought. Yes, our world nearly ended in 2012, but not from super-volcanos or natural disasters like most scientists predicted. No, our world ended when we were invaded from above. The ships we were building were being built underground where the families that were to live on them now lived, for fear that the aliens would kill them if they found out what was happening.

We were not the only ones that lived underground. On the contrary, many people had begun to build underground due to the fact that the aliens technology could not penetrate the hard ground we built our homed under. They were defenseless against such a primitive way of defense. So they stayed above ground and hunted those still living on the surface. Though the top part of our home was on the surface, we barely ever went above ground. Only when it was deemed important to take the risk and only then did we go (but when we went we went with weapons to defend ourselves, mostly water guns because the water burned them and some automatic weapons as well).

The Aliens were known to take the humans they attacked back to their ships, to experiment on. Then they would let the humans back out into the public to see what they did. Most of the experimented on humans would not be the spies for the Aliens and went straight for the nearest cliff or body of water or tall building and threw themselves into their plan of killing themselves. Nobody ever wanted to live after being experimented on by the Aliens. As the war with the Aliens ravenged, our plan of leaving Earth fell into the final preparations.

We loaded everything we owned onto the perspective ships that we would be living on and then loaded the animals as well as the medical, scientific and food supplies (cooking supplies with the food) we would need to survive. Next we loaded the animals, then all the hunting gear (fishing bait, spears, bows & arrows, guns and ammo, swords, daggers and knives, tomahawks, machete's, and whatever else was deemed a weapon. Next we loaded all the animals that we were taking with us (cows for milk, cheese and butter, horses to ride once we got to a planet we could hunt on, chickens for eggs, roosters to eat, goats for milk and cheese, sheep and llamas for wool, bees for honey) and enough hay bales to suit the animals comfortably as well as hungrily. After the animals were loaded, we started loading up the Herbology labs with all the food that we had collected and all the seeds that we could grow to make working gardens inside the ships. The labs would be the main source of food as nobody knew how long it would be till we could get to uninhabited planet that could sustain life.

After all the essential belongings and most of our needed things were loaded onto the ships, we started loading up the mechanical and electrical departments with everything mechanical and electrical. We had tunnels under all the major electronic and mechanical stores in our home town and whenever we needed something for the mechanics department or electrical departments, we would head through the tunnels with bags and baskets and load up before heading back home. The Aliens were never the wiser. We had spray painted the windows the very first day of the invasion and barricaded the doors so nothing could ever get in just to make sure they never knew that we were there (so we could raid in peace, though we never turned the lights on, only used small flashlights to get to what we wanted and needed). It wasn't just that we were leaving for a better tomorrow, we planned on coming back one day for the rest of the people of Earth (or at least those that were still alive after the Invasion, if there were any alive that was).

I was only eight when we decided to leave, but that was also the year I started writing everything down in a journal. I started with who I was and who my family members were and went from there. I knew that someday, someone would want to hear about those that decided to leave Earth to find a better planet to start over and it was only fair that I record what we were doing. My parents thought the same way. They had given me permission to go to one of the department stores with my older brothers Mathias and Markus to load up on all the writing materials and pens that I would need to keep an accurate account of what was going on. That's not all we got. In order to keep accurate records without the paper deteriorating, we grabbed all the laptop computers in the store and packed them into our baskets and bags. We would take what we had collected back to the tunnels and putting them into carts before heading back into the stores. We weren't just scrounging for ourselves, we scrounging for everyone. Being only eight, I knew that the Aliens could attack the stores we ventured to at any time, so we kept as quiet as we could and when we heard the ships flying above us, we quietly crept back to the tunnels and hid until they were gone.

We were going to survive no matter what we had to do in order to survive. It was only a matter of time before we were to leave, but we still had to be careful not to attract any attention to ourselves. It was hard, but we managed, we had been doing it for so long that it was just another part of our daily routines that we did every day. Constantly looking over our shoulders to make sure we weren't being followed as we made our way through the city looking for anyone left alive to bring back to our home and get the hell off this rock before it was too late. There weren't that many people and by now we knew what to look for just in case a few of the humans we came across had been experimented on; they were the ones that looked like zombies and would turn on the living like they were food. When that happened, we ran like hell to one of the safe houses and barricaded ourselves inside, before descending into the tunnels and locking the metal doors behind us and scurrying back through the tunnels to our home knowing that as soon as the 'zombies' got our scent, the Aliens would soon have it as well.

There weren't many occasions that that happened but when it did, we grabbed what we had scrounged up and fled. Mostly we had weapons with us when we went out so we could kill them if we had the time to grab the weapon, but normally our hands were so full that we couldn't grab the weapon so all we could do was run and hope we were caught and that we could get somewhere safe in time. When the time for departure came, we all headed for the ships. Nearly every building in our home town had been emptied. The buildings included: the library, all the schools (for the education departments on board the ships), all the department stores (for the clothes, food and entertainment as well as furniture, alarm clocks), all the coffee shops (for the kitchen area, so that there would always be fresh coffee in the morning), and all the hardware stores (for the mechanical and electrical departments and for any construction material that would be needed over the years. All the appliances had also been taken from the hardware stores and even some of the rooms within the ship had carpet on them so that we weren't injuring ourselves when we got up and about during the day. Extra rolls of carpet were stored in one of the storage rooms against the wall along with everything else that was new and would be used when something broke down or just plain wore out).

By the time Christmas came in the year 2012, we were ready to leave Earth far behind, now all we had to do was get out of the underground hanger bays and into the sky without alerting the Aliens as to what was going on. All the ships had been retrofitted with laser guns and weapons to shoot at anything in its way (that was, anything hostile in its way) and they were all in working order. The mechanical departments held the blue prints for each ship in a safe within the department so that if we ever needed to build more ships we would have the materials know how to do so. It wasn't that hard to get everyone ready for departure. Everyone slept that last night in their own underground homes and made sure all of their family members were ready to leave the next morning. Because me and my family were to fly in the ship called Serenity, (after my baby sister that had died in the first wave of attacks because she had been stuck at school) and were to be the first of the ships to leave the hanger bays, we slept on the ship that night. My sister Paloma slept with her husband because she wanted to feel safe. She was pregnant with her first child and we wanted to be well away from Earth and the War when she gave birth. It was funny to think of ourselves as being the Aliens as we most likely would be looked at whenever we ventured to a new planet that might have people or alien-like creatures living on them.


We woke the next morning around eight and started the preparations to leave by noon that day. We wanted to be out of Earth's atmosphere by mid-day and in order for that to happen, we had to start up Serenity's Hyperspace Engines and be ready to head into Hyperspace within seconds of leaving the hanger bays. The doors above the hanger bays were built just under the soil, mere feet from where the fighting above was going on. We knew that most people around the world probably weren't thinking about leaving the planet, instead were more interested in living underground till they had a definitive way of defeating the Aliens once and for all so we knew that the only resistance we would get was from the Aliens themselves.

Getting out of Earth's atmosphere would be easy; it was fighting our way through the ships surrounding Earth that would be hard. But if we could blow up the main Mother-ship, then the rest of the ships would fall to anything that came at them. We had had a radio show going underground to any who were listening and knew that most of the military personnel were listening since they had known of our plan way before the Invasion had begun. Once we gave them word that we were leaving the planet and heading into space, they went into battle mode. They waited for the signal to start fighting the aliens on the ground as well as the ships above the cities to finally wipe out the Aliens once and for all. The signal would be a radio burst from us that told them that the main Mother-ship was no more. It had been my job to communicate that to them, and I took it very seriously. The message would simply read: Mother-Shi Gone. Then the fighting for Earth would happen and the humans would take back what was rightfully theirs to begin with. But we wouldn't be there for the fighting. We needed to be gone by the time the fighting started or they would come after us as well and then any hope that the human race would survive would forever be diminished.

So as we alerted the other captains as to what we were thinking to get out of Earth's atmosphere, all ships started up there Hyperspace Engines as well as their main engines and made ready to leave. Everyone strapped down anything that wasn't strapped down to make sure nothing would break. Drawers were locked and everything that had been bolted to the floors and walls was strapped from one end of the wall to the next, to make sure nothing would break. Then everyone strapped themselves into their seats and held on as the hanger bay doors opened and brought the sunlight to us. My father hit the Hyperspace button and seconds after leaving the docks, we were in space surrounding Earth. Serenity made its way to where the main Mother-Ship was located and started firing everything she had into destroying it. Minutes after Serenity started shooting at the Mother-Ship, the Phoenix, Moscow, Darconian, and Jurassic ships arrived in orbit and started shooting at the Mother-Ship as well. Within thirty minutes, the Mother-Ship was exploding and I sent the message back to Earth, letting them know that they could start the main fight of gaining Earth back for good. As soon as the message was away, all five ships jumped back into Hyperspace and headed for a totally different set of quadrants that we had decided on just seconds before we launched.

We had successfully departed Earth, blown up the main Mother-Ship and started the revolution that Earth so desperately needed to start fighting once again. Now we were on our own as we headed out of the Milky Way and on to new times. Would we survive the next few years as we knew that what we were attempting to accomplish was by going back and forth in time to see which time period we could thrive in? Could we thrive in the past? Or was it the future that we had to look forward to? Would we ever see Earth again? And if we did, which Era would we be living in when we got back to Earth? Would we be remembered for what we had done?