Circa 2149:

Shannon Household:

Maddy had remembered hearing about a revolution that had been started back in 2012, during the Alien Invasion that had lasted only three months. It was one of the things that had been taught in school. Everyone had learned about the brave people that had taken flight back then, and destroyed the Mother-Ship in order to give the people left on Earth the will to start fighting back once again. She and Josh had read about it together, but neither thought they would ever come face to face with any of the people that were aboard the five ships that departed Earth all those years ago. Neither did they think that the same families would still be alive.

What the history lessons hadn't said was that the travelers, though they had left back in 2012, were really Time Travelers, meant to find the right time where humans could start over again. The five ships were named Serenity, Phoenix, Moscow, Darconian and Jurassic. They were odd names for space ships that held entire families. Each of the ships held four families, but the families were big in size and each of the families had either married someone within another family on the ships or was planning on marrying someone in another family on the ships.

What the history books didn't tell them was that one day, these families that had left all those years ago would be back, to take with them more families that wished to start over. No the history books didn't have all the answers; they just told how these families helped start the revolution that saved our planet from Alien Destruction back in 2012. And with that, the homework was done.

Earth's Orbit:

Teaka was now sixteen. She had grown in the last eight years that she and the others had been Time Traveling. She knew just about everything there was to living in space. Though most people normally had one job, Teaka was gifted and had three jobs. She was good at both Electrician work and Mechanical work but had thrived in the hunting Department. In the eight years that they had been gone, traveling to different times, to find a different place for humans to thrive and start over. They had found a suitable planet, that held the same qualities as Earth did and had settled on the planet for a few years as they built two more ships, where the family members that had gotten married over the years could live with their families and not be so crowded.

The five ships had stayed in orbit, taking down the smaller transport ships to build cabins and plow fields. Teaka had gone down with her brothers Mathias and Markus to help in any way she could. Her brothers were both good in construction, as were most of the people aboard the ships (seeing as near everyone had worked on building the ships to begin with). She had kept up with her Journaling, as it was the only way to tell the story of both her and her people. Others had taken up Journaling to keep sane while living on the ships; it was a way of telling their side of the story, without being able to tell it to anyone.

The new Earth was one of peace. They had come back to Earth in 2149, not knowing if people that had survived the Alien Invasion in 2012 were still around. Since they had been to different galaxies and times in the eight years that they had been gone, Earth had changed a lot. From high up in orbit, they could tell that the planet was dieing, though they had no reason as to why it was. The only way to figure out what was really going on was to venture down to the surface to see what was going on and what had happened since the last time they set foot on Earth. Teaka volunteered to go with her brother Mathias and several others from the ship. They needed to see if they could get some food and see if the money they had was still viable. If so, they could use it to get what they needed, mostly mechanical and electrical parts.

Teaka had a list of the parts that they needed and they headed down in one of the Transport Shuttles that they had on Serenity. They had radios in their ears, a way of communicating with those still on the ships. They would relay everything they saw as well as videotape everything. Glynis had a camera with her and would record and take pictures as necessary. Teaka had her bow and arrows with her, Mathias had his 9mm pistol with him, Zeph had a machete with him, Marcel had a shotgun with him and Realah had her swords with her. We were all decked out in weapons, but made sure to keep them as hidden away as possible for fear of being thrown in some kind of prison or getting into trouble. We made sure the shuttle was cloaked in invisibility before heading into the atmosphere and down towards the ground.

Once settled on the ground, we opened the back door and stepped out onto the surface. We always made sure that we had some kind of breathing apparatus with us just in case we walked onto a planet with unbreathable air, like Earth now had. We put our masks on and headed into what looked like a market of sorts. I pulled out the lists as well as the money that we had and headed for what looked like a mechanical store with Mathias right behind me. The others split into groups of two and we set a two hour limit that we would meet each other back at the entrance of the market to leave the planet. Glynis went with Zeph and Marcel went with Realah. They all had lists of what they were to buy and we knew that if we were caught or seen by any military personnel, we were to act as normal as possible, though we didn't look anything like the people that were out and about now.

Mathias and I were able to collect all the parts for the mechanical and electrical departments on our list before we headed back out into the market area. It looked like a school was about to let the students out and we were both curious as to how the education system worked around her nowadays. We stayed by the steps of the school building for about five minutes before a bell rang signaling the end of classes. The kids started piling out of the school and heading in different directions. Two kids caught our eyes. It was a boy and a girl that looked like they were siblings. There was no telling if they knew anything about what our people had done, but we had to know what had happened to Earth between the time we had left and now. We stepped up to them as they came down the steps and they stopped.

We introduced ourselves and asked if there was a place we could talk in private. They said that we could follow them to their home and that we could talk there. We radioed the others and told them to follow our tracking device to where we would be. They were close by so they met us on the way to the kids' house and followed us as well. We entered an apartment building and headed up a few flights of stairs and into an apartment that held a woman and a young girl. The woman nodded at us as the six of us took off our breathing masks and sat where we were told we could sit. We thanked her and sat as best we could with our weapons being concealed and all. And so the talking began.

Shannon Household:

"Mom, this is Teaka and her brother Mathias. The others joined them on the way here. They said they needed some information and asked us where a safe place to talk was. We told them here was the best bet." Maddy said.

"Okay, well I have some news for the two of you as well. I've been recruited to go to Terra Nova. We leave with the Tenth Pilgrimage in the next few weeks. Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Shannon. Go ahead and ask whatever question you have. We'll answer as best we can."

"Okay, well, we don't actually come from this time period. The last time we were anywhere near this planet was back in 2012. What we want to know is what happened to Earth between 2012 and now. What happened to the planet?" Teaka asked.

"Wait, were you by any chance part of the group that left in the five space ships in 2012, helping start the Revolution and taking back the planet from the Aliens?" Josh asked.

"You know about us?" Mathias asked.

"We learned about you and your people in History Class. The history books said that you left in 2012 to find a better world for the people of Earth and that someday you hoped to return for anyone that wanted to go with you." Maddy said.

"Yes, but for us it has only been eight years since we left Earth. Time traveling will do that to you. Though only eight years has gone by for us, it has been nearly 137 years here on Earth. Everyone we left behind no longer exists. People we used to care about that we hadn't been able to get to are dead. This isn't fair." Glynis said.

"And you are young lady?" Dr. Shannon asked.

"Oh, I'm Glynis and this is Zeph, Realah and Marcel. We all live on the Serenity. There are others, but we mostly hang around each other. We all volunteered to come down and get what we needed for the ships."

"Are the ships in orbit now?" Josh asked.

"Yes, but you guys can't tell anyone that. So what happened to the planet?" Realah asked.

"The corporations destroyed it by using up all the natural resources and everything you probably took for granted when you lived on Earth."

"And Terra Nova, what is that? And what's with the recruiting that you talked about?" Zeph asked.

"A few years ago a fracture in time was found and we sent a probe through to see where it landed. We expected to find it sometime in the future when it came back through but it ended up not coming back through and that's when we knew that the fracture was on a different timeline than our own time. We started sending people through to set up a colony nearly 800 billion years in the past, so that people could start over, so that the people of Earth could have a second chance. Nobody knew when you guys were going to return so we had to find a way to survive on our own. This way, we will have a way of living if we can't live here. And once you step through the portal, you can never come back. It's a one way trip through the fracture, but at least we'll have a better life there than we have here." Maddy finished.

"Well, thank you for the information. We will take this back to Serenity and share it with the others. We should be going now. We have some repairs that need to be finished by the end of the day before we can head out again." Mathias said as he stood up.

"I'll walk you to the door and out of the building." Maddy said.

"Thank you Maddy."

We headed out of the building with Maddy showing us the way and before I exited the door to join the others, I stopped and turned towards Maddy.

"It was nice meeting you Maddy. Who knows, maybe we will meet again someday. Take this just in case we ever do meet up in the future. I will call through it letting friends know that we are within talking range when we draw near wherever it is you are going to live. We might have to think about heading to Terra Nova and seeing if anyone wants to join us on our new Earth, a planet we have name Ethos. May you go in peace Maddy, and safely follow your heart to wherever it takes you. Goodbye Maddy."

At that, I turned and put my mask on, then joined Mathais and the others and we ventured back to the Transport Shuttle. Once settled in the shuttle and our wares that we had been able to buy safely secured in the bins bolted to the walls for anything that we brought on board, we headed back into the atmosphere and straight for the Serenity. There would be a lot of discussion going on about what our next move would be and that much we all knew.