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Ciel wasn't sure how he felt about moving. Sure, his new home wasn't very far away from his family's current house in London, but it was an extra half hour from the city, which meant he'd have to get up earlier in order to get ready for school. And as much as he didn't want to admit it, he would miss his friends.

They had been very upset when they heard the news. Soma and Alois had grabbed onto him and cried. (In retrospect, the school cafeteria may not have been the best place to tell them. People were staring.) His cousin, Lizzie, had already learned of the move the previous night, but she was still upset.

"Will you morons get off me!" he yelled. "It's not like you'll never going to see me again. I'm still going to attend this school and come to the city on weekends."

"Why are you even moving then?" Alois asked, still hugging his friend's waist.

"Yeah, it seems like an inconvenience," Soma added.

"It's my mother," he explained. "Her doctor says that the city air is affecting her health. We're moving into the country in order to help her improve."

"Aunt Rachel has been looking ill lately," Lizzie commented thoughtfully. "I hope it helps."

"How'd you guys even find a place so fast?" Alois demanded. "I know your family is rich but... damn."

"Apparently the manor-" he started.

"Wait, the manor?" Soma interrupted. "You guys are moving into a freakin' mansion? How did that happen?"

"If you let me finish, I'll tell you," he told his excited friend, clearly irritated. "As I was saying, the manor has apparently been in my family for over two hundred years. The last resident was a distant cousin back in the late 1800's. Right now, we're having modern plumbing and lights installed."

"Why has it been unoccupied for so long?" Lizzie asked. "My mother said that she and you father had just recently found out about this place. You'd think someone would have already tried to buy it before now."

"Oooh, maybe it's haunted!" Alois teased.

"Don't be ridiculous," he retorted "There's no such thing as ghosts."

He had no idea how much he was going to eat those words.


They moved in the following weekend. It had been a pleasant drive over. Ciel and his mother admired the country as they drove through it. They were driving in front of the moving van to make sure that it didn't get lost.

"So what's this place like, dad?" he asked. Vincent was the only one to actually see the house so far.

Vincent smiled at his son. "Well, Ciel, it's certainly very big," he said. "Our furniture should only take up a third of the space. It's also old, as you know, but it seems to be in good condition. Whoever rebuilt it did a good job."

"Rebuilt it?" he asked.

"Yes, it burned down back in 1888," his father informed him. "That's how it's owner, Ciel Phantomhive, and his staff died."

"Is that the ancestor that you named me after?" he asked.

"Yes," his mother answered. "I found it when I was going through the old family archives. It was such a lovely name that I knew I had to give it to my little angel."

He blushed and turned back to his window. So he was going to be the next Ciel to live there, huh? He found that a bit amusing. But the news of how the last one died unnerved him some. What if Alois' ghost talk was true? He quickly scolded himself for thinking such nonsense. The blond always had a way of getting into his head.

"We're here," his father announced.

He gasped as the pulled up the driveway. As he was told, the building was massive. It was also very beautiful. It looked like something a noble would live in. he couldn't believe that he was going to be living there. He could have sworn that he saw a curtain move in one window, but he quickly dismissed it.

They got out of the car as the van and real estate agent pulled up. Vincent quickly went to greet him.

"Mr. Landers, it's nice to see you again," his father greeted.

"Mr. Phantomhive, the same here," the man replied. "Let's hope that today we don't have the same problems that we had last time."

He was going to ask what they were talking about when his father turned to him. "Ciel, why don't you go inside and look around," he suggested. "Your mother and I are going to instruct the movers. There are a few maps of the place inside so you don't get lost. Your bedroom has been marked with blue tape."

He nodded and slowly walked up to the large doors. He was sure that they were going to be heavy, but they opened very easily. It almost felt like someone was opening the door from the inside.

The first thing he noticed that it was very cold. It was a startling contrast to the warm spring air outside. He was also struck with the sensation that he was being watched. He told himself that he was being ridiculous and continued to wander around.

He spent the next few hours looking at the house. He was always a fan of antiquity, so he enjoyed looking at the old architecture and paintings. He went into the every room and looked through them eagerly. He became excited when he saw there was some old furniture left. He even found an old desk in a room close the library. He made a note to rummage through it later. Every once in a while he would come across a locked door, but he figured that his parents had the key to those.

He finally came to the door to his new bedroom. After seeing the rest of the house, he was eager to see what it looked like. He reached for the knob when the door suddenly swung open, seemingly by itself. He stood there looking confused for a moment before shaking his head. It must have been a breeze, he told himself.

He was surprised when he entered the room. There was a fireplace with two large bookshelves on either side. A table and and a few chairs were in front of it. He spotted a door on the opposite wall and walked toward it. He kept his face composed when it opened on its own. Beyond it was where he assumed his bed was supposed to be. There was an old and rotted bedpost in one corner of the room. He assumed that it had once been very grand.

He went through the next door he saw(which acted the same as the previous doors). Inside this room was a large wardrobe and vanity.

"An entire room just for dressing?" he observed. "This house must have belonged to a noble."

He walked through the last self-opening door. This one led to a large bathroom. In one corner was a modern looking toilet. The sink and bathtub looked old fashioned, but they had modern faucets attached to them. After looking at the tub(and making a mental note to have a shower head installed) he walked over to the sink.

He let out a gasp when he looked in the mirror above it. There was a man standing behind him! He only got a brief glance of pale skin, dark hair, and a black suit before he spun around. To his surprise, there was nobody there.

"I must be seeing things," he muttered as he left the room to go downstairs. "There's no such thing as ghosts."

He could have sworn that he heard laughter behind him.


A/N: Look out, Ciel, Slenderman's after you! Jk. I know this was short, but this was just to set the story up. It will get better as it goes along.