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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Set directly after our story "Faeral", the third story in an AU plot line.

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and nudity)

Faery Tale: Chapter One

By: The Rainbowwriters

Dyson had never been fond of art, it wasn't that he disliked it, it was just well, he didn't understand the attraction to colours on a canvas, sculptures made out of once living or any other type of medium or the like. He didn't have a preference for real film over digital when it came to photography, and he wasn't sure why anyone wanted to pay money to wander for hours around large buildings, talking in hushed voices while staring at paintings, drawings or other such creations that some individual had created one or one hundred years ago. He could probably point out the difference between realism and expressionism but that was more because he wasn't an ignorant individual and had made a point to educate himself over his nine hundred plus years, than it was because he had any love of the subject.

Two art styles that the wolf knew he really wasn't keen on were surrealism and cubism; the first, with its complex often confusing mishmash of regular things in irregular places, orientations and scenarios made Dyson uncomfortable mostly because he liked his life to make sense. He liked order, he liked things to be the way they should be. It helped him to function, helped him to live out his long fae life in a human world. The second because its often bold use of colour and its often jarring way of merging together the regular to make them look irregular, made little to no sense to him.

It was probably because of this intense dislike of these two art forms and the images they portrayed, that Dyson didn't like what he saw every time he closed his eyes. Not, he reflected, that he could do much but close his eyes and rest. His body was heavy, artificially so, and broken; he knew that much from the pain that occasionally flared through it when he did move and from the heat it was expelling the rest of the time. Though for some reason that didn't disturb him anywhere near as much as the kaleidoscopic pattern of craziness that was his memory since the Garuda.

The wolf had worked out a few basic facts:

1. He was at the compound. Possibly the lab, but one of the security cells in the lab. The ones that were themselves almost a moulded unit, with a full shock proof, bullet proof, everything proof plexiglass wall and complex double 'air lock' door system. Maximizing viewing, minimizing escape chance.

2. He had been there for about two maybe three days from what he could guess, but had seen no one he more than barely recognized as medical staff and lab technicians that worked for the Light. All of which seemed to be positively petrified of him.

3. He was physically restrained, at his wrists and his ankles, all be it by just thick leather cuffs, lined with soft padding, but still restrained all the same, not that it mattered all that much as the next fact.

4. He was physically broken. Mainly upper body damage that was healing but with facial and some cranial issues, so whatever had happened to him hadn't been pleasant.

5. His brain felt like a late Picasso painting, fractured and confusing. Filled with pieces of images that he briefly thought he might recognize, snippets of conversations he could almost recall, but the whole collection had neither cohesion nor relevance for him.

6. He was filled with an over whelming feeling of... something, he just wasn't sure what that something was.

The wolf was sure that for whatever reason they were keeping him heavily sedated, because of his injuries his logical mind told him, but that fractured kaleidoscopic area added other more conspiratorial theories. Unfortunately the more time that passed without him seeing anyone he knew to talk too, the louder the voice of question became. To the point that Dyson knew that soon he was going to start demanding answers, giving people a reason to look at him the way they did when they approached his room with his medications or to check on his stats. After all if something had hit them and hit them hard enough to take him out, then it was big and bad, and that meant he needed details, no matter what those details were.

Dyson's internal ramblings were interrupted by the soft hiss of the hydraulics as the inner door to his room opened and two medical personal entered to fuss with the latest round of bloodwork and stat checks. Lying silently, keeping his body still, his breathing even, the wolf tried to focus his mind.

"I need to talk to someone." He made the request, his voice a little gravely and dry. "Where's Doctor Lewis?" He asked for the first person that came to his mind that would be the easiest to get in this situation.

The fact he hadn't seen her around the lab striking him the instant the words were out of his mouth. He opened his eyes as his words were met by silence just in time to see the technicians glance at each other, an unreadable look on their face, but Dyson's nose could pick up fear anywhere. He would have frowned if the stitches in his face would have let him.

"I need to see her." He asked again this time putting a little more volume into his voice. It wasn't that he particularly wanted to see Lauren, it was just that he knew that if anyone knew what was going on it would be the doctor. "For god sake." Dyson pushed up a little off the bed groaning in pain and frustration with the move before dropping back down against the bed having actually moved very little.

In a flash of movement the two technicians were at the door and out of it, into the small interlocking chamber, sealing the inner door and locking it before moving out into the lab beyond and hurrying out of the wolf's sight.


With approximately 570,000 litres of water a second crashing over it, creating a voluminous spray and and more or less permanent rainbow, Niagara Falls is described by most to be both breath-taking and beautiful. A display of nature at its most impressive with its white waters and its scenic beauty. Around twelve million people visit the spectacle a year, another credit to add to its long list.

Bo had been surrounded by this luxury and beauty for two full days and still the thing she spent most of her time looking at was the blonde who was looking at her right at that moment. She did pull her eyes from her just for a fraction of a second to glance at the coat hanger in her hand and then she looked back at Lauren.

The blonde was stood leaned against a small display of souvenirs, she looked completely relaxed and happy in light blue jeans and a soft cotton button down, gold rimmed sunglasses where down over her eyes to help dim down the bright sun light that flooded in from the double wide open store front.

"You're serious aren't you?" The succubus asked of the blonde, watching as she pushed the glasses up onto the top of her head pushing her hair up along with them, beneath them her brown eyes were sparkling.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Lauren kept a straight face as she turned the question around.

"Lauren, it's pink." Bo looked back at the T-shirt on the hanger in her hand which indeed was baby pink, with a large cartoon moose on it with 'I Heart Niagara' written in a cartoon font beneath it. "If it was v-neck maybe but the girls gotta breathe." The succubus returned the shirt to the wall display shaking her head.

Lauren laughed softly and shook her head.

"Are you issuing a challenge?" The blonde asked as she half turned and picked up a pair of happy stuffed beavers who were holding a Canadian flag between them. "Because I don't think you should, there must be a hundred shops here with T-shirts like this and one of them has to have a neck line to suit 'the ladies'." She wiggled her eyebrows slightly.

"You want to spend hours and hours trekking around souvenir shops on our vacation rather than playing in the jacuzzi tub and making out on the Skywheel?" Bo moved from the racks of shirts over to Lauren and leaned against her shoulder slightly. "Really?" She looked at her lover with a soft pout.

"I'm not sure you're officially allowed to do that on the Skywheel." Lauren pointed out raising her finger with a soft smile.

"Yeah and it's only supposed to go round three times, but the nice guy on the controls seemed to appreciate how much we liked the view." Bo pressed her hand into the back pocket of Lauren's jeans as they moved together towards the exit to walk back onto the main street. She kept it there for a second and then pulled it free. "Sorry." She put a little space between them. "That was a little 'girlfriendy' of me." She teased softly as Lauren flicked out her hand trying to catch hold of Bo's arm, but the succubus had darted away.

"Is this because I let you take me away?" Lauren reached out her hand for Bo much to the succubus delight.

"Actually this was your idea." Bo reminded the blonde as they joined the throng of people waiting to cross the road at the lights. "You are the smart one."

"I will find a T-shirt." Lauren slipped her hand into her pocket after putting her shades back onto her nose. "And you will wear it." She added with a bright grin, "Moose or no moose."

"Don't you think a beaver is more my style." Bo bumped her hip into the blonde's lowering her own dark shades onto her face after giving her lover an exaggerated wink.


For the first time in days, a technician did not enter the 'security pod' at the one hour interval prescribed to administer a dose of sedation to the captive wolf. Dyson was sure however that the full area of the room had been filled instead with some sort of high tech 'sleep gas', and no matter how hard he tried it had overtaken his effort. The world around him had snapped into oblivion again, and he had no awareness of the air flow returning to a normal oxygen mix.

As soon as the room was cleared of the gas, a group of no less than six attendants came into the pod. Two went immediately to add a second level restraints to his upper thighs and over his lower stomach. There had been much discussion that had gone on between the attending doctors and the Ash. This level of restraints usually outlined to include a number of upper body cuffs, but considering the level of upper body injuries it had been the doctor that had reluctantly refused the use of the throat and upper arm restraints.

The other four busied themselves with reading the outputs of various machines, adjusting them all it seemed. The loud electronic beeps, coming in quick series much like a tapped out code but it wasn't any code that anyone could have made sense of.

Finally two of the doctors left through the automatic door, the four that remained taking up positions around the room, looking anxiously at the doorway as the hydraulics sounded again and the Ash himself came in. With a soft motion he ordered them all to leave through the door before the timer went off. Only the last one exchanging a momentary look at the Ash, his eyes speaking to the perceived threat that the wolf posed but Hale shook it off with a soft nod and a smile.

At first Hale kept his distance from the bed. Not because he had any belief that Dyson would go from unconsciousness to attack, the hormone therapy they had perfected from Dr. Lewis' original framework of treatment should have more then taken care of that, it was because he knew his partner and invading his space never eased a situation.

It was another two to three minutes before Hale saw Dyson's eyelids start to flutter, and his muscles flexing.

"Dyson." He stepped a little closer trying to help the wolf focus on his voice.

"Hale." Dyson said the name, his lips dry and it took him a moment to co-ordinate wetting them with his tongue.

"Take it easy man." Hale went directly to a small table nearby, picking up a Styrofoam cup full of water and bringing it over to Dyson for him to take a sip.

Hale's willingness to come so close to him made Dyson very aware that when he had been conscious, none of the technicians ever came into this range. He felt a smile tug at stitches he now felt very sure were in the upper and lower part of his cheek. Slowly he took a long drink through the straw that was already in the cup, his throat feeling soothed by the cold fresh liquid.

"Sorry, Ash. I'd get up but I seem to be slightly broken." Dyson apologized as Hale moved to put the cup aside.

"Slightly broken is an understatement I'm afraid." Hale frowned softly keeping his closeness to the edge of the bed. "I would give you a run down but suffice it to say in time all your limbs will work, but you might not be as pretty as you were before." He tried to keep there initial interaction relaxed and uncomplicated by explanations. Unless Dyson asked for them, Hale had decided, knowing he was ignoring the doctor's suggestion to hide certain details from him until his status could be confirmed.

Dyson took in the information with a soft nod, actually relieved to know that despite the intense pain in his shoulder the limb hadn't been destroyed.

"And a little confused." He finally made the admission after a slow deep breath. "I'm sure there is a reason that I'm here; under guard, looking like I took the ass kicking of a lifetime, being dosed with sedatives every hour and causing such fear that the technicians jump if I so much as cough funny." He held his partner's eyes. " Really Hale, could you tell an old friend what the hell is going on?"

"Well..." Hale's face grew serious and he leaned against the edge of the bed. "It's a slightly complicated story." He broke eye contact for a moment but then held Dyson's eyes again. "The short version is that we believe the return of what the Norn took from you initiated a second Buaigh Ar An Ainmhi." He said the sacred Celtic words slowly and seriously.

"What?" Dyson painfully raised a stitched eyebrow, vague memories of his youthful quest when he had finally been called to be tested, settling with equal amounts of pride and disappointment. "I underwent a second Buaigh Ar An Ainmhi? How, the Great Wolf Spirit would never call for such a thing."

"We believe that it wasn't the Great Wolf Spirit but the Garuda who fulfilled the requirement of a great power to call the quest." Hale watched the wolf's face knowing this news was frightening for a shifter like Dyson.

"The Garuda began my quest?" Dyson felt a cold feeling start in his stomach as his mind brought forwards memories of facing off with the eagle spirit. The ancient being's words harder to remember then the sight of Lauren sprawled on the ground at his feet. Then suddenly the words rang clearly through his head, the Garuda calling for him to kill the blonde, destroy her and claim the love of his mate. "That's why the technician panicked when I asked to speak to Dr. Lewis." Another thread of clarity dawned on him as he flexed his arms against the wrist restraints more to just feel the muscles tense then any level of aggression.

If anything to Hale, the wolf voice betrayed the level of confusion and panic he was feeling. The idea that he could have undertaken a Conquering, here in the city and outside the forest, and have it be over murdering Lauren to get to Bo, clearly sobering any left over effects of the sedative.

"You're focus was specifically Bo and Lauren" Hale filled in for him trying to stay factual and to the point. "Dyson, it was Bo that did this too you, you broke out of a level three security room and attacked Lauren at the Dal." He swallowed not really wanting to try to outline everything that had gone on this quickly but knowing that he needed certain key facts.

"Attacked Lauren." The wolf repeated the words, as a confusing flash of memories flooded up from nowhere. "Did I hurt her?" He asked the question, not able to answer it himself despite playing through the memories he could hold onto over and over. Another part of his brain was still trying to deal with the idea that Bo had done this to him, the reasons for her not coming to see him getting more and more obvious.

"Mild concussion, a few stitches up in her hairline." The Ash filled in the details of the doctor's injuries. "Dyson, you... you actually broke out of the dungeon twice." He gave a soft sigh. "The first time you lured the doc to the parking lot in the middle of the night, terrorized her and were about to ..." He trailed off for a moment before he looked the wolf in the eye again his voice lower. "Rape her to show your dominance over her." He saw the way Dyson's eyes flared in shock at the outline. "When Bo and Kenzi showed up and immobilized you, we thought you were going feral." He mentioned the misdiagnosis for the first time. "Then you broke out again, went straight to find Lauren and were about to show your dominance over her in front of Bo to fulfil your quest." The Ash tactfully summed up the horrific situation.

"And Bo stopped me?" Dyson said the Succubus' name for the first time, reeling from all the information of deeds that he couldn't really remember. He would admit that he had flashes of words and places. He could remember being with the doctor in a dark parking lot, but he had no context or dialogue to make it make sense.

"Lauren knew that you weren't going feral, she figured out that you being manipulated by the Conquering but you struck before treatment could be started." Hale filled in the background before he addressed what Bo had done. "Bo stopped you." He frowned. "I wasn't there but the description Trick gave me suggests she broke you from the Buaigh by showing you that you weren't the leader of the pack, she is."

"I don't remember." Dyson admitted wishing he could raise one of his hands to his head, in the natural automatic reaction to try and pluck the hidden memories from within. As he struggled he could remember pain suddenly, and the unaligned beauties voice telling him almost in a whisper that she could kill him, would kill him if he didn't submit. "I don't..." He looked at Hale for a moment not sure how to express anything of what he was feeling, his eyes fell on Hale's lapel and he frowned more. "You're wearing the official emblem, did I miss the coronation?"

"You did." Hale gave him a sad nod. "You've been out of order for awhile now my friend."

"I like my quarters, I remember when we approved the schematics." Dyson nodded settling on the fact that it wasn't likely he could take in all that had happened to him right now. "Thank you for everything, I'm sure I have you to thank for keeping me from being bound." He added knowing how things in the political arena must have played out at the very least.

"It got close there for awhile but remember the Buaigh Ar An Ainmhi is a very mystical rite of shifters that everyone knows puts you in a state beyond your control." Hale nodded reaching out to pat the other man's arm. "I just wanted to give you an idea, when you're better we'll go through it all in detail when you're in better shape."

"Not how I expected the aftermath of the Garuda to play out." Dyson admitted with a heavy breath out, letting his head rest back against the pillow. "Not what I expected at all."


Despite it being just the third day of Kenzi's 'home alone' adventure, the clubhouse had undergone a dramatic transformation. The kitchen was quite literally a hazardous zone: empty take out containers with partial eaten meals were stacked on the counter; glasses and mugs were abandoned in the spaces in between; and the island looked as if Kenzi was creating a pizza box sculpture.

All in all, the main floor more resembled the younger woman's bedroom then ever before. Without even Bo to occasionally rib her into picking up discarded clothes and in most cases pick it up and deposit it back in Kenzi's room, it almost appeared as if most of her wardrobe had migrated like a herd of buffalo from one room to the main area.

If she was truthful, Kenzi hadn't slept in her own bed since Bo and Lauren had left for their mini vacation. She'd migrated between the couch and the Succubus' big bed, feeling safe in her best friend's room surrounded by various weapons.

The most unexpected thing was that since Kenzi had waved from the doorway at the back of the Camaro three days before, she hadn't actually left the clubhouse. She had instead filled her time with television, video games, take-out and laziness. After all she deserved her own mini vacation considering all they had gone through recently.

Normally, Kenzi would have expected to be checked up on by either of the policemen, but with Hale struggling with his new career and Dyson held prisoner somewhere in the depths of the compound she was on her own. A feeling she hadn't really experienced since before she'd met Bo. Of course if she'd wanted to get out, the Dal was always there and usually involved free drinks but she honestly didn't want to deal with Trick until Bo was back.

For all these reasons when her phone rang, Kenzi had to first untangle herself from the blankets on the couch and actually dig through things on the coffee table to find it.

"Hey, how's the water?" Kenzi teased seeing that it was Bo's number. So far they'd exchanged a number of texts; confirming they'd arrived safe and that the hotel Kenzi had arranged for them was beautiful. But other than that Lauren and Bo had been enjoying being on their own, and the younger woman didn't blame them for that in the slightest. She could barely imagine how the doctor had managed to stay so relatively calm during the time that Dyson was hunting her.

"It's beautiful, we have presents for you." Bo admitted immediately, clearly outside somewhere from the noises that Kenzi could hear in the background. "How are you?"

"Missing you both of course." Kenzi laid back down with the phone smiling at the relaxed tone of her best friend's voice. "Did you remember fudge? I need fudge."

"We're picking up fudge right before we leave so its fresh." Bo laughed lightly having been warned about 'the fudge' a half a dozen times now. "Mostly I was calling to tell you we'll be home late tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Kenzi sat up again on the couch taking a quick look around at the mess and destruction. "Are you sure? Have you had sex in the heart shaped jacuzzi yet?"

"I am not answering that." Bo laughed again, even though she knew both Lauren and herself had fallen in love with the in-room amenity. "And yes tomorrow, so clean up and get all the boys out." She teased.

"Damn how did you know about the male strippers I brought home last night?" Kenzi teased back. "Seriously thought Bo, are you sure you two have relaxed enough?" Her voice changed to a softer tone of concern.

"It's been great." Bo's voice held a wistful happiness. "But we can't stay here in wonderland forever."

"I get it, but if you decide tomorrow to stay another night I won't be offended." Kenzi spelled out not wanting her best friend to be worried about her.

"I'll pitch another day to Lauren." Bo agreed. "Are you sure you're okay though?" She checked again.

"I'm fine Bo." Kenzi assured her. "I just need time to clean up last night's rave, now go enjoy yourself some more and take pictures for me." She underlined the instructions to her.

"Ten four." Bo acknowledged. "The shuttle is here, we're checking out the casino for a bit so wish us luck."

"Bring me back millions." Kenzi urged her and with quick goodbyes she finally hung up the phone and looked around at the mess with a frown.

Almost immediately she summed up that she had well over twenty four hours to deal with it, and simply laid back down reaching out for a chicken wing from the package on the table.