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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Set directly after our story "Faeral", the third story in an AU plot line.

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and nudity)

Faery Tale: Chapter Thirty-Three

By: The Rainbowwriters

After a long few minutes of being inextricable from Kenzi's side while Lauren worked, Bo was eventually persuaded away by her grandfather. Under the pretence of helping him prepare warm drinks for everyone, to aid their recuperation after the highly traumatic last few hours. Even though his persuasion had been successful, the succubus spent all the time it took her and her grandfather to leave the main room of the Dal, looking over her shoulder, watching every move the blonde made, or looking for any sign of a response from her best friend.

When they finally breached the Blood King's more private rooms, Bo had no option but to change her focus, instead choosing to watch as her grandfather moved to gather together a full tea service on an ornate silver tray.

"Thank you." Bo heard herself say the words almost before she actually willed herself to do it.

Trick paused mid motion as he was putting a four china cup onto the tray.

"For what?" He asked softly not looking at his granddaughter, just focusing on the task at hand.

"Everything." The succubus replied taking a slightly staggered intake of breath. "For having the strength to take on the role I couldn't in the harvest, for finding Thistle in the first place despite the history." She looked up and over to her grandfather. "I can't imagine the strength that took." She added honestly. "The thought, the fact that you did it for me, for Kenzi..." Bo took another more stable breath. "Means so much." She gave her head a soft shake.

"I am glad I was able to be of some help." Trick moved away from the now prepared tray over towards the kitchen area of the room. There was something of the reluctant hero in his tone that seemed to suggest he was uncomfortable with any kind of thanks or praise for his part in all of this.

Bo watched for a moment longer as he fussed with sorting through an apparently vast array of teas and brew choices, before selecting the right one for the situation.

"I'm sorry that..." She began but stopped as she watched her grandfather turn towards her softly shaking his head.

"Now is not the time for apologies or regrets." He said softly. "Now is a time to be content that our goal has been achieved. The harvest was completed successfully, Kenzi's is free of the Ghoul, and the people of the city are free from the fear of plague, death and misery." He summed up everything they had managed to accomplish.

"Yes." Bo almost felt as if Trick had admonished her slightly though at no time had his tone been angry or aggressive. "Will it be okay I mean with Kenzi being here at the Dal until she's well enough for Thistle to do the..."

"Bo..." Trick turned again from the preparation and looked, initially his countenance firm, almost disproving, but it quickly softened when he saw the worried expression on his granddaughter's face. "It is quite alright, the local population will managed without the Dal for a few days. There are other place that can be used to sign in and out of the area at such times. Hale has already promised to manage all important travel concerning light fae matters." He abandoned what he was doing and moved closer to Bo with a soft look of genuine sympathy. "Really Bo, it's time to relax and know that a battle has been won." He reached out and squeezed his granddaughter's hand.

"That's what I thought when we killed the Garuda, and look what's happened to us all since then." Bo replied blinking sad brown eyes at him.


Lauren only left Kenzi's bedside when she was as happy as she could be that her young friend was as stable as possible, as comfortable as she could be and resting as well as could be expected. All her readouts were good, her levels acceptable and she even looked 'better' than she had for what seemed like so long. The ghostly white colour had come out of Kenzi's complexion, and was replaced by the rosy cheeks of overexertion.

Taking an extra minute to tuck Mr. Kickers into the carefully turned down clean sheet she had put on the bed, Lauren pressed the finger tips of her left hand to her lips and then rested them lightly on Kenzi's forehead.

The raven haired young woman did look a thousand times better than she had just half an hour before because not only had Lauren stabilized her and taken care of everything medical that she possibly could have, she had taken the time to carefully clean her up, concentrating mainly on her face, even lightly brushing her characteristic black bangs so that they laid so perfectly over her pale forehead. The attention to detail made her look a little like snow white, tucked up asleep in the oversized bed, that she had also gotten a clean pillowcase for.

"Dyson, if you wouldn't mind watching her." Lauren looked over at the wolf who was stood by the bar, having been left rather awkwardly with nothing to do when the Blood King had so unsubtly ushered his granddaughter out of the room. "She'll just sleep, but it would be better if someone was with her." Lauren kept her tone smooth and even smiled at him as he dropped a quick nod at her as he moved instantly to pull up a bar stool beside the bed and take up his vigil.

Lauren took a little breath in as he moved, despite everything that had happened between her and the wolf, his love of Kenzi was undeniable and that she had to admire.

Sliding a hand into her lab coat pocket Lauren made her way over towards where Thistle was silently and methodically collecting together specific elements of the array of equipment that littered the Dal. The harvester stopped as she approached and looked up.

"Can I help you Dr. Lewis?" Thistle asked. "Is there a problem with Kenzi?"

"Yes, that is..." Lauren cast a quick glance over her shoulder at the large medical bed. "No..." She shook her head quickly. "There's no problem with Kenzi, she's sleeping." The blonde explained. "I actually came to see if you needed my help." Lauren looked at Thistle with a softly arched eyebrow. "Your hand." She pointed out when the harvester seemed a little lost as to what the blonde was talking about.

"Oh." Thistle made the small noise and looked down at her own hand that she had done nothing at all with. Indeed her hand and most of her arm was just covered in dried blood, the wound itself still slightly oozing with the constant use the harvester was forcing on it.

"May I?" Lauren took a step closer.

A slightly amused smile spread across Thistle's face as she put down what she was packing and nodded, moving to sit down on the edge of the booth bench she was closest to. She held out her hand for inspection and Lauren took it lightly to make a quick cursory judgement before she released it again.

"I'll be right back." She excused herself and moved off to one of the resource carts beside Kenzi's bed. Returning the next moment, Lauren began the task of cleaning, packing and dressing Thistles hand. All the while the harvester sat back watching her, never moving, not even flinching as the blonde was forced to disinfect the whole area so long after the penetrating wound had been caused.

The whole process didn't take Lauren long, and soon she was finishing the bandaging with neat strips of tape.

"I'll need to change the dressing in twelve hours. Will you still be here in twelve hours?" Brown eyes looked at red, without trace of fear or hesitation.

A larger smile spread across Thistle's face.

"Yes, doctor, I will." The harvester replied with a nod. "I will be here until my job is done." She replied. "I cannot leave until the vulnerability in Kenzi's soul is sealed and I cannot do that until she is strong enough." She explained more.

"Then I will change it in twelve hours." Lauren confirmed her plan. "Try and minimize usage, I don't know enough about druids and the way you heal to know how to help you, but I know enough about injuries like that to recommend resting it and avoiding aggravating the wound."

"Perhaps I can increase your knowledge a little in the time I am here." Thistle made the thinly veiled offer with her now not so rare smile.

Lauren stood up and gathered together the garbage she had made during her treatment.

"I'd like that." She nodded honestly.


The harvester had only stayed in the Dal about another hour after Trick and Bo had appeared with drinks for everyone, in that time she had collected up a select number of things, left others, and arranged obviously in a very specific way around the room a combination of remaining and new things. She had given her word that she would return in at dawn the next morning and then had been met by the tall thin fae that had been with Lauren in the lower rooms of the Dal during the harvesting, and the two had left together in silence.

Thistle's absence changed the atmosphere in the Dal as Trick and Dyson both seemed to relax a little without her presence. The wolf instantly looking more tired and pained as his level of tension dropped. The Blood King's energy level also seemed to dip as his guard lowered, the knock on effect making Bo feel uncomfortable because she wasn't ready to leave her best friend, indeed she had no intentions of leaving even though she understood people needed to rest.

As if reading Bo's mind, or at least her body language Dyson pushed up off his bar stool and stretched out his aching body.

"Well, I think if you have next watch Bo, I'm going to go home, throw myself in the shower and get some rest." He looked at the succubus with a slight smile. "I feel a little like I got my ass kicked."

Bo looked back at him with a slight smile on her face too.

"We'll call if there's any change." The succubus promised pushing up to stand in reaction to his motion more than anything. The wolf nodded in acceptance of the genuine offer.

"Dyson, if you need something I could give you pain killers..." Lauren didn't stand but she did turn to look at the wolf as he turned and began to move towards the exit.

"No, it's okay thanks doc." He gave her a solid nod. "I'll see you all later." He added turning again.

"Dyson." Bo called out before he could leave, making him stop once more. "Thank you, if you hadn't...Without you I wouldn't have..." She badly fumbled.

Dyson just nodded again and took a breath before slipping out into the street.


Lauren was honestly amazed at how for someone who was usually so focused on action and the need to be 'doing' something, Bo had managed to do nothing but watch Kenzi sleep for such a long time. There were times that the succubus seemed to get a little fussy, but then she would either pick at the sheet edge, or fiddle with Mr. Kickers a little. Once having a full fledged conversation with the small stuffed kangaroo about the changes that were going to be made at the club house, particularly in the basement. Lauren couldn't help but smile at Mr. Kickers abundant use of the word 'crikey' in his responses to the succubus or his continual references to the possibility of having a 'barbie and a beer' some time soon, all performed in Bo's almost comically bad Australian accent. It seemed the brunette's entire idea of Australia must have come from watching a re-run of Crocodile Dundee. Authentically Australian yes, but a movie a little heavy with stereotypical sayings and characters.

Even Trick had been in and out of the main bar, mainly tidying as was his want. The older fae liked to feel in charge and Lauren had learned one of the ways he maintained that feeling was to 'run a tight ship' as it were. The blonde became a little suspicious however when on he latest trip into the private rooms, the Blood King didn't quickly return, even after some twenty minutes.

Easing up from her place beside Bo, Lauren leaned in and kissed her lover's cheek, making a generic excuse to go and find out where the other fae had gone. The blonde entered the lower rooms to be met by rather a loud noise coming from the vault. Curiosity being one of her worst traits Lauren eased further into the room.

"Trick?" She called out.

The Blood King reappeared from the vault the next moment, pushing a box that was nearly as large as him. Seeing immediately what it was Lauren had to suppress a soft laugh. Trick moved around to lean on the side of the box and looked at the blonde with a smile.

"What?" He said with a look of mock innocence. "Not everything in here is a thousand years old. Now come and help me pick find sheets."


Bo picked at a stitch on the seam of her leather pants. With surprisingly little effort, she worked the end of it loose and soon had a little black cotton tail pulled out of the seam, that she could tug at, pulling it taut and winding it around her finger.

"Mr. Kickers."

Bo's finger stopped mid turn as her head snapped up turning straight to Kenzi. To her ultimate surprise blue eyes were looking at her, open only a little, but still open and most definitely looking at her.

"Is Australian." Kenzi announced weakly.

Bo's face broke into an almost beautiful smile as she pushed off the stool she had been sat on and grabbed one of Kenzi's hands, the other moving to brush at her best friend's bangs and stroke her cheek.

"He's got a wicked accent." The young woman attempted a weak smile.

"Oh Kenzi." Bo continued with the stroking and general looks of overwhelmed relief, her eyes instantly filling with happy tears. "You scared me." She felt her bottom lip tremble almost uncontrollably.

"Takes more than a ghoul to take me down." Kenzi's voice began to deteriorate a little, her strength ebbing quickly. "I'm part succubus, by association." Her blue eyes fluttered a little.

"You sure are." Bo took a steadying breath in. "You sure are."


It hardly seemed possible; soft lighting, soft music, soft clean fresh sheets, and the weight of her lover's head on her shoulder, arm across her stomach, and leg over hers. Skin against skin, warm, soft, safe. After all that had happened to have this slice of perfection seemed impossible.

Bo shifted, wiggling in place, tucking her hand up behind her head, bending the leg that Lauren hadn't claimed up, so that her foot rested flat on the cool sheet.

"Er Bo, do you think you could wiggle less." Lauren's less than confident voice broke the succubus' happy bubble.

"Sorry what?" She asked totally missing the point as she flopped onto her side. The wild move making the entire mattress shimmy over and over.

"You, moving, less." Lauren pointed out again, using one hand to hold on to the plastic side of the inflatable bed, the thing that Trick had pulled out of the vault, the thing she had carried out into the main room of the Dal, inflated, dressed and was now laying in feeling like she was hovering over a bowl of jello.

"Sorry." Bo apologized and though Lauren had no doubt the succubus meant it, the smile on her lover's face was as bright as the nightlight on the table that she had brought to the side of the air mattress.

Bo reached out and traced her fingers over the tank top cover Lauren's stomach, in soft wide circles.

"Does this count?" She asked making sure to anchor her elbow to her side so that she wasn't actually moving her body at all.

Lauren couldn't help but smile at her lover's attempt at adherence to her rule.

"You need to rest, the last thing Kenzi needs is for us to wake her up." Lauren pointed out with a soft grin playing along for a moment before letting her voice drop into a serious tone. "Really Bo, you might be a succubus, but you need to recharge, to rest. You can't just give give give all the time." She reasoned gently. "Sometimes you need to take a little too." She thread her fingers into Bo's on her stomach. "So take a little time out and sleep, we'll all be here in the morning."

Very carefully Bo moved as close as she could to Lauren and changed the dynamic of their embrace, being the one to lay against the blonde, as much of her touching the other woman as she could possibly manage. With a soft content sigh she closed her eyes and just took long, slow deliberate breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth. Focusing on the smell of Lauren's skin, the trace of candle smoke in the air, clean sheets and even the under tones of stale beer.

"I love you." Bo breathed onto the skin of Lauren's shoulder, before placing a kiss there, her body suddenly overwhelmed by just how tired it was. How tired it was allowed to be in this protected place.

"Always." Lauren agreed, her voice a soft whisper as she reached out her hand, snapping off the beside lamp committing the Dal to a comforting darkness.

The end... For now...