Let Your Heart Guide You

Space. The pitch-blackness, the silence, the harsh cold, the unforgiving deadness. An environment unfriendly to anything living, to be sure. This is where our story begins. One could argue that the forging of the true, deep, undying friendship of Littlefoot and Fyn began here, in this most inhospitable of environments, with the start of a single event- an event which triggered the greatest catastrophe, and possibly the most trying times the Great Valley ever knew. It started out small, almost insignificant, but gradually grew, as all things do, into the problem that would soon face the Great Valley.

The sequence of events started with a collision: two chunks of space-rock colliding on their paths through the galaxy smashed together silently, but with a magnificent visual display nonetheless- if anyone had been around to see it. When the rock behemoths crashed together, chunks of rock spewed out in all directions with fantastic speed, unhindered by any force, but guided by their own inertia. It was one such fragment- one the size of a small mountain- which, because of this collision, sped off on a new course.

This chunk of rock flew on through space, diverting slightly when it hit other debris, but mostly staying true to its original course. It was inanimate, cold, unfeeling, unable to realize the potential destruction it could bring, or the three lives it would directly impact. Its time had not come yet, but very soon, this seemingly insignificant speck in the cosmos would set in motion a massive chain of events on a small planet only a few million years old, in one location in particular.

The planet was our own; its inhabitants at the time were dinosaurs.

And the location was a place- a paradise- known as the Great Valley.

I do what I want!

Yes, I just released the prologue for my next story, and yes, it was kind of a mean thing to do, but I had to do something while I was just sitting here in an empty house waiting to catch my plane for USAFA. Anyway, I do believe this is the first time I started a story in outer space. Pretty fun take, if I do say so myself. Also, I tended to use modern terms in the beginning, just to try something new (plus, how many times can you say "flying rock" before it just gets old? Trust me, that term will be used plenty in time). At any rate, I will get back to this as soon as I get a bit of sanity back after BCT. Until then, wish me luck.

By the way, this is a Littlefoot and Fyn fic. You can't put "OC" down as a featured character, so I had to make do with monsieur Littlefoot. Also, this story's going to be much longer than my others, so don't expect the action to happen immediately. I'm shooting for "small book" length on this one.

See you in six weeks, and may the Bright Circle always guide your path!