Barnabas Collins ran downstairs, bursting with the energy that only came from being ten years old and knowing that today was your birthday. His mother and father had promised him a full day to have a party, and then at the end of the evening, there would be fireworks, which Barnabas had never seen. He bolted down his breakfast, eager to get his day started.

The day went wonderfully, and as soon as it was dark, the family trudged up to the top of Widow's Hill, a blanket under Joshua's arm. When they reached the top, he spread the blanket out. Barnabas immediately sat down, eyes wide and peering into the dark skies. Joshua laughed. "Watch towards the horizon, Barnabas. That's where the fireworks are coming from."

Barnabas turned towards the ocean, and then gasped as the sky suddenly lit up with red. He laughed in joy, clapping as more and more fireworks went off, turning the night sky into a kaleidoscope of ever changing colors.

This had been the best birthday ever.