R Is For Riku

She has her reasons for hating him. He killed the only one who ever cared about her. He never even seemed to notice that DiZ was forcing her to do things she didn't want to do.

She has her reasons to love him, though. He actually notices her, and he comes to see her sometimes, but the love she feels for him isn't like the love she thought she felt for Ayumu. This isn't as strong as before.

When he's there, she always ends up breaking down. She screams at him and punches her fists against his chest, but it's never effective. She would always end up falling into his arms and crying.

Holding everything in never worked. It never had, and it never will. She would always be broken without him.

Namine really hates Riku, can't you tell?

Omega Star Shooter 14 : Yes, it's very sad. ):