Z is for Zero

She is no more. Nothing more than zero.

The one called 'Namine' doesn't seem to be real. Either that, or she's left the face of Twilight Town. She never even existed. No where, not in this world, not in any other, not in anyone's Heart. There's no such name…there's no such person. There never would be.

There was zero chance she might ever be able to reach out and go back to the real world. She just…wasn't able to. And she wasn't going to attempt it at all. Namine had come long ago to accept the fact that one day she was going to have to fade away, go back to Kairi. She was always okay with it.

She had considered thinking it over, when Riku talked to her about things, but in the end, she always ended up going back to her original decision.

Ayumu…that was the one person she was still trying to find. She still couldn't find him…it was almost as if he had vanished from everything, life and death together.


She knows his voice, and she doesn't even have to look up at him to know that this is him. Immediately, she turned around, and embraced him.

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