G is for Glass

The flowers on the table are really glass. If you threw them onto the floor, they would shatter into a million pieces.

The represented Namine's feelings, personality, Ayumu decided. She was as fragile as they were, because he was the only one who seemed to accept that she actually was a person, actually was human. Not just some…puppet, like he was.

Once, when Larxene was angry and Namine had sneezed- all she had merely done was sneeze, Larxene had pulled her across the room, slammed her into the window, and the glass had shattered. Ayumu remembered the blood tainting the girl's flaxen colored hair when she hit the floor, unconscious. Larxene did nothing, didn't even attempt to clean the blood, or glass out of the girl's body.

Ayumu did. He picked ever single piece of glass out of her hair, out of her skin, cleaned the blood away, and desperately hoped she'd be okay.

Fluffy chapter. Usually I don't do that...or do I?

Do I? I dunno.

Omega Star Shooter 14 : Demyx is a major tool. XD It's so hilarious.