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Toph had never felt so happy in her life. After all the pain of labor and almost the entire building coming down on them due to her rampaging earthbending, she had finally gotten to hold her new born little girl.

"She is beautiful, Toph." Katara said with a smile while cleaning up.

Katara had been shocked. This was definitely a site to see. Toph was always one to be so independent of her emotions. She had never shown any deeper emotion than anger or sarcasm, if that could be even considered an emotion (which it should in Toph's case). But at this very moment, the hardcore earthbender was the most vulnerable the waterbender had ever seen. She was smiling a warm smile while allowing her daughter's hand to hold onto her hard calloused finger. Katara knew the feeling of receiving children. She has had three. But something was different when it came to Toph. A mother is something Katara barely pictured for her companion.

Toph responded, "I know she is." She then directed her speech towards the baby in her arms. "Hello, my little badgermole." The baby cooed at the nickname.

"Katara…" Toph said with a worried look washing over her face.

Katara jumped a bit. Toph rarely called her by her real name. She answered quickly, "Yes, Toph? What is it?"

"Can…she see?"

Katara can see the concern taking over Toph's body. Katara slowly moved towards the bed in which the baby and Toph were situated. She first looked at Toph just to make sure she wasn't having an anxiety attack. Then she looked down at the baby. Her eyes were closed just as new born babies should. However, after passing seconds, it's as if the infant had sensed the stare of the skilled waterbender and opened her eyes to reveal bright emerald eyes. The child blinked rapidly adjusting to the light in the room. Soon enough, the baby fixed her eyes on Katara. Excited, the watertribe girl smiled. In response, the small mouth on the newborn formed into a grin revealing no teeth.

"Toph, she is staring at me. She can see!" Katara squealed with enthusiasm.

The earthbender sighed with huge relief. Silent tears of joy started to form in her pale green eyes. Toph would have no problem if her little girl was blind just like herself. She never had a problem seeing and neither would have her daughter. However, Toph wanted more for her child. She wanted her to know what colors such as red or blue looked like. She wanted her to be able to read and enjoy books. She wanted her to experience something she never had to and now that dream may come true.

"She has vivid green eyes, Toph and…are you crying?" Katara said a little amused.

Toph suddenly came back to reality. "So what, Sugar Queen? This is worth crying over and don't tell me otherwise!"

"I never said there was anything wrong with it. It's just…different."

"Well, my daughter is going to be one of the greatest people on this planet because she will be raised by the one and only greatest earthbender that ever lived."

Katara sighed. "I knew moments like these wouldn't last long."

"You should never keep your hopes up you know." Toph chuckled at her friend.

"Well I'm just hoping she doesn't kill one of my kids. I'm sure she will inherit that powerful bending of yours."

"Don't worry. She will only severely hurt them." Toph smirked.

"Same old Toph."

"Same old Katara." The two chuckled.

The two started turned their attention at the little girl once again. The infant was staring all over the room taking in her entire surroundings. They could only imagine what it was like for the young child being in a new world. Toph brushed her hand on top of the baby's head, patting down the little black hair her daughter had. It was smooth and silky. At the touch, the baby buried herself into her mother's chest to feel the warmth and comfort she provided. She clutched onto the fabric of Toph's clothing with one tiny hand while the other was still holding onto her mother's finger. Toph could feel how much love her daughter had for herself and at that moment promised to return as much love as possible throughout her lifetime.

After watching the exchange between mother and daughter, Katara complimented, "I think you are going to be an excellent mother, Toph."

"Thanks, Katara." Toph returned.

Katara returned to what she had been doing before. Sudden realization hit her. "What's her name?"

"I've actually had that determined for awhile now." Toph answered surprising Katara.

"Oh really? What is it?"

Toph brushed her thumb across the infant's cheek causing the baby to smile in response.


This will be multi-chapter! So stay tuned! (: