He knew he was just a substitute for who she really wanted and he didn't care one bit. It didn't make his feelings for her any less real.

As they quickly redressed, he tried to pull her in close, his hands moving to her hips. He loved their subtle curves, hell he loved her entire body. She quickly smacked them away and tried to fix her mussed hair by running her fingers through it several times.

"Not now." She hissed, glaring at him. "Hurry up and get dressed. If we take much longer they're going to start suspecting something."

"Too late for that," He chortled, kissing her shoulder. He let his lips linger on her skin for as long as she allowed it before he felt her hands plant firmly on his chest and push him away. "Hey, what gives?"

"I don't want to be caught!" Reaching down, she picked up his shirt and threw it at him. "Now get dressed."

"Fine, fine." With a dejected sigh he pulled his shirt on and half-heartedly tried to smooth out the wrinkles before he went to pull up his slacks. He watched her get dressed, marveling at her limber and trim body. God help him but he really did love her, from the second he had seen her but he also knew she'd never return his feelings. He could hope and pray but he knew she could never love him. There was only one in her heart and it wasn't him.

This wasn't their first tryst and it wouldn't be the last. The supply closet at the end of the corridor on deck 56-b was fast becoming their favorite spot. It offered the necessary security and privacy the two needed. It was there he could huskily whisper her name and tell her how he loved her, tell her what she meant to him. She would growl at him to quit with the pillow talk and get back to "business".

As the door hissed open, she went out first, cautiously looking from side to side before exiting fully. Normally he would wait five or so minutes before leaving but today he didn't. Today he walked out right after her. As he joined her, he wrapped an arm around her and allowed his hand to slide down to her hip.

"Max, if you do not let go of me right now, I will break your arm. Have fun trying to explain that to Doc." She growled as her body tensed at the touch.

He pouted a bit and did his best to steal a kiss, his smirking lips brushing against her cheek. "Oh really, Dizzy? I think the bites marks you left would be a lot harder to explain." Max released her and just as she pushed him up against the wall, knocking the wind out of him. He could see the fire burning in her blue eyes and he felt his heart clench a bit, she looked even better when she was angry.

"Get it through your thick skull, what happens in there, doesn't mean a thing. You, don't mean a thing. You are just filling a need, a very desperate need."

"Yeah, I get it." Max's glance diverted to the floor. As she moved away, he straightened his shirt out and let his shoulders sink. It didn't hurt when he'd hear her murmur 'Johnny' as he made her writhe in pleasure, at least not anymore, because he knew the El-Tee was the one she loved. All he could hope for now was to just be a friend, maybe. Still, it didn't stop him from loving her.