12:20 p.m.

"I'm just saying. Since you insist on driving my car on a daily basis, you could have done the decent thing and put gas in it," Danny complained as he, Steve, and Kono stepped into their favorite diner: Polly's.

"I told you it needed gas," Steve replied moving towards their regular booth, situated in the back of the diner. They took their usual spots, Kono next to Steve while Danny sat across from him, and continued their 'conversation.'

"No, you said 'It's got enough gas to get you home.' In no way did that translate to 'It needs gas.' You know, unless it was some secret SEAL code I just wasn't picking up on."

"Did it get you home?" Steve questioned, a smile playing across his lips.

"That's not the point, Steven," Danny snapped, virtually answering McGarrett's question by avoiding it.

"You two are one fight away from needing couples' counseling," Kono commented grinning, snatching one of the four menus from the holder sitting on the table. Danny glared at her, Steve smirked, but both guys let the fight go for the time being.

"Where's Chin?" Steve asked as he looked over another menu. Danny didn't even know why the SEAL bothered, he ordered the exact same thing every, single time they had lunch at Polly's.

"He said he'll meet us here," Kono replied absentmindedly, letting her eyes roam over the menu. Danny understood why she was looking at all the choices; she never picked the same thing. "He was finishing up a report for…"

Kono cut off when the waitress approached their table. She was usually working when they had lunch, so had already written down Danny and Steve's orders. She smiled at Kono, waiting for her to order something, but before the rookie could order, several things happened at once.

The door flew open and three, heavily armed men walked inside. At the same time, two guys sitting three booths away from the 5-0 members stood up and pulled .45s from their jackets and slowly began pulling the shades down.

"Alright," one of the three men by the door started, locking the door behind him. "I want everyone on the floor, right now!"

Half the patrons were too shocked to do as they were asked while the other half dropped like bricks. The three cops half rose from their seats, reaching for their guns, but before they could remove their weapons the new arrivals fired four shots at them.

5-0 5-0 5-0

Steve took a hit to the shoulder and hit the floor. Danny dove over the table, pushing Kono out of the way of a second bullet, and went down on top of her as the two landed next to McGarrett. Kono was fairly certain she had avoided getting hit, but she couldn't be sure if Danny had.

"I want everyone on the floor! NOW!" The guy repeated and Kono watched as, one by one, the remaining patrons dropped to the floor. "I want you to give any cell phones, wallets, purses or…" his eyes travelled to the three cops, "…weapons to my associates."

"You okay?" Steve whispered glancing at Danny and Kono. The latter nodded as she rolled the former off of her and sat up. Williams hadn't responded, and Kono grew worried. She glanced over at him, half expecting to see him bleeding from a fatal bullet wound, but instead found a deep gash hidden in his hairline. He had avoided a gunshot wound, but managed to smack his head on something when he fell.

"Danny's out," Kono responded to Steve just as a figure appeared above them. He pointed his gun at the downed detective and gestured for their stuff. Kono handed over hers and Danny's sigs, their cell phones, and their knives. Steve was more reluctant, but one glance at Danny had him relenting also.

"With any luck you'll be out of here by dinner," the guy sneered before moving onto the next couple.

"Was he hit?" Steve asked the moment the guy had moved out of earshot.

"No, I think he hit his head," Kono replied turning her attention to her boss. "What about you?"

"It was a clean hit. I'll be fine," Steve responded vaguely. There was a lot of blood, and Kono was worried about blood loss, but McGarrett seemed to brush off that little detail.

Kono returned her gaze to Danny, knowing he'd have a conniption fit if he were conscious. Kalakaua tried waking the Jersey native a few times, but he stayed stubbornly out. Instead, she covertly reached for the napkin holder sitting on the table. She pulled it down, glancing over her shoulder at the gunmen as they continued collecting everyone's valuables, and pulled a handful out.

"At least put pressure on it," she said handing the napkins over to Steve. "I don't think your hand alone is going to be enough."

"I'll be fine, Kono," Steve assured the rookie, but still took the napkins from her. As he pressed the napkins into his shoulder, he let his eyes scan the area, no doubt noting every exit, counting every patron, thinking of any plan that would be good enough to get every, innocent person out alive.

"Any ideas?" Kono asked quietly.

"A few," Steve replied vaguely, looking back at her. He glanced down at Danny. "Any luck waking him up?"

"No," she responded looking down at the blond detective, too.

McGarrett nodded, but didn't say anything. Though, Kono was certain she spotted worry flickering in his eyes as he went back to scanning the diner.

She turned her attention to the gunmen as one hopped up on the counter. He had steely blue eyes and dark blond hair. The fact that he was letting them see his and his cronies' faces meant he wasn't going to let them out alive, despite what the other gunman had said. Someone had to come up with a plan soon otherwise they were all dead.

5-0 5-0 5-0

12:35 p.m.

Chin had just pulled his motorcycle up to the curb, turning it off. He removed his helmet, letting his sunglasses covered eyes scan the area. He spotted Kono's cherry red car, sitting across the street, and smiled at the thought of Steve or Danny sitting in the back seat. He silently hoped it was Steve.

Kelly made to kick his kickstand down, but froze when his eyes settled on the diner. The windows and the door had been covered. Never, in the amount of times he and 5-0 had gone to Polly's, had all of the windows been covered. In fact, he recalled the owner screeching at anyone who even tried to cover one window.

Chin cautiously dismounted his bike, silently creeping along the side of the diner, and climbed up on the dumpster to looking into a sealed window. It gave him a view of the entire kitchen and a partial view of the dining portion.

Sitting on the counter was a blond man holding a gun. He was letting his eyes scan the area, but they kept darting towards three figures huddled on the floor. Chin followed his gaze, his stomach jolting at the sight. Kono, Danny, and Steve sat on the floor, the latter two visibly bleeding.

Quickly and quietly as he could, Kelly jumped down from the dumpster and returned to his bike. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket, scrolling through his contacts. He hit send on a familiar name and waited, with bated breath, for someone to answer.

"This is Detective Chin Ho Kelly," Chin started the moment someone answered on the other end. "I need back up at Polly's Diner." He hurriedly gave the address and said, "5-0 and several patrons have been taken hostage by several gunmen. We're going to need SWAT down here as soon as possible."

5-0 5-0 5-0

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