Just for fun ^v^ I do not own PT and all of the cast are my own invention. Basically my idea of what some of the off screne moments may have been if PT had live (english speaking) actors instead of being animated...^^;

Princess Tutu cut!

Ahiru- Lucy

Fakir- Sid

Mytho- Jonathan/ Joe

Rue- Tallulah/Tal

Drosselmeyer- Edward/Ed

Autor- Arthur/ Artie

Pike- Samantha/ Sam

Lillie- Amy

Neko sensei-Sebastian (voice and dancer)

Edel- Marie

Uzura- Rebecca

Femio- Matt

The Raven- Gregory (voice only)


[Jonathan (Mytho) standing on a platform dressed as a crow with wing attachments just before shooting]

Joe: [singing] Let me be your wings~ Let me be your only love~ Love only me and me alone~

[Samantha ( Pike) runs over to him and pretends to swoon as he looks down and caries on singing]

Joe: [singing] Let me take your heart~ Let me feed it to a bird ~Don't be scared I swear it doesn't really hurt~!

[Samantha starts backing away from him as he reaches for her]

Joe: No! Wait- please! I didn't mean it! Pike! Pikeeeeee!

[He looks down with a comical sad expression]

Joe: Why does no one love me?

[Samantha can be heard laughing off screen]


[Lucy ( Ahiru) is standing in a pond wearing her skin suit facing away from the camera]

Lucy: So it wasn't a dream...

[Marie (Edel) starts to appear from the mist turning the handle to her music box, when she reaches the edge of the pond she stops turning the handle and the music stops]

Marie: May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who de-

[just then the handle of the music box breaks off and Marie looks down at it in shock]

Marie: Oh my...that shouldn't happen should it?

Director: cut! Someone find the spare 'Edel box'



[Jonathan starts to fall back holding his heart as Sid runs to catch him]

Sid: What's wrong Mytho?

Joe: [still in character starts to sing] What is this feeling? So sudden and new.

[Sid smirks slightly but stays in character as well]

Sid: [singing] I felt the moment- I laid eyes on you.

Joe: My pulse is rushing

Sid: My head is reeling

Joe: My face is flushing

Both: [standing in dramatic poses] Oh! What is this feeling~ [both start laughing]

Director: Guys please be serious...

[after a moment the director also starts chuckling]


Director: Right Episode 25, Ahiru has sunk into the lake of despair and we are going to film the part where Fakir runs to save her, finding that he can now leave the town. Ok Sid, just run as fast as you can, the camera will follow you. Ready?

Sid (Fakir) : Yup.

Director: Alright then- ready and...action!

[Sid runs forward but almost immediately stops to bend over laughing]

Director: ok, ok. Cut!

Sid: I-I'm sorry haha! I couldn't help it- I mean what is that?

[he points over at a man in a frog costume with its hands and face squished against one of the windows in the background] [ director, cast and crew start laughing in the background]

Sid: Is that meant to be there? Who is that? I mean...

[frog takes off its head to reveal Jonathan (Mytho) waving at the camera]

Joe: Hey

Sid: Oh come on-I knew it! I bloody knew it would be you...ahh!

[everyone laughs while Jonathan grins widely]

Crew member: ...That is part of the shot-

Sid: No way! [gives an exasperated look at Jonathan who's started laughing as he dances behind the window]...ow I can't do this, just kill me now!

[Jonathan is joined by Lucy ( Ahiru) who begins to waltz with him causing the rest to laugh more]

Sid: [still laughing] I thought this was meant to be a serious scene!

[Sid walks up to the camera trying to keep a straight face but failing as the rest continue to laugh]

Sid: Princess Tutu- not only do we have magical ducks-Oh no!- now we have zombie frogs who terrorise our backdrops!

Joe:[in the background] That's frog prince to you!

(seriously- watch the episode 25 and look in the background when Fakir is running after Uzura. There is a frog in the window! I swear!)


[Jonathan standing on a green-screen platform wearing his Siegfried outfit and sword]

[holds his sword in front of him with a determined expression]

Joe: To infinity-

[points the sword upwards]



[Tallulah (Rue) walks forward as Lucy (Ahiru) jumps in front of her and waves her arms]

[Tallulah takes one look at Lucys face and starts giggling]

[Lucy looks at the camera and shakes her head before walking back to her spot]

Tal: Sorry~ ok. Try again *deep breath in-then out* I am professional. I am professional.

Take 2

[Tallulah (Rue) walks forward as Lucy (Ahiru) jumps in front of her and waves her arms]

[Tallulah bursts out laughing again]

[Lucy sags down dramatically and sighs]

Tallulah:S-sorry- I can do it I swear!

Take 3

[Tallulah (Rue) walks forward as Lucy (Ahiru) jumps in front of her only to trip and stumble off camera]

[Tallulah blinks and holds in her laughter as she glances at the camera then looks towards Lucy]

Tal: That wasn't my fault this time- are you sure she needs to act?

[crew laugh lightly]

Lucy: Oh shut up!

Take 4

[Tallulah (Rue) walks forward as Lucy (Ahiru) jumps in front of her and waves her arms]

[both stay like that for a moment before Tallulah speaks]

Tal: It's your line dear-

Lucy: Oh! Right!


[Arthur (Autor) sitting in the library with his back to the camera]

Director: and...go.

[Arthur stands up as he turns around pushing up his glasses]

Artie: Would you please be quiet!

[one of the lenses in his glasses falls to the floor but he remains in character]

Artie: Your making my glasses break!

[crew laugh]


[Tallulah as Rue before recording is giggling as she points off screen]

Tal: This is what happens when you show Joe a new toy

[camera turns to show Joe in his raven!Mytho costume using a complex remote to control the battery powered Ahiru!duck around a small pond, every now and then scaring some of the actual ducks away]

Joe: Go! Ducky! Go! Man I have to get myself one of these!

Sid(Fakir): [off screen] Joe, you're up!

Joe: Just a minute!

[Sid arrives on screen and raises an eyebrow at Joe before pointing a thumb behind him]

Sid: Now Joe

Joe: fine... [turns off control before handing it to Sid as he walks off]

[Sid watches him leave before turning the controller on and smiling as he starts up the robo-duck]

Sid: [looks at camera] What? Ahiru's mine. [smirks]


Sid:[looking at camera with a smile] you recording? This is the moment where I get to be bad-ass!

[looks over ledge to the director]

Sid: can I go?

Director: On three, ok?

Sid: Yup![getting into character]

Director: 1...2...3-go!

[Sid puts one hand on the wall and jumps over it, landing on a safety mat]

Sid: BAD-ASS! Yeah!


[Samantha and Amy (Pike and Lillie) are standing by the fountain while Lucy (Ahiru) is behind a bush near the camera]

Director: Try to keep in time with each other. Aaand...go.

[Samantha and Amy start to skip forward but Samantha is going faster then Amy]

both: Fight! Fight!-

Sam: Oh damn I went to fast.

Director: and again...

Take two

[Sam and Amy stand next to each other couting]

Both: 1..2..3!

[they both jump forward but land on different feet]

Sam: Gah! Wrong foot.


[Lucy and Joe sitting at a restaurant table with food in front of them before recording]

Joe: [leans forward with a seductive smirk] So Ahiru, what do you do for fun?

Lucy: [smiles] W-well I like to turn into a magical ballerina princess and collect shiny red things as well as eating bread, swimming in ponds and stalking people I know- What d-do you do M-Mytho?

Joe: [leans back smiling] Well I tend to get man-handled by Fakir and Rue, jump of high places and stare into space but lately I've taken to wearing black and eating hearts [he jumps up and laughs evilly making Lucy laugh]


[Gregory (the Raven) at recording studio, over pre-recorded scene]

[Kreahe is running away from Raven]

Greg: Kreahe! [The Ravens claw lands infront of Kreahe] Holly crap! He squished her!- Sorry, lets do that again...[chuckles]I had no idea that would happen...Maybe I should read the script before recording...

That's that for now- just something I did a while back when I was bored

Hope you liked it!