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Princess Tutu cut!

Ahiru- Lucy/ Lulu

Fakir- Sid

Mytho- Jonathan/ Joe

Rue- Tallulah/Tal

Drosselmeyer- Edward/Ed

Autor- Arthur/ Artie

Pike- Samantha/ Sam

Lillie- Amy

Neko sensei- Sebastian (voice and dancer)

Edel- Marie

Uzura- Rebecca

Femio- Matt

The Raven- Gregory (voice only)


[Lucy, Sam and Amy (read above) are standing side by side in their ballet outfits]

Sam: Look out, the teachers coming!

[Lucy turns to face the golden eyed Sebastian dressed in a green morph suit with added ears and paws and dots all over his bright green face]

Lucy:[looking both shocked and confused] A CAT!

[Sam immediately bursts out laughing and clutches her stomach, Lucy and Amy soon join her]

Sam: Oh good lord your face! [cackles] That was priceless! S-sorry Seb, I ruined your entrance...

[Seb sighs loudly but smiles, revealing fake fangs before putting one hand/paw on his chest and holding his head high]

Seb: [in character voice] Even if my entrance is ruined, the show must go on! [points hand/paw into the air dramatically]


[Lucy and Tal stand on each side of Joe speaking quietly and making some gestures with their hands as he listens closely, Sid is sanding in the foreground looking amused]

Sid: [notices the camera and gives a lopsided smile] We have just learned that Mr. 'Singing and Dancing' over there has not heard of the mackeraina- and so the girls have decided to amend this [grins widely before gesturing towards the three as he turns back] Watch...

[camera zooms in on Joe as he starts to follow the girls directions but has to restart after flipping his hands the wrong way, Lucy stops him and shows him each step in slow motion, Joe nods to both her and Tal]

[Joe starts again but stiffly...and slaps himself in the face by accident]

[The girls bend over laughing while he holds the side of his face blushing]

[Sid has clamped a hand over his mouth but is turning slightly pink with the effort and ends up laughing any way]

[Joe huffs but looks to the camera with a grin, he then gives a cheesy smile as he tap dances ending with jazz hands]

Take 2- kinda?

[Lucy, Joe, Tal and Sid are all lined up in front of the camera]

Sid: All right then, on the count of three? Joe, here's a tip- try not to suck.

Joe: Oh shut up!

Sid: [clears his throat] 1...2...[glances at Joe]...3!

[All for start the dance in sync, Joe deep in concentration while the others are smiling]

[Then they all clap their hands as Lucy, Tal and Sid turn left and Joe turns right making Lucy jump]

Lucy: Gah!

Joe: [quickly turning to point a warning finger at Sid] Don't. Say. Anything!

[Sid just smirks as the girls try to stay quiet][Joe groans and face palms]

Joe: [through his hand] I'm never going to hear the end of this am I?

Sid: [grinning widely] You have mastered nine different dances to a professional level and have failed to master the mackeraina- Of course not!

[Joe moves his hand to glare at Sid while Sid just grins back, the girls giggle]


[Tal dressed as Kreahe is lying on the floor turned away from the camera as it rushes forward]

[she quickly turns and throws a bright green ball at the camera as she shouts]

Tal: Murkrow! I chose you!

[Sid can be heard laughing while Joe cheers]


[Tal and Joe dressed as prince and princess lean forward and kiss each other]

Rebecca(Uzura):Ewwwww! Lulu, Tals kissing Joe again!

[Tal and Joe separate blushing lightly while Lucy talks]

Lucy: It's part of the scene, that's what their meant to- [suddenly she looks shocked]WAIT! Did you say again!?

[Lucy stares gobsmacked at the two as Rebecca glares at them; Joe goes bright pink and splutters while Tal hides her face on his chest]

Joe: R-Rebecca!

[Sid wolf whistles of screen making Joe go red]

(As a note- Rebecca wouldn't have been there for 'Mythos and Kreahes' first kiss *hint,hint*)


[Joe is sitting on the floor covering his mouth as he sniggers]

[camera turns to reveal Sid as camera man]

Sid: Hello PT fans! I am just outside the cast lounge where I have found [camera turns to Joe again] this...well aren't you going to tell us what has gotten you in such a mess Joe?

[Joe carries on sniggering but points to the lounge]

[camera moves to look through the door where Marie is sitting on the sofa with Rebecca on her lap both in costume with wearing cat ears, watching Lionking 2 as the song 'we are one' is playing]

[slowly the camers moves back to Joe still in stitches on the floor]

Sid:...sometimes I worry about these people...


[Arthur is playing the piano as Sid enters the room]

Arty: You're late! You took seven days, eighteen minutes and twe-blah balh blah bla-bla-blah! [bangs on piano key]

[Sid laughs as he walks out of the room]

Arty:[looking at camera with an irritated smile] I can never get that right!

Take Two

[Arthur is playing the piano as Sid enters the room]

Arty:You're late! You took five days, ei-Damn it![stand to look at camera while still in character] I can't talk and play the piano at the same time!

[Arty looks to Sid before they start laughing]

Take Three

[As Sid enters Arty plays the 'Duh,duh,duh-Duuuuuh!' tune, Sid hunches over in silent laughter]

[Arty stops and there is a moment of silence before he stands and pushes up his glasses]

Arty: [serious voice] So, we meet again Mr .Bond

[Sid starts laughing out loud]

Director: Ok, lets take a break

Sid: [still laughing] Oh God!- I hope you're in the next Bond movie, I just have to see you in a tux ha,ha!

[Arty grins]

Take Four

[Arthur is playing the piano as Sid enters the room]

[Sid bursts out laughing]

Arty: [confused] I didn't do anything that time...

Take Five

[Arthur is playing the piano as Sid enters the room]

Arty:You're late! You took eighteen days, seven hours and twenty-four minutes

Sid: What are you talking about?

Arty: That's how long it took from the time you began to research your power until you moticed me.[stops playing piano and stands up] Fakir.

Sid: So you're Arthur

Arty: Autor.

Sid: [blinks] Autor?

Arty: I'm Autor [holding back a laugh]

Sid: [face-palms and sighs dramatically] Of course! Because only a man, called Arthur, would act as someone, called Autor, in a scene that I am in- Why do you hate me Ted!

Director aka Ted: Don't blame me- I only knew his second name when I hired him!

[Sid glares at Arty before grabbing his shirt and shaking him gently]

Sid: [whining] Why Arthur?! Why?!


[Sid is kneeling in front of a small stone looking shocked with Lucy behind him]

Lucy: Fakir!Fakir? Fakir!...Fakir

[Just as Sid stands up Joe appears in the background]

Joe: I'll save you! Tree powers, activate!

[Joe and Sid start laughing while Lucy looks confused]

Director: Joe, get out of the shot please...ok lets start again

[Sid chuckles as he kneels down again shaking his head]

Sid: Great, now I'll never be able to do this seriously...

(ASDF movie reference)

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