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Time Skip!

"Demon/Creature Talking"



Konoha's Dovahkiin

Chapter 2: Innocence Lost

It's been close to eight months since Naruto crossed worlds into the frozen lands of Skyrim. With his disappearance, it would be very likely that village status would have him declared missing or dead, though with the aid of his newly acquired Elder Scroll, rewriting history would be a cake walk.

Within the first month, the Greybeards had him study various scrolls and books; which at first, wasn't all too fond of the idea but, soon thereafter became fascinated by past events that helped shaped the world into what it was.

Such as the Dragonborn's early life up towards his clash with the World Eater, Alduin; or the Hero of Kvatch and his involvement in the Oblivion Crisis.

During his time, Naruto had gained knowledge about his ancestor's spiritual energy, commonly known as Magicka or as he liked to call it, Mana. He compared it to Chakra and realized that unlike the mixture of physical and spiritual energies, Mana was a pool of spiritual power in its purest form.

In a grand total of three weeks, the boy was able to convert his Chakra into Mana, which would come to function as a secondary energy source. As it turned out, his Mana levels toppled over his Chakra Pool.

While at times he would venture down the thousands of steps and into the village of Ivarstead. He spent most of his time in his studying various Words of Power.

With the tutelage of the Greybeards, Naruto quickly learned to project their the most commonly used Shouts. Clear Skies, Whirlwind Sprint, and Summon Spectral Clone. While it took an extended amount of time to grasp a better hold of the sudden burst of speed, Naruto had in fact considered Whirlwind Sprint to be one of the most difficult Shouts to master.

Aside from ancient vocal arts, Naruto was given the opportunity to learn a few Spell Tomes upon exploring the sanctum; this included Flames, Healing, and Summon Familiar.

Having a remarkable learning speed, the Greybeards believed the boy was ready to meet their Grand Master, Paarthurnax. Using Clear Skies to gain access to the heavy snow and wind passage way, Naruto hicked up to the highest point in the world.

Midway up his trek, the bonde was ambushed by a hungry Troll, having crossed demensions, Naruto had never seen such a creature and had wondered what other strange beings existed in this world. The fight had given Naruto an opportunity to test out his new spells, drawing from his Mana Pool, Naruto summoned his familiar which took the form of a horse-sized two tailed spectral fox. While the kitsune clawed and bit the Troll, Naruto released a stream of flames which effectively torched troll's light fur; though it didn't seem all too bothered by its lit flesh.

Naruto quickly reached into his pouch and brought out a kunai shortly before hooping onto the thrashing troll. After several attempts, he carved the blade through its dense skull and into its brains. Naruto breathed a sigh in relief as his familiar disappeared and he continued his path up the mountain.

Moments later, the whiskered blonde arrived at a rather familiar sight, a near flat mountain top bearing sevral snow covered boulders and a frozen Word Wall. He patiently waited for the Grand Master before catching sight of an overshadowing sillhouette as it descend onto the sturdy text written wall. Awe was among the many emotions flowing through blonde's small physece, not once in a million years did he expect to stand before a live Ryu.

To his surprise, the Elder Dragon showed no form of hostility and was able to speak, much like a Chakra-based Summon. After an extended conversation involving history of the Dovah and past Dovahkiins, Parthunaax had recommended Shout Meditation as a way to strengthen and further harness the Words of Power.

The Greybeards were proud of their young pupil, however as time passed, the boy's training had come to an end as there was nothing left to teach him. They had assumed he would return to his world, however the yound Dragonborn had decided to stay and explore the continent thst was Skyrim. With a final thank you and goodbye, Naruto left the sanctuary.

Currently traveling northeast, Naruto made his way towards Windhelm, seeing as how Gold Septims was Tamriel's form of currency he needed to find work, on his way to the city he came across a camp called Tumble Arch Pass.

There was a large bonfire with several thick leather containers nearby. Crouching behind an overgrown boulder, the whiskered blonde peaked over and his eyes instantly landed upon a large humanoid creature; roughly eleven to twelve feet tall and weilding a large wooden club. Naruto recalled one of the many books he had read, reffering to the towering being as a were considered to be gentle natured so long as they weren't antagonized; renowned for their height and enormous strength they would crush anyone who they deemed a threat to themselves or to their cattle.

This brought Naruto to his next sight, a Mammoth. The furred elephant was supposed to be extinct in his world and here was one standing feet away from him. Many merchants and hunters prized after their ivory tusks and meat, however .

Stepping away from his position, the Gaint instantly took notice of the shorter blonde. He waved his arms in front of him to insure the twelve foot humanoid that he meant no harm. The Giant eyed Naruto carefully and cautiously before hefting its club over its shoulder and walked off with its grazing Mammoth. The blond gave a sigh in relief and was ready to leave the area, however stopped when he spotted a golden plated chest sitting closely to the leather containers.

Curiouity took hold as snuck up towards the chest. Inside its contents was a small pack of flawless gemstones; varying from Sapphire, Garnet, and Amethyst, seemingly piling over a beautifully crafted Ebony Sword within its sheath. Glancing up towards the Giant who had iits back turned and eyes towards its cattle, Naruto looted the chest of its treasure, stashing away the recious gems into his pouch and strapping the sword to his waist. Without a sound, the Genin slipped away unnoticed.

An hour later, Naruto found himself at Anga's Mill. However, since the cottage was not a rest stop, Naruto spent the night by the riverbank, where fished out Salmon for the evening meal. Using his Kage Bunshin to gather wood from the mill while casting his Flames to ignite a small bonfire.

Naruto had rather enjoying the use of mana as it didn't leave a strain on his physece like Chakra does, and while drained coils could take hours or days to refill, his Mana Pool could do so in seconds.

Sharpening a few sticks with a Kunai, he attached the Salmon and set them by the fire. Once the twin moons had risen, Naruto slept on the safe branches of th nearest tree, while keeping several clones to guard over the night.

The Following Day

Naruto awakened at first daylight, taking the leftover Salmon as breakfast, he silently enjoyed the quiet and calm morning winds before it was ruined by his sight of naked man dashing through the forest.

'Has he no shame!?' he thought in disgust as he finished his meal and continued on to his destination.

Nearly three hours of walking, the blonde Dovahkiin came to the sight of an enourmous stone bridge that led up to the Keep of Windhelm. Prior to crossing, he had spotted a group of merchants whose appearance resembled humanoid cats called Khajiit; selling the jewels he had taken for a pouch of 1,130 Gold.

Walking past the gates and into the snowy city, exploring each district until reaching the market where he had found the Blacksmith Quarters, with its owner Oengul War-Anvil, hammering an unifinished heated sword. After discussing the position, Oengul had hired the blonde on account of his strange ability to summon physical clones of himself; however the boy's inexperience in weapon forging would be a problem to the high quality arms that were frequently requested.

It was something he would have to fix.

During the first week Oengul had his assistant Hermir show Naruto the basics of Smithing. Giving detailed instructions how to properly use the Tanning rack to shred Leather Strips from animal hide, the Smelter to melt and reshape Ore into Ingots, the Workbench where Armor was maintained, the Grindstone to sharpen arms into deadlier weapons, and finally the Forge itself.

During his first day, Naruto had managed to forge a Fine sets of Iron Swords, Daggers, and Axes.

Come nightfall, the young Genin had rented out a room at the Candlehearth Hall as he had planned to stay long term while he mastered the art of Smithing.

Three Months Later

During his time working for Oengul, Naruto had quickly learned how to forge nearly all forms of Weapons and Armors. Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Steel-Plated, Glass, and Ebony, the highest level of forging known by Blacksmiths.

What surprised the Oengul however, was that Naruto had gone beyond his teachings and had discovered how to forge hellish Deadric and deadly Dragonbone weaponry, something very few had ever accomplished.

Hermir was proud to have taught the boy alongside her mentor, though she did hold some jealousy towards him. As Oengul's apprentice and being outdone by someone much younger than herself sent a huge blow to her pride as a future Blacksmith.

As Naruto continued to work for Oengul, news had begun to spread of the increased casualties between Legion and the Stormcloaks. The Imperials had successfully taken three of the Ulfric's Strongholds, then the Dragon that had scorched an Imperial Camp along with the invading Stormcloacks, and the many innocents the were unfortunate to have been caught in the crossfire.

To make matters worse, an orphaned boy had traveled from Riften to his old home in Windhelm, without a guardian or any form of escort. Anyone would've taken pity and would have at least helped him make way, unfortunately, not everyone is willing to risk their lives for a child.

Come nightfall, Oengul poured water and snow to douse the flames within the Forge. As he prepared to close operations, the sound of clashing swords echoed throughout throughout the empty marketplace. Following the sounds he had arrived at the source, his youngest worker clashing blades with one of his clones, giving a silent chuckle he retreated back to his steaming Forge.

Nearly a month after he was hired, Naruto had begun training regiment to better himself in Kenjutsu. While Spells were effective to a point, he was well aware that he could not simply rely on clones and his one single Destruction Spell in a fight. To survive, the blonde Dovahkiin would have to expand his skills and learn to wield the weapons he created.

At the time limit of two months, Oengul had deemed Naruto a Master Smith, with nothing left to teach him and with the Civil War settling down for the time being, the boy gave his thanks to the Blacksmith and his apprentice before resigning from service.

He had plans to hone his combat skills as well as visit other parts of the continent, meaning he would sooner or later leave Windhelm.

Believing it was best to travel at the first light of dawn, so he retreated back to his room at the Candlehearth Hall. Making a quick count of his currency, he toppled over 78,642 Septims, money that was well saved that would most likely be well spent. Shortly after a bath, he headed downstairs and spent a portion of the night lounging in the bar area.

Septims weren't the only thing Naruto obtained during his stay in Windhelm, the Dark Elf population held high regards and respect for the boy as he held no ill intent towards their race and had willingly sided with them when dealing with oppression from the other civilians. While they were displeased with his actions, they couldn't help but give the same level of respect for his assist in the War Effort.

Currently, he was found speaking with the Tavern Owner, Elda Early-Dawn.

"So, what is it I missed out on today?" reffering to the daily gossips and rumors.

"Well, there is this one rumor that everyone's got their minds on-"

"Do tell"

"Do you recall the boy that arrived here a few months back?"

"Aventus Aretino?"

"Yes, many have been calling him a cursed child-"

Naruto narrowed his eyes, not liking the start and most certainely not looking forward to the explanation.

"Is there a reason for earning such a title?"

"He's been reported bringing blood soaked bones and innards into his home, they believe he is attempting to perform the Black Sacrament ritual"

"Black Sacrament?" he asked, giving hint to describe the bone chilling ritual.

"It is believed to be the most common way to contact a Guild of Assasins, for it to work one must create an effigy of the intended victim which must be assembled from fresh human parts-"

Naruto stared in shock at the information and allowed the barkeep to proceed.

"This mostly includes a heart, skull, bones, and flesh, once collected the effigy must be encircled by candles for the ritual to begin-"

"I-Is there a form of right or incantation for it to work?"

"In fact their is, within the texts of an old book titled 'A Kiss, Sweet Mother' the very words must be repeated, Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, Send your child onto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear" she explained.

"You sure seem to know a lot about this~"

"What can I say, I was curious"

Later that Night

Naruto trailed east of the city towards the Aretino Residence, it wasn't too hard to find as it was located just above the Grey Quater and the only place of intrest that spanned over the road. Once he was up to the front door, a simple turn at the nob made him realise that the door was locked, taking a quick glance at his surroundings to insure that none of the city guards where present to attempt an arrest.

Crouching to a knee with a Kunai and Lockpick in hand, he stuck the sharpend ends through the keyhole and begun tweaking the inner machinations until a light click was heard.

Taking wooden stairs up into a near empty room, he quitely entered an open bedroom where a young boy of roughly nine to ten years old kneelled before a blood covered skeleton. Mutilated flesh and organs layed to waste within encircled candles as Aventus repeated the required mantra.

"Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, Send your child to me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear~"

Naruto's expression turned grim, as the old saying goes, rumors remain rumors until proven valid and if the boy was indeed attempting to summon an Assassin which ment he wanted someone dead. Unfortunatley, while Naruto kept his mind focused on the current situation, Aventus had taken notice his presence.

"You've come at last! I knew you would!" he spoke excitedly.

Snapping his attention to the boy, he glanced back and around the room for the Assassin. To his confusion, both him and Aventus remained the only ones within old home.

"Are you alright?"

"It worked! I knew you'd come, I just knew it!-" exclaimed Aventus, not dropping the excitement from his tone.

"I did the Black Sacrament, over and over... With the body, and the… the things and then you came! An Assassin from the Dark Brotherhood!"

"Sorry kid but, I'm not who you think I am" replied Naruto, bearing a sweatdrop of misunderstanding.

"Of course you are! I prayed, and then you came, and now you'll accept my contract!"

"Contract?" responded the older blonde, with slight confusion on the rise.

With a downcast expression, Aventus explained his reasons for contacting the Dark Brotherhood.

"My Mother, she… she died, I'm… I'm all alone now, so they sent me to that terrible Orphanage in Riften, Honorhall-" he said with disgust.

"The Headmistress is an evil, cruel woman... they call her Grelod the Kind, but she's not kind, she's terrible to all of us-"he said.

Naruto felt his mind drift back in time when he once took residence in the Konoha orphanarium. The Caretaker would show the same prejudice as the villagers and had taken great pleasure in tormenting him.

"So I ran away and came home, and I preformed the Black Sacrament! Now you're here! And you can kill Grelod the Kind" he said.

Naruto was currently facing a dilemma, he was being contracted with an assassination of the orphanage Headmistress. While he did not want the children to suffer anymore than he did, the blonde did not believe he could bring himself to kill a human being.

Shuttering at the thought of having blood in his hands, he realized that at some point in his Shinobi career he would eventually be forced to take a life to ensure his own survival.

After a moment of silence, Naruto gave his answer, "I accept your contract" he spoke before taking his leave with Aventus cheering for his success.

Riften Stables

Haven't a clue as to where Riften was, Naruto had paid Alfarinn the Carriage Driver for a lift towards the southern Hold. During the ride, the young Dovahkiin had begun foreshadowing the route of his assassination, how would he go about doing it, the consequences of getting caught in the act, etc.

If the Headmistress was as bad as Aventus described her to be, then the children would most likely have no objections towards his actions. However, they were still minors and would most likely end up traumatizing them if they were to witness her murder.

It had taken a entire day to travel from Keep to Keep and upon his arrival Naruto had decided to first find the information about his objective. Where the Honorhall Orphanage was located, which of its Caretakers was Grelod, and when would would be the most appropriate time to silence her.

Finding the Orphanage wasn't all to difficult, as its residents knew their way around the lake city. He had however, gained the attention of the Guards as they found it rather suspicious for a youngster to carry a pair of high quality Ebony Swords and they weren't the only ones eyeing the Genin, a female Kahjiit was glaring rather dangerously at him.

Opening a window to the Orphanarium, Naruto confirmed his target as the only woman currently present had been shouting and making demands towards the children residing there.

Deciding to eliminate her under the cover of night, the blonde left the Keep for the time being and found a secluded area to Train. During his time working at Oengul's Forge, he had discovered that his Clones possessed the ability to send experience and information back to its original self when dispelled.

This perk made Training much more rewarding as any amount of hours he would spend Training would be multiplied by the amount of Clones he had Trained with. Though this ability hadn't made him physically stronger, his skill in Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu were rapidly increasing.

Several hours later, Naruto took a break from his rigorous Training session and had traveled back to Riften or rather the Scorched Hammer Forge, where he purchased Ebony Ingots and with permission, were heated, reshaped, and cooled into Gauntlets and Boots while using an extra Ingot to further modify them into a denser and more durable armor.

The Forging process lasted the entire afternoon and the darkness under the moonlight had shrouded Skyrim, Naruto had carefully snuck in via a window and took deep breaths as he creeped closer to the focus of an angry Headmistress.

"Those who shirk their duties will get an extra beating, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Grelod" replied the children.

"And one more thing! I will here no more talk of adoptions! None of you riff-raff is getting adopted, ever! Nobody needs you, nobody wants you-" Naruto withheld a growl as smoke began to emit from his clenched fists, recalling similar words from his past Caretaker.

"-That my darlings is why you're here, why you will always be here, until the day you come of age and get thrown into that wide, horrible world! Now what do you all say?" the headmistress says.

"We love you Grelod, thank you for your kindness" they said downcast.

"That's better, now scurry off, little guttersnipes!"she says as she watches the kids head to bed.

It was at this point that the cold interior began to grow warm, within Naruto's grasp his arcane Flames were burning wildly in his palm, 'What right does she have to say that!? To wither their hopes of having a family!? That they should feel unwanted!?' unaware that his nails had sharpened to a point.

He soon made himself known by Grelod who took notice of the blonde's advancing self, "What do you want? You have no business here!"

Reaching for his back strapped Ebony Sword "Aventus Aretino says hello-" he responded before he vanished in a burst of speed and reappearing before her as the black blade left a deep gash that trailed down from her neck to her stomach.

The children who had been awake through the whole ordeal watched in shock as the mysterious blonde dismembered the chocking woman. Blood splattered across the floor and nearby walls before the screaming head was removed from body and shortly set ablaze.

Creeping away from the bed, the children began to gather around the corpse, Naruto snapped from his rage in time to notice their shocked expressions. They had already seen him and guards would have most likely heard the screams of his victim, he had to leave before any of them could...

"Grelod is dead, Aventus did it Hahahaha!~"

"Hooray! Grelod the Kind is dead at last! We're saved!~"

"Aventus really did it! He got the Dark Brotherhood to kill old Grelod! Hahahaha!~"

"When Aventus took off, when he said those things, about killing Grelod… I never imagined he was serious…"

Naruto sweatdropped as the children celebrated the brutal death of their deceased Caretaker and proceeded to leave before anyone else came to investigate. Once the children had turned to thank their savior, the blonde had all but disappeared, leaving an open window to allow the curtains to flow with the night breeze.

Once the Genin was out of the lakeside Keep, anxiety began surface as the shock of taking a life forced him to double over and empty the contents of his stomach.

Taking the Carrige back to Windhelm, Naruto trailed to single residential home to confront his child contractor. Once inside the silence between the made left an chilling vibe in its wake, Aventus gulped lightly and proceeded to confirm the objective.

"Well? Grelod the Kind. Is she… you know?"

Naruto nodded "Grelod is dead" he responded with an empty tone.

The boys' expression swapped from worried to excitement, "Aha! I knew you could do it! I just knew it! I knew the Dark Brotherhood would save me-" he replied, before removing a silver dish from its placement on a wall.

"Here take this, it should fetch you a nice price, and thank you, thank you again" he said, gratefully handing over the heirloom.

Naruto was hesitant but accepted it nontheless, 'Hope this won't come back to bite me' the blond thought, unaware that word of Grelod's death was spreading like wild fire.

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