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"You stink of death my friend, I salute you" – Speech.

'The red moon rises… let the hunt begin' – Thought.

"Men are but flesh and blood, they know their doom, but not the hour" – Daedra/Entity Speech

"Fus Ro Dah!" – Shout/Jutsu/Weapon Technique

Konoha's Dovahkiin

Chapter 23: Dawnguard

Whiterun – Jorrvaskr

Swords were sharpened, arrows were crafted, and shields were reinforced, within the walls of Jorrvaskr both Assassins and Mercenaries prepared for the upcoming assault. Weeks after the events at the Nightcaller Temple, Naruto had half of his Brotherhood mobilize towards their Mercenary HQ. While both affiliations work on honing their skills and improving their weaponry, Naruto was currently discussing battle plans with his Team.

"Where does Balgruuf stand in all this?" asked the whiskered Harbinger, receiving a sigh from the Ex-Werewolf.

"Balgruuf has set his guards on a perimeter watch around the city, he's convinced that no harm will be bestowed onto his people, the festival will go as planned"

"Tsk, guess that leaves him out of the equation..." he groaned, knowing the enemy would eventually find a way into the city whether by force or by stealth, and to make matters worse, civilians wind up caught in the crossfire.

"Vilkas do you still have the Local Map?"

"Indeed I do-"opening a drawer and flipping through several written sheets he brought out a detailed map of Whiterun.

"Alright then… Gaara, Kin, and Kimimaro, you three will take the Plains District along with Athis, Farkas, Ria, Njada, and Torvar while the rest of us deal with the Wind District, I'll station the Brotherhood on several rooftops for suppressive fire while the Companions evacuate the civilians to the Cloud District, they'll join the fight once they've insured their safety" Naruto exclaimed.

"Understood, rest up everyone, for tomorrow a red sun rises!"

That Night

Naruto sat by the bonfire within the main hall, allowing warm light to shine upon him. Eyes closed in deep thought, even if they were fully prepared for the attack, there was no telling what they would be dealing with and if they succeed in defending the keep there were still eight other Holds that needed required the same treatment.

He was snapped out of his thoughts upon hearing a faint thunk, and many thereafter. Rising from his seat and left the compound, once out back he spotted a lone female figure slashing apart a training dummy. Her twenty-three inch blade shined brightly under the crescent moon light, the fresh mountain winds bristled gently through her brown hair, and had all but brought a smile to the blonde's face.

With a final strike her Oathblade carve through the wood and deep into the upper torso, her breath hitched at the loss of stamina, she would've prepped a second strike had she not caught a familiar scent.

"Your shoulders are tense, you need to relax them-" she felt a pair of hands graze over her scapula, "The key is momentum... allow the wind currents to guide the blade to its target... aid it with your strength... and cut down your opponent" he whispered.

Aela calmed her breath and loosened her muscles, stepping into position and hefted back her sword, following the wind's direction she swung. The dummy was split in two and sent flying over the wall, "Perfect" mused Naruto. Aela turned with a smile and planted her lips against him, "Naruto..." she muttered as he deepened the kiss.

"I've missed you~"

"As have I~"

The two continued their heated lip lock within each other's embrace, Naruto heard his lover give a low growl and caught a strange yet arousing scent. Aela wrapped her arms around his neck and began kiss back more aggressively, her body slowly grinding against his, and her eyes had gone from hazel to bright yellow. It didn't take long for Naruto to understand the situation, Aela was in heat, and judging by the amount of pheromones released, she had been suppressing them for a while now.

"Aela... are you sure about this..." he spoke between breathes, finding it difficult to override his primal instinct.

"Yes..." she whispered lustfully before taking his hand and leading him towards the Underforge, where cries and grunts of unimaginable pleasure would echo throughout the closed cave.

Sun's Rest Festival – The Following Day

Cheers and laughter filled the proud village of Whiterun, the citizens danced and drunk to their hearts content. Both the Assassins and Mercenaries would've preferred to enjoy the hoisted decorations, the street performances, partaking in a dance or two, even get drunk with high quality alcohol; they however were tasked to scout the village from unseen vintage points.

Naruto and the rest of the Shinobi remained hidden within the crowds, keeping a sharp eye out for anything suspicious.

"Anything at your end?" asked Gaara.

"Nothing yet, it's been a few hours you'd think they'd attack by now-" Anko replied.

"My thoughts exactly..."

Naruto remained silent as he observed the walls surrounding the village, then he caught it, "I smell blood" he spoke, sending an unnerve feeling towards the six. Clouds began to traveled alongside the wind currents, soon they would momentarily block the gentle sunlight.

Deep within the core of the crowds, the villagers continued to ignore their surroundings, a lone cloaked woman could be seen leaning against a pillar by one of the many closed shops. Her eyes and most of her face was hidden beneath her hood, however her slender figure attracted the attention of the attention of a slight tipsy guard.

The conversation was rather short and amusing, until the sky clouded; she wrapped her arms around his neck, and gazed up to show her blood red eyes. The guard's final moments prior to releasing an ear piercing scream was the woman's razor tipped fangs sinking into his artery.

The villagers all but stopped dead in their tracks as many others were roughly pulled aside and had their necks bitten. A mere millisecond later, everyone began to scatter in a feared panic as weapons were drawn and spells were fired.

"Go!" ordered Naruto as he drew his Nodachi and was followed into battle by Anko, Tayuya, and Tenten. The Companions immediately sprang into action, knocking back their opponents and securing an open route for the villagers, from the rooftops the Brotherhood fired a rain of arrows at the invading assailants. To their surprise, they had only shown low signs of pain and hardly any loss in fatigue, it did however gain their attention as they redirected their Lightning and Frost spells.

"Vilkas! Get these people out of here, now!" Naruto shouted upon slamming his extended blade onto an incoming Iron Sword, snapping it in half under the pressure, breaking the armor beneath, and slicing through his flesh; the ending result was his opponent's sudden combustion into a pile of ash and bones.

Naruto stood surprised for a few seconds before turning his gaze to the enemy, those that fell died in a similar fashion. "These guys are-"

"Satetsu Sogi (Iron Sand Funeral)" flexing his wrists, Gaara wrapped his surrounding targets in black sand before having it crush their bodies as the sands shrunk and molded into tombstones. Frozen winds and lightning began to redirect towards the red-head, "Kin~!" he shouted, knowing full well that his iron sand was highly conductible to electricity, should he attempt to shield himself his sand would only chain link back to him leaving him vulnerable to the Frostbite.

Said raven haired Cyro Mage hammered her newly acquired Restoration Staff on the bleeding head of a downed enemy, fighting beside her was Kimimaro, using his stronger than steel skeletal weapons to break, crush, and batter his opponent's to ash. It was then that she heard Gaara's plea, snapping her attention to see him holding his ground against the bombarding spells.

"Kimimaro, toss me!"

Giving a nod, the Kaguya swept kicked the robed attackers, grabbed Kin's arm, swung her in a carousel formation which allowed her to kick away incoming canon fodders before giving the girl a toss towards their teammate. Tapping into her Mana Pool, Kin's hands expelled a crystal blue aura upon descending. As her feet touched the ground, she channeled her charging Mana through her staff and unleashed a high powered Steadfast Ward.

Electrical currents and freezing winds impacted against the spectral shield, while Kin pushed against the numerous destruction arts, Gaara allowed his sand to travel below the unsuspecting Mages and weaved Snake Hand Seal, "Tsukisasu! (Impale)" as the technique implied, the incoming spells were halted as the casters were impaled off their feet via iron stakes; they each gave a roar in shock and pain, shortly before bursting into ash and bones.

"Tenshi Sendan! (Ten Finger Drilling Bullets)" declared Kimimaro with outstretched hands.

Spiraling finger tipped bones were fired towards the rooftops, forcing the Assassin's to take cover, only to see the small projectiles penetrate the flesh and light armor of sneaking assailants. "On the wall!" one shouted as more cloaked figures scaled over the village walls, "Aim for their heads!" quickly lining up their bows and arrows before letting the sharpened wood and metal fly.

"Gyaku Hasami! (Reverse Scissor Blade)" Tenten jammed one of her Ebony Swords into an enemy before skewering the second in; as he doubled over she grabbed her blades and bisected him as the swords opened.

The bun-haired brunette gave a cough and a gag as the ash of the corpse exploded at point blank, "What the hell are these things!" she exclaimed, high kicking and blocking incoming swipes.

"Dunno, but I'm havin' the time of my life~" declared Anko as she flung several Kunai at her targets, while they felt little to no pain from the punctured flesh what came next would be their inevitable deaths, "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)" grinning like a psychopath, the enemy failed to see the many thin wires she gripped between her jaws; taking a deep breath she lit the wires, extending them to the flesh attached Kunai and setting the unfortunate men ablaze.

"Tayuya, how far can the Bringer of Darkness cover?" asked Naruto.

The Daedra look-alike gave a thoughtful expression as she countered blow per blow, "Uh... about a quarter mile at most" she replied before head-butting her sharp and hardened horns against her foe, causing him instant head trauma and outer bleeding.

"Good enough! Anko, Tenten, Aela, on me!" the three acknowledged and regrouped with their leader, "Go for it!" the red-head gave a nod and formed a Tiger Hand Seal.

"Kokuangyo no Jutsu! (Bringer of Darkness Technique)"

The incoming forces stopped in their tracks as their world began to fade into an eternal abyss, they glanced around frantically, few even staggered as they used their arms to feel around them. It was clear to the both affiliations, they had gone blind. "Finish them!" with their weapons drawn the four blitzed into the confused crowed and reduced them to ash in a matter of seconds.

The four continued to hold their ground, doing what they could to hold the district, until their forces doubled as the Companions and City Guards joined the battle; slowly but steadily pushing back the enemy forces.

"Why... won't... you... die!" grunted Farkas as he ruthlessly beat down on an enemy skull.

"Farkas, take cover!" shouted Vilkas, said Werewolf turned to see a group of Guards and Assassins lined up and ready for a volley, he dove out of the way as his twin outstretched his arm, "Fire!" a stream of arrows were able to bring down a line of enemies before more charged in.; they never reached their destination as Nazir and Kimimaro struck from above.

Naruto soon joined up, "Nazir, Kimimaro! What's the status on the Plain's District?" he asked.

"We're barely holding steady, whoever they are, they aren't making this easy"

Biting his lower lip, the whiskered blonde took a glance to the sky, he now knew what they were dealing with and with the clouds blocking the sun, they were at a great disadvantage. Unless, "That's it! Vilkas, Farkas, Nazir, keep the battle contained we cannot allow them to reach the tunnels, Kimimaro you're with me, let's move!" he ordered.

"Naruto-sama, what is it you're planning?"

"We've got to bring the sun back, only way we're gonna do that, is by getting rid of the clouds"

The two dashed across the war covered city, hacking and slashing as they go, eventually making it to the steps of Dragon Reach, where a squad of Guards raised their swords and shields; ready to protect the Keep and their Jarl.

"I've gotta get to the top, cover me!"

"Hai!" answered the Kaguya as Naruto hopped onto the many roofs, the pale white-haired Shinobi sidestepped an Ice Spear and allowed his shoulder bone to pop out, he ripped out a sword as the invaders scaled the stairs towards them.

Naruto channeled Chakra to his legs and continued to hop up towards the highest point, stray Lightning Bolts struck closely, causing him to nearly lose his footing. This however did not stop his ascension, when he finally made it to the tip of the keep he looked up towards the sky and gave a Shout that was heard throughout the village.


For an instant, everyone had ceased combat, taking notice of the slowly brightening sky. The clouds began to disperse, allowing the warm sunlight to graze the lands of Skyrim. When the light made its way towards Whiterun, the enemy had issued a full retreat, allowing the victors a well deserved rest.


"Eighteen dead, twenty six injured... most of them civilians"

"Collateral damage?"

"The Plain's District took heavy damage on the south and eastern sides, the Wind District on the western area"

"And what of the Jarl?"

"He's having his men hand out supplies to the population and currently focusing on reconstruction"

"Tsk, had he not taken our word lightly then half of this crap wouldn't have happened"

"Naruto!" he turned his attention to Tenten, "We've captured one, Gaara's got him pinned down in the courtyard and ready for interrogation" she explained.

"Good, now we can get some answers"

"We should hurry, I don't think Anko can wait any longer" with that the blonde dismissed his fellow Assassins before following Tenten back to Jorrvaskar.

With his right hand extended, Gaara had his Satetsu lock down the prisoner's arms and legs; this however did not stop it from thrashing about. A majority of the Companions, along with several Assassins, stood beside the Shinobi as they awaited their leader. A short time later, both Naruto and Tenten join the crowd, "Has anyone been bitten?" he asks, receiving a no in response he trails over to the sand trapped figure.

Giving a hiss at the whiskered Werewolf, Naruto frowned and removed the figure's hood, showing her deathly pale skin, blood red eyes, and wavy black hair; she screeched in pain as the sunlight began to boil her blood and burn her skin.

"Vampire-" they heard Aela growl.

"Alright, now you've got two options... one, you tell us everything as to why you're people attacked and where they will hit next... two, you can rot here in the sun while we take turns pelting you with silver powder..."

Her response was a blood raged hiss, exposing her dagger-like fangs, "I'd sooner let that cursed sun melt my flesh than tell you anything" she growled.

"As you wish, Helena have Eorlund scrape silver powder, Anko... have fun"

With a grin that would give children everlasting nightmares, she eagerly took center stage, "Kin! Fetch me tools!" she ordered.

Four Days Later

Whiterun had gone quiet over the ninety-six hour time period; many of the surviving villagers mourned the dead while several found themselves in the Temple of Kynareth, who were well on their way to curing their contracted Sanguinare Vanpiris. Naruto stood in front of the tattered form of their blood-sucking prisoner, her skin was layered with second-degree burns as the sun prevented her healing factor from closing the gaping wounds that Anko had provided.

She violently coughed as her throat had run dry and her lungs burned from the powdered silver she had inhaled. "Will you speak now?" he asked, only to receive a hateful glare from the Vampire. Releasing a sigh, the blonde reached into his belt and removed his Steel Dagger from its sheath. Pressing the edge against his finger, he slit it open to allow his life essence to seep through the opening.

The aroma of blood tickled her nose, she needed blood and needed it badly, "In exchange then... you give me the information I require, and in return I'll allow you to feed" he inquired.

She glared at the grounds below, his blood intoxicating, no use denying that she would want only for it to flow down her throat but the risk was too great. She recognized their attire and their attack on the city had no doubt made the Dark Brotherhood an enemy of the Clan. Should she refuse to speak, no doubt he would leave her to the ungodly torture of that snake woman and the infernal sun until a likely death.

It wouldn't even matter if she tells him, her brethren would most likely discover her treachery and dispose of her should they gain the chance; that is if the blonde Assassin hadn't done so already. Both roads led to Oblivion, either way, her life was forfeit.

"I'll speak..."

"Atta' girl" before allowing the Vampire to suckle on his finger, a short time later the blonde retracted his appendage as the young woman's once ragged tone regained a portion of its formal state.

"Now, talk-"

"This started... well over three months ago... our clans received word from the Volkihar... a prophecy they foretold... should it come to be, we Vampires... shall be free to roam the world of daylight..."

Naruto narrowed his line of sight, "What does this have to do with the attacks?" he asked.

"The clan... they were looking for something... they said it was a key to completing the prophecy... I do not know what... nor do I know where they are searching... our clans united under their rule... for we too wish to end... the tyranny of the sun..."

The whiskered Werewolf began to see the big picture in her words, "So... they ordered the lesser Vampires to eliminate the Keep's population, should they choose to stand against them" he exclaimed.

"Right you are..." she replied with a weakened grin.

"And where's their next target?"

"Markarth... followed by Solitude... Winterhold... Windhelm..."

Naruto furrowed his brow, 'They're attempting to eliminate Keep's with the highest military power... no doubt they'll hit the minor holds afterwards" he thought.

"I see... anything else?"

"Nothing... that would be of use to you"

"Then you are of no use... you are free to go"

The Vampire blinked once, twice, before bursting out in laughter, "It matters not if you release me... by telling you what I know I have become a traitor to my clan... they will no doubt impale me and have my ashes carried by the cold winds... I have nothing left to return to... as a request to the Dark Brotherhood... I ask that you end my life"

He stood passively, "It's been two days since the initial attack, you were not with the retreating forces and are most likely presumed dead, should you return, shame, dishonor, and death awaits you... if this is what you wish, then I shall abide to it" he replied.

"Jūha Shō! (Beast Tearing Palm)" with a swipe of expelled Wind Chakra, her body was reduced to ash as she was shredded apart by razor winds. Naruto dusted himself before returning to his Guild, bearing unfortunate news.

Shadows grew on the horizon, eerily catching the attention of patrolling forces. Their grip tightened around their shields and weapons as a trio of heavily armored horsemen trotted towards the smoke rising village.

"Halt! Due to our most recent attack, the city is undergoing a lock down, the gates shall remain closed until further notice!"

"That much we know, however, we have caught wind that you've captured one of the assailants"

"Yes, the Companions are currently handling the interrogation"

The three shared a glance, "This is a serious issue, you must allow us entry into the city, we fear that Whiterun is merely the first of many attacks to come, if the Vampire knows something, then it must be made known of" he spoke.

The guards weren't too trusting towards the armored knights, for all they knew they could've been Vampires as well; on the other hand, they made a highly valid point about the announcing the information, so far the blood-sucker had yet to say anything if these three thought they could get her to talk, then by all means.

"Very well, however, we can not allow you to enter so heavily armed, we'll have to ask you to relinquish your weapons before doing so".


"This is a serious problem-" spoke Gaara, examining the overall map of Skyrim, many other guild mates were overshadowing the drawn paper having somewhat similar thoughts.

"How so?" asked Farkas.

"The next attack is a few days away, the city is still having problems with the Forsworn, and we have yet to recover from the previous attack... Markarth is not ready for this"

"If we sit here and do nothing than the city will go up in flames, innocent lives will be lost, we have to do something"

"Right you are-" all snapped their attention towards the door, immediately raising their arms to the armored intruders. Seeing as how they were unarmed, Naruto ordered his Guild to lower their weapons however asked for these new faces to keep their distance.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Durak-" the first replied, removing his helmet and revealing to be an Orc, "-and these are my associates, Ollrod and Beleval, we are part of an ancient order of Vampire Hunters, The Dawnguard" he stated.

"Vampire Hunters? Kinda late to the party, don't'cha think?" was Tayuya's response.

"Unfortunately yes, we had no knowledge of the invasion and were sidetracked by other attacks, the most recent being Dawnstar-" this caught the attention of Naruto and the other members of the Dark Brotherhood.

"There were minor casualties, thankfully none were killed though they managed to burn down the local alchemy shop" this gave the blonde harbinger a sigh in relief, though homes and shops could be rebuilt, family members were irreplaceable.

"Why are you here?" came the voice of Tenten.

"We originally came here to gain information from your prisoner, though it seems you've already got the job done for us"

"Hai, though it only complicated the issue"

"How so?"

Taking several minutes to explain the gathered intel, the three Hunter's immediately bolted out of the Guild, "It's a two day ride from here to Markarth, send word towards Isran, have him rally the troops and meet us in Markarth" he then turns to the Harbinger, "I know it's too much to ask, but I do hope you can aid us in this fight" stated the Orc.

"Trust me, we will, however don't expect all of us to fight, several members of my family were incapacitated during the attack and will remain here to rest"

"If that is what you believe is necessary then do what must be done, we shall meet in the outskirts of Markarth... Ollrod, Beleval, let's make haste!" and with that the doors closed behind them and it was the Guild's turn to turn to it's leader.

"Do you really think we can manage?" asked Kin.

"Yeah, can we boss... these are Vampires we're dealing with, we all know they can't be taken down easily..."

"Don't worry too much about it, ever since the attack I've had both Eorlund and Baldemar forge Silver Daggers, we didn't have much to work with and raw Silver is uncommon around these parts, so we'll have to work with what we have..."

"Understood~" came mixed yet similar replies.

"Don't forget, they can still be killed through decapitation, so be sure to aim for their heads...now, all of you, take the day off, relax and get yourselves rested, tomorrow you ride to Markarth" he ordered.

"What about you, gaki?" asked the snake mistress.

"I'll be getting us some reinforcements, so I might show up a bit late"

"Reinforcements? Nearly all of us were here during the attack, who else is there that will willingly help us?"

"I can think of two?" he spoke while glancing out the window and towards the Throat of the World.


"Have they found anything?"

"Indeed they have my lord, some form of ancient crypt beneath the Dimhollow cavern, they will send word should they uncover something"

"I can only hope that it's not another dead end"

Standing within an enormous hall, was a rather tall middle-aged man with an attire that was composed of a royal black armor, red cloak, gold pauldrons, and black leather boots. This was Harkon, lord of the Volkihar Clan and leader of the Vampire Alliance, beside him stood the head Vampire Lords of the representing clans, who all wished to walk upon the everlasting night.

Just in a Bone Hawk swooped in through an opening and landed on a perch, attached to its talons was a rolled up message. Harkon unclipped the letter and frowned at it's contents, "My lord?" one asked, noticing a sudden drop in room temperature.

"Our enforcers experienced a... slight problem with their attack"


"Aside from the sun's early appearance, it seems we've made an enemy of the Dark brotherhood"

"The Assassins? Why would they care about what happens to a Keep, they wouldn't even bother defending if it weren't a contract"

"It matters not, we'll continue onto the next Hold as scheduled... however, we cannot push forward while that blasted sun, Txaran you'll rendezvous with the battalion, come nightfall, storm the Keep... make sure there are no setbacks"

An Ebony armored Vampire gave a nod to his lord before hefting a Halberd over his shoulder and trekking up and towards the gates.

High Hrothgar – The Following Day

After spending a second night with Aela, both factions geared up and rode out to Markarth, though many were curious as to who their leader would bring to the fight. The blonde himself was currently catching up with his old mentors, The Greybeards, "Vampires you say... what on Nirn would they gain from attacking the Nine Holds?" pondered Einarth.

"The Vampire we captured spoke of a prophecy of some sort, she stated that if succeeded, the sun would permanently be blocked from this world... their attacks are merely to reduce our numbers should we choose to rebel against it"

"Hmm, prophecies aren't to be taken lightly and many have yet to reveal themselves to our world, it could be possible-" Arngeir trailed off.

"What is?"

"For them to be in possession of an Elder Scroll... if this is the case then they would know exactly how to set this event in motion"

"This is bad, she said they were looking for something but was uncertain as to what"

"Most unfortunate, these upcoming attacks will most likely keep you busy for any investigations"

"Not quite-" Wulfgar spoke, catching the attention of Thu'um users, "The Dawnguard you've mentioned, I've heard of them, established during the second era by the Jarl of Riften, it was said to have been disestablished shortly before the start of the third era, as many disregarded the threat of Vampires which greatly reduced the power and respect of faction" he explained.

"If it has been reestablished, then it is likely that they possess information on all recent Vampire activities, I would highly suggest speaking with their current leader"

"Let's hope so, I rather not spend my life living in a world without light... in the mean time, I should focus on defending the next city, and I'm gonna need Tsumu-chan's help"

"Ah yes, she's improved greatly under the tutelage of Paarthurnax"

"Really?" the blonde grinned; he was definitely looking forward to fighting alongside his hatchling.

Throat of the World

Having steeped the highest mountain, Naruto awaited the apparent return of his mentor and partner. To pass the time he sat before the frost covered word wall and meditated, clearing his mind and allowing his spiritual energy to freely travel throughout his body. It was short lived when a dragon's roar echoed across the sky, Naruto cracked his eyes open as a pair of shadows descended upon the mountain top.

"Paarthurnax, Tsumu-chan~"

"Bormah nii los pruzah wah koraav hi ont zuk (Father it is good to see you once more)"

"Tsumu-chan, Hi vis tinvaak! (You can talk!)" beamed the blonde Werewolf.

"Ahrk pogaas zuk, in lost taught zey pogaas do un dremsil (And much more, master has taught me much about our kind)

"Tolro lot, Zu'u fund med wah hon zuk nuz, Zu'u los actually het fah hundah (That's great, I would like to hear more but, I'm actually here for a favor)"

"Ahrk fos hundah fund tol kos? (And what favor would that be?)" the Elder Dragon asked.

"Iidah nau hiim do Golzewer fen koros kosil lith sul, hef vahmaan do dii ragnavir lost kosaan ahraan ko laat iidah ahrk los ko praag do freyend wah bild borii, vis hi ahrk Tsumu-chan birgah tol? (An attack on the city of Markarth will occur within a few days, half the members of my family have been injured in the last attack and am in need of assistance to defend the next, can you and Tsumu-chan provide that?)"

"Sadly, Zu'u nis, Tsumujikaze nau vorey haal... (I cannot, Tsumujikaze on the other hand)"

"Zu'u fen kos zuk fen wah frey hi, bormah (I will be more than willing to aid you, father)"

"Thanks Tsumu-chan, Hi fen really imzik difference ko daar krif (You will really make a difference in this fight)" he responded with a hug to her overgrown head.

"Dovahkiin, fun zey, wo los nii you'll dreh grah voth? (Dragonborn, tell me, who is it you'll be doing battle with?)" asked Paarthurnax, curious as to whom his student had difficulty defeating.

"Sosnaak (Vampires)".

Next Chapter: Awakening

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