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A man in red was lying on top of the roof of his Toad house, snoring. A man in green was looking for him. "Mario!" he called again.

Mario snored.

The man in green heard and sighed. "Mario, how many times do I have to tell you to STOP NAPPING ON THE ROOF? IT'S NOT GONNA MAKE YOU A GOOD DANCER! Geez! Those magazines have so much crap in them! I can't believe Mario falls for it!"

Mario snored again.

The man grinned. "MARIO, PEACH SENT YOU A CAKE!"

Instantly the man in red was by his side. "Luigi, where is it?"

"The cake is a lie." Luigi smirked and started laughing. Mario rolled his eyes. "Ha ha, very funny!"

Suddenly a young Toad with a blue mushroom with white spots ran up. He was holding a huge white box, and his glasses looked a bit foggy. "Special delivery for Mario!"

"Hiya, Toadbert," Luigi greeted. "How's your sister? Has she recovered fully?"

"Oh, Toadiko's fine!" he replied. His sister had been turned into a purple mushroom when he, she, and Princess Peach had gone back in time. Toadbert had lost his memory, and Peach had gotten herself kidnapped—DUR HUR HUR. "She's just a bit shocked, is all."

Mario nodded in satisfaction and took the box. He gasped as he looked inside it. "IT'S A CAKE!"

"It is?" Luigi and Toadbert demanded in unison.

"Nah. The cake's a lie, remember?"

Luigi rolled his eyes. "Seriously, what is it?"

Mario took out two slips of official-looking paper. "It's an invitation to a party tonight. Don't worry, you got one too!"

The man in green nodded. "Great! Does it have a guest list on it?"

"Huh, it does! I'll tell you who got invited: me, you, Toadbert, Toadiko, Toadsworth, E. Gadd, Princess Daisy, and…huh, that's it."

"Candy would be jealous," Luigi teased. Silence filled the air after that. They would never forget Mario and Luigi's energetic great-great-great grandmother who had gone to the Real World; nor would they ever forget her mother, who had been possessed by greed and was prepared to make her adopted daughter miserable in order to be famous and make money. In the end, they had made up, and Candy's mother, Violet, had been crowned the first Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Probably," Toadbert agreed. "When's the party start?"

Mario inspected the invitations. "Tonight at ten sharp. What time is it now?"

"Around three-ish," Toadbert said, looking at his watch. "Well, I'm off to get a suit!" He darted off.

Mario looked down. "Wait, it says to wear casual attire—" He sighed as Toadbert was out of sight.

Luigi grinned at Mario. "Are you a better dancer yet?"

"You betcha! You think these magazines are full of crap, but THEY'RE NOT!"

So they went inside and had a Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix competition.

By nine thirty, Mario was passed out on the floor. Luigi was looking good and hadn't even broken a sweat. "Mario, get up!"

Mario sat up, his face bright red. "J-Just chillaxin," he said casually. "You need me?"

"We're gonna be late to the party!"

Mario's eyes widened. "Darn it, you're right!" He raced out the door, Luigi close behind him.

They arrived five minutes late to see that everyone was at the table, looking bored as an old Toad told them a story.

"…And so then I said, 'Have at you, old bean!' and whacked young Bowser with my cane, and he ran off!" he said proudly.

A blonde girl was snoring. A brown-haired girl sitting next to her nudged her. "PEACH!" she hissed. "They're here!"

"Huh?" Princess Peach shot up. "Oh, Mario! Luigi! Please sit down!"

Mario sat next to Peach, and Luigi shyly sat next to the brown haired girl. "Hi, Daisy."

An old man sitting next to Toadsworth gave a creepy laugh. "Hiya, boys! Luigi, do you still have the Poltergust 3000?"

"Yes, Professor E. Gadd," Luigi said, smiling a little.

"So," Princess Peach said, standing up, "I have an announcement for everyone. Elvin, would you like to tell them, or shall I?"

E. Gadd looked at her.


Everyone stared at her. Grambi, you're an idiot, Luigi thought.

"Third time's the charm, right? Plus, we're going thirty years into the FUTURE! Who doesn't wanna see the future?"

Everyone still kept staring.

"Okay, so…Daisy has already agreed to come with us. Toadbert, Toadiko, would you come?"

Toadiko gave a bounce of excitement. "YES YES YES!"

Toadbert looked skeptical. "I'll come…but only to protect my sister."

"Great!" Peach beamed. "Mario, Luigi? Would you like to come?"

"Sure," Mario answered, but Luigi shook his head. "Uh-uh! No way! Never going to—"

"Please, Weegee?" Daisy smiled at him.


Peach smirked slightly. "Great! Now, if you'll follow me…" She exited the room. The people and mushrooms going back in time raced after her.

Toadsworth turned to E. Gadd. "It appears we have been ditched."

"Yes, it appears so."

"…Let me tell you about the time I single-handedly fixed my VCR…"

E. Gadd groaned.

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