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He would never admit it but Danny loved school. Sure it wasn't the safest school in the neighborhood. Even though his group of friends didn't take school seriously he did. He wanted to make a name for himself instead of ending up like his brother.

And the teachers took notice of his determination, making sure to put him in the top classes and away from his friends. They tended to be a distraction whenever they tried to get him to join in whatever it was they were doing. It was never anything small like putting a tack on the teacher's chair. It usually involved stealing something or hurting someone. And Danny being the kid he was naturally put all his time and energy into trying to get them to stop.

Today was just like any other day, Danny was sitting in one of the few classes he had with his friends. Ruben sat behind him tapping his shoulder. He'd already told him to tell the others that he wasn't going to go to the convince store after school. He knew they planned on robbing it and wanted no part of that.

Gloria was the one that got his attention, when she pointed to the front of the room. There was a kid standing in front of the classroom that they've never seen before. He was white, which was a rarity in this school. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt clutching his messenger bag to his side. Even though he was trying to focus on what the teacher was saying his blue eyes were darting nervously around the room.

"Listen up class," the teacher bellowed trying to get the attention of the class, "This is a the student Martin Fitzgerald. Martin would you like to tell the class something about yourself?"

The kid looked as if he wanted to say no, but you could tell he wasn't the kind to disobey the teacher. "You already know my name, I um, I live in Washington and that's about it."

"Alright, before we start class I want all of you to know that his dad," he pointed to Martin, "is part of the FBI, the Deputy Director actually, so before you get any ideas about messing with him, think about where it could land you."

"Your dad works for the FBI?" Tobias another of Danny's friends asked. Unlike the others Tobias had an evil outwards appearance. The multiple scars from knife fights were scatter on his arms while the tattoos of the gang that he was in was on his shoulder for the world to see. Just hearing his voice Danny could tell that Tobias was trying to intimidate the new kid.

Martin must of sensed it because he stood a little taller and looked Tobias in the eye as he answered, "Yes he is, we're here because he was called to some kind of summit, other than that he wasn't allowed to tell the family the rest of the details."

There were a few hushed gasps at the announcement. Tobias didn't look impressed, "Right, I bet your dad does all kinds of things, just like in the movies."

Martin shook his head, "No, the position he has is basically a desk job. He over see's different branches of the FBI."

"How about," the teacher interrupted, "We get started. Martin take a seat in that empty desk next to Danny. Danny is going to be your guide for the day."

Martin found his desk quickly since it was the only empty seat in the classroom. Danny extended a hand and introduced himself. Martin took the hand proving to have a firm shake, again trying not to show fear. He showed him to each of his classes which proved to be easy because they had the same schedule .

"Next is gym, we're doing the swimming unit so I hope you brought a pair of trunks," Danny said as they approached the locker room.

"I was talking with the school a week before now and they warned me a head of time."

"Just a warning though, this teacher likes picking on the new kid. And the guys might try to give you a hard time in the changing room." At that Martin clenched the strap of his bag a little tighter. Danny stuck with him as he was assigned a gym locker, and then promised to meet him in the pool room once he was done.

"The kid seems like a wimp," Tobias said, "He tries to act confident but he'll be easy to break."

"Why do you want to go after him?" Danny kept his tone stern but not forceful.

"Because, you can tell he comes from some white collar upper class family and the odds are he has some money on him, or knows how to get some."

"You had a lot of ideas but this is your stupidest," Gloria said. She was the only one who could be remotely rude, within reason, to Tobias. She was his girlfriend and second in command.


"He's the son of the Deputy Director of the FBI and is in the running to be promoted to the Director position. He already has the right to hold us for seventy two hours without reason do you want to chance that."

"It's not going to happen."

"If they have you in custody then they'll do a background check and it won't be long until they put two and two together."

Danny watched along with Ruben as the two held eye contact. Neither of them knew what they were talking about.

Those thoughts were soon gone when he saw Martin enter the room. Danny's eyes widened as he looked him over. His body was toned and firmed and the muscles on his arm were defined as well. He wasn't overly muscular but it was enough to notice.

What stopped him from staring was him remembering that his friends were still there and when he realized that Martin was self-conscious. The moment he knew Danny was looking at him he wrapped his arms around himself as if to cover and looked at the ground.

"Well, well, well, it looks like we have a new kid," the gym teacher sneered, "I'm Mr. Bruise but you can call me your worst nightmare. You suburban kids don't know the first thing about physical fitness."

Martin stayed quiet which only proved to annoy the teacher. "Let's see what you got rich boy. I want four laps, as in down in back is one lap. I'll be timing you." The boy got into the pool and waited for the teacher to say go, and when he did everyone watched in awe.

He was fast, unearthly fast for someone with his kind of muscle mass. He finished in less than a minute and wasn't even winded, "You're fast." The teacher said.

"Thanks," Martin worked at getting the water out of his ear.

"How long did you say you would be here?"

"I didn't, but I'll be here the rest of the year."

"I haven't seen speed like that since the championships last year when Washington beat us."

"That was me."

The couch beamed, "Looks like this year we have their secret weapon. How about you join our team this year."

Martin shook his head, "I'm not allowed to. The school I got to back home is the one I'm competing for, other wise I'll lose my scholarship."

"That has to be against the rules."

"No, the school discussed it with the board and they said it was okay."

"Forget it, we don't need you anyway," the teacher growled.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly after that for him. The girls seemed to take a liking to him, including Gloria. Danny had a bad feeling when he didn't see Tobias acting all to upset about his girlfriend trying to hang of another guys arm

What are they up to, Danny thought watching the blank expression on Tobias's face

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