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Danny was worried when he got to school. He didn't see Martin anywhere. On top of that there was a low buzz in the school, the kids were hyped up about something and it was like they were ready to pounce.

"So," Danny froze hearing Tobias's voice behind him, "Ruben tells me that you and Martin are one in the same."

"Does it matter," he kept walking trying to make it to class. Sure the teachers might not support him but they couldn't just let a fight happen in front of them.

"Actually it does." Before Danny could blink he found himself in the same situation that Martin was the day before. He looked up to see Tobias smirking down at him, an evil glint in his eyes. He didn't even have it in him to be scared, he only found himself sighing as he braced for impact.

"Leave him alone," Martin's voice came from nowhere.

Tobias laughed, seriously he laughed. But you really couldn't blame him. Martin still had very obvious bruise from what Tobias did to him not to mention other injuries from his father that he managed to hide with his clothing. He was in no condition to fight, and his last confrontation showed that he couldn't fight well to begin with.

"Awe, you're worried about your little boy friend," it was a pretty generic taunt and didn't seem to faze anyone, including the bystanders.

"Tobias, I mean it," The other boy stayed surprisingly calm for a situation like this.

"Or what Do you really want me to beat you up again? If so don't worry. The moment I'm done with him I'll take care of you." He raised his fist as if he was about to strike Danny.

Suddenly Danny heard the sound of bone hitting bone. At first he thought he'd gotten hit anyways and just hadn't registered the pain yet. But when he opened his eyes he saw Tobias sprawled out on the floor, an obvious reddening mark from where Martin had punched him.

"You little shit!" Tobias spat out lunging at his opponent.

Martin dodged somewhat effortlessly. It wasn't too hard to tell what Tobias was going to do. When he was mad he lost all of his technique to his rage.

The new kid sent him backwards after getting another solid body shot.

Tobias was angrier than before. He was able to easily handle Martin the other day, so why was he having trouble now? He actually looked as if he was going to back down, but then Gloria rounded the corner, catching wind that her boyfriend was fighting again.

There was no way he was going to surrender with his girl watching. He went all out, managing to land a few hits and knock Martin off his game. It was quiet a spectacle to be hold, neither of them where letting up, they had to been going at it for at least three minutes now, without a teacher trying to break them up. If anything they were watching as well.

Tobias managed to knock Martin to the ground, pinning him. However Martin flipped his weight straddling him. He pulled his fist back and landed it square in Tobias's face. There was a sickening crack and Tobias screamed.

Danny's eye widen as he saw the blood splatter on to Martin's face. That was when the teachers decided it was a good time to step in. Tobias was sent to the nurse and Martin to the office. Danny was made to go as well because the fight started with him.

The principal gave his usual speech of how disappointed he was in them. Martin explained the situation which seemed to clear things up for them. Tobias was the one at fault this time around.

In the end Martin's dad and Danny's brother were still called in.

"I thought we agreed to no more fighting," Mr. Fitzgerald chided the moment he saw Martin, "You've better have a good reason this time."

"They were picking on Danny and…"

Victor sighed cutting him off, "Who threw the first punch?"

"Well, I hit Tobias before he could hit Danny…"

As that conversation took place, Rafi was giving Danny the once over to make sure he was okay, "Are you sure that punk didn't touch you."

"Martin hit him before he could do anything."

Rafi nodded glancing over at the other boy and his father. Oddly enough Martin wasn't shrinking away like he thought he would. He actually didn't seem to show the tell-tale signs of abuse at all.

The father laughed after Martin finished explaining the situation and ruffled his son's hair, "Always standing up for the little guy. Next time try not to hurt the kid up too badly, besides wasn't that the kid who beat you up the day before?"


"So why didn't you defend yourself then."

"Circumstances, after the whole Gavin thing I…"

Victor held up a hand to silence him, "We'll finish this discussion when we get home. You're lucky the principal said you weren't suspended or you wouldn't have heard the end of it, from your mom."

Martin rolled his eyes mumbling under his breath about his dad being just as bad only to earn a pointed look.

"See you later Danny," Martin waved.

"You're not going back to class," the Hispanic boy looked confused. Neither of them had gotten into trouble so there was no need to be sent home.

"Yeah, I didn't manage to escape that fight uninjured. Why are you staying?"

Danny looked at Rafi who sighed, "Fine, I'll sign you out. You did have a stressful day."

"Thanks Rafi."

"You want to just hang out back at my place or we could go to yours."

"Your place is closer."

Victor cleared his throat interrupting the two, "You don't think it would be better to just rest instead of playing around with your friend?"

"It's not like we're going to be running around outside or anything. Anyway, you have to go back to work in an hour and I don't want to be stuck in the room with Gavin right next door."

"Don't make a mess and don't over exert yourself. I don't know why you came in today to begin with. The doctor told you that it would be best if you stayed put. It's a miracle that your stiches didn't pop."

"So that long explanation means yes?" Martin raised an eyebrow knowing that his dad had a tendency of forgetting when to turn off his government talk.

"Yes, I'll even let him ride with us if he wants."

Martin grinned at Danny but Rafi had a skeptical look, "He'll be over later. I have to talk with him first."

"Okay, I'll see you later," Martin waved before his dad ushered him out.

Danny ended up having to walk, though Rafi was with him most of the way it was still a bit of a pain when he had someone offering a ride. But Rafi did have a point though he didn't explain it until they were walking and out of ear shot of the Fitzgerald's.

The last thing he wanted was for Danny to be in the car, one with someone he never met before, and two, who they were pretty sure, was abusing his own child. He would have to be an idiot to turn a blind eye to that.

It didn't take too long to get to the apartment. If anything because of how many times he made the trek the walk seemed pretty sort. He and Martin spent most of their time just watching T.V even though they talked through it.

"You didn't seem too scared of your dad," Danny finally blurted out. Rafi had mentioned to him that martin didn't show the characteristic of someone being abused by their parent when in their presence.

"Why would I be?" Martin asked sounding confused as he got up to get another snack.

"I thought that… the other day you said that your mother told you to deal with it and that his FBI buddies…"

"All of my injuries from the past few days are from Gavin. My mom doesn't give a shit what happens either way and Gavin's dad is the director of the FBI, that's what I was talking about with the pay offs."

"But your dad told you not to talk…"

"You were still in the house; he wanted to talk about it while you weren't there."

"I could have sworn that you meant your dad was beating you."

Martin actually laughed at that, "No, my dad doesn't really look after me that much but he would never go as far as to hit me. Weren't you wondering how he knew about my injuries? He was the one who took be to the doctor to get stitches instead of the make shift bandage we made.

"Then why did he suggest for Gavin to come over."

"He didn't believe me and the whole thing until last week."

"What is he doing about it?"

"All he can do. Gavin's dad is hyper aware of the situation and is trying to keep it under wraps until he retires."

"So, your tragedy is getting your father promoted?"

"It looks that way."

Danny nodded as Martin flopped back on the couch. The blue eyed boy moved so that he leaned into Danny's chest letting the stress of the day go. The other boy wrapped his arms around Martin pulling him close.

"When is your dad getting home?"

"What are you getting dirty little thoughts already because I can tell you now that it's not happening."

"N-no," Danny was glad that his complexion didn't allow for others to tell when he was blushing, "You didn't tell your dad about us and I didn't want him walking in on us like this."

Martin snorted, "He won't be home for the rest of the night. And if my mom makes it home she won't be coherent enough to know what she's seeing."

Danny planted a soft kiss in the top of the Martin's hair. It just occurred to him that Martin only had a week or so left here and then he would be leaving back to Seattle. He didn't know what would happen once he left but he knew he wanted to make the best of the time they still had.

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